Last Updated: May 28, 2021

Serenata Festival

Serenata Festival is a yearly event marked on 14th February. The musical extravaganza is held in Pasay City, a vibrant suburb in Metro Manila.

Music lovers touring Pasay City in the month of February will be delighted to find out that the festival brings together an array of unique competitions. Participants in the different contests get to showcase their talents before an audience.

Serenata Festival

Look out for skilled participants showing how well-versed they are with the Rondalla. Or perhaps marvel at the brass groups that perform on location. The diversity at this festival is a subtle reminder of the musical prowess that the country is home to. Apl de Ap, for example, is a music genius linked to the popular music group, Blackeyed Peas.

The open-air setting of the Serenata Festival makes it a simple yet stunningly delightful place to get away during one’s holidays. The social setting also makes it easy to embrace the culture of the locals, while interacting with the participants. For foreigners, this is often the highlight of the festival.

As with any other musical extravaganza, visitors who would like to participate need to get in touch with the event organizers wellhead of 14th February. Including this in the itinerary is an exciting way to enjoy one’s holiday as it gives a unique perspective of the locals’ lifestyles.

Serenata Festival is the perfect fusion of eclectic music, great company, and memorable moments. Look out for other festival highlights and plan accordingly. This festival brings to life the popular tagline, ‘It is more fun in the Philippines’.

Additionally, the “mother of all festival” is also held here in Pasay City.

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