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Mudpack Festival

Mudpack Festival is one of the Philippines’ most symbolic festivals. It celebrates strides that man has made in preserving nature, similar to the primitive age.

The idea of a mud-slinging fiesta is a creative one, especially because it brings participants as close to nature as they can possibly get. Becoming one with and celebrating Mother Nature is the essence of this spectacular festival.

Mudpack Festival

Mudpack Festival

Image courtesy of Billy Lopue

The kids will have mad fun at this mud adventure, a family-friendly festival that ensures tourists are treated to an event that is as unique as it is enthralling. Take a kick from watching the participants line up at the parade, all caked in mud.

Sure, caking yourself in mud does seem like a weird way to get in touch with nature, but don’t mock it until you’ve tried it. And it can actually be a great experience – mud is known for all its relaxing and therapeutic properties, as well as the numerous benefits it has for your skin.

People actually pay good money to be caked in mud in special spas, and you have the opportunity to reap all the benefits almost for free. Almost because you have to pay for the accommodation and the flight to the country; there are no extra charges for participating in the event.
The Mudpack Festival is held annually at Mambukal Resort and is celebrated in the third weekend of June.

If you’re wondering what else is there to the festival apart from the mud caking, the answer is a lot. You can get your body painted with clay, observe tribal dances and drumbeat competitions, and even get to see some unique installation art. The three-day event sure has a lot to offer and should keep you sufficiently occupied and entertained.

But it’s not just about entertainment. Away from the hype of the festival, one of the key issues that are addressed at the festival is the need to preserve the environment. Participants are encouraged to stay in harmony with Mother Nature by upholding conservation efforts. This is yet another reason to attend this unique event – you’d be supporting an environmentally conscious event, which aims to raise awareness about the need to preserve our planet.

Body Painting Mudpack Festival

Image courtesy of Billy Lopue

If you’re traveling with children, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of activities at the festival that will keep them engaged. Apart from body painting, they can enter a poster-making competition, which will keep them occupied for at least several hours.

One thing to note is that this is an extremely popular festival, so you should definitely book a room months in advance if you wish to attend. Especially if you want to stay at the resort where the festival takes place. Alternatively, you could find accommodation close to the resort, but you won’t be getting the full experience of the Mudpack Festival.

The festival coincides with the annual St. John de Baptist event, presenting a full itinerary for tourists at this time of the year. Incidentally, the month of June also features the peak of the monsoon season, so tourists planning to attend Mudpack Festival must be prepared for wet weather. And remember to pack a lot of clothes – a lot of them will get dirty very fast, and you will need something to change into when exploring the rest of the area.

Pack bikinis and lots of swimsuits, if you’re thinking about getting your body painted with the colorful clay.

And don’t go here just for the festival. The entire island is incredibly beautiful and not so easy to reach, so make the most of your stay here – who knows when you’ll be able to make it back there again. While in the province, make sure to check out the famous Balay Negrense as it is one of the best tourist spots in the local.

You will especially love it here if you’re an avid hiker. With so many jungle trails to explore, you could spend days, even weeks, just going around and discovering new areas of the wonderful forests. Definitely visit the waterfalls – they’re very close to the resort and are incredibly beautiful.

Getting To Mambukal Resort

The fastest and easiest way to get to Negros island is to fly there. It takes less than an hour to reach it from Manila. The flights are operated by local airlines, and the tickets are not expensive at all. Also, it takes about an hour and a half to get to the resort from the airport. We recommend going to Libertad Market in Bacolod – there are busses there that will take you directly to the resort entrance.

If you’re considering driving, taking a bus, or a boat, just don’t. The journey would last for more than 20 hours, and there are definitely better ways you can spend your time in this stunning country.

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