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Predator Adventures: The Seabreacher in London

Seabreacher predator adventures

The Seabreacher – Image courtesy of Wikimedia 

Predator Adventures launched in February 2018 on the shores of the Thames in London. It was an adventure experience on the water using their unique 18ft long, Orca-shaped Seabreacher seacraft. The experience they provided was very much riding inside your own killer whale!

It has since closed and is no longer available in London.

The Incredible Seabreacher

Predator Adventures tours used a unique semi-submersible called the Seabreacher. It was a very powerful seacraft that was designed in the USA and is meant to emulate the movements of a killer whale. It could thrust itself into the air up to 18 feet into the air and dive to a depth of 5 meters. It also looked very much like a real killer whale with fins on the back. This enabled the Seabreacher to do incredibly tight turns including 90-degree rolls. When you were inside it could deliver forces of up to 2G.

The machine itself was very well designed with a state of the art F-16 fighter-grade glass ceiling so you could thoroughly enjoy the thrilling ride, both above and below water. It had two seats in line with one another, just like in the cockpit of a jet. The controls were two sticks, left and right, which were used to control the thrust and direction of the Seabreacher..

seabreecher design

Seabreacher Construction – Image taken from original Predator Adventure website.

How Much Did A Trip With Predator Adventures Cost?

Prices were starting at £89 and depended on whether you went with one or two people.

Where Was Predator Adventures Seabreacher?

The Seabreacher was located in the heart of London at London’s Royal Victoria Dock, right on the Thames River.

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