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Samsonite Firelite vs Cosmolite vs Lite Shock – What Is The Difference?

Samsonite make great suitscases and the Firelite, Cosmolite and Lite Shock are perhaps some of the most impressive yet.

Why? Because both of these models are insanely light and strong.

They use a new thermoplastic technology called “Curv” that allows them to be crushed and they will reform almost perfectly.

Don’t believe me? Check this out…

Now let’s take a look at how these two models compare.

Quick Comparison

Most of the features on these two models are very similar, so first I want to dive into the sizes and weights.

Both have a 20 inch and 28 inch model. The Firelite then has the 30 inch as the largest, while the Cosmolite has a 32 inch.

Suitcase Weight

As far as weight goes, all of them are super-lightweight but the Cosmolite range has about a 10% weight reduction compared to the Firelite series.

The lightest of them all though is the Lite Shock which is an impressive 10% lighter than the other (already insanely light) suitcases in this comparison.



  samsonite firelite blue Samsonite Black Label Cosmolite Spinner 55/20, Black, One Size Samsonite Black Label Lite Shock 30' Hardside Spinner (One Size, Silver)
20 inch Spinner 4.44 lbs 4.08 lbs 3.7 lbs
28 inch Spinner 6.68 lbs 6.14 lbs 5.5 lbs
30 inch Spinner 7.06 lbs

6.2 lbs
32 inch Spinner

7.72 lbs


The Design and Look

The other major difference between these two models is the overall look of the case.

Samsonite Black Label Cosmolite Spinner 55/20, Black, One Size

The Cosmolite

With the cosmolite Samsonite have changed the weight and the design a bit to make it stand out even more.

They have gone for a bit of a shell look, with lines flowing up vertically from the bottom and curving outwards.

They are more defined and deep than on the firelite and perhaps give the suitcase a little more feminine flair (but maybe it is just me?).

For the rest (handles, zippers, wheels, etc) you can see that they are very similar cases.

Samsonite Black Label Lite Shock 30' Hardside Spinner (One Size, Silver)

The Lite-Shock

The Lite Shock is kinda similar to the Firelite, but the curves go upwards slightly.

There are also quite a few more of them, give it a slightly busier look which may or may not suit everyone’s taste.

Samsonite Firelite Style

The Firelite

The Firelite has a simple design with large horizontal and curved ribs slowly making their way up the side of the case.

It is a very modern-looking case that will certainly stand out from most of those tired and worn-looking softcases you see on the luggage carousel.

The material has a brushed metal kind of look with a little reflective shine to add to the glamor of the case.

And this particular series suits both men and women well.

Common Impressive Features Of Them ALL

As I mentioned earlier, these cases are otherwise very similar. But, it’s worth checking out what those “similar” features actually are.

Easy And Flexible Packing

samsonite flexible packing

The clamshell design that both of these models have is quite common in suitcases today, and for a very good reason.

This design allows you to pack your closes in both halves more easily. Separating out different types of clothes, as well as just accessing more of your clothes more easily.

The bottom half has criss-cross elastic straps to keep everything in place.

The top half has a mesh zippered panel to keep things in place when you open the case.

And, there is a smaller zippered panel in the middle for all that small and hard to pack stuff you have.

TSA Compatible Combination Lock

Samsonite TSA Friendly Lock

Samsonite TSA Friendly Lock

With a built-in combination lock, the Samsonite cases are good to go no matter where you are. No keys are required!

And, they are TSA compliant, which means you don’t have to worry about your lock getting cut open for an inspection in the back of the airport (which happened to me more than once).

So, having TSA-compatible locks is a must these days and the Travelpro Maxlite Hardside series has them built right in!

Easy To Push Spinner Wheels

Samsonite Spinner Wheels

Samsonite Spinner Wheels

Spinner wheels are all the rage right now. And I totally get it. 

All you need to do is push your case along and the wheels do the rest. Whether you are checking into the flight or your hotel, it is super-easy with spinner wheels :>

So, it’s also important that they are smooth, quiet, and spin with ease. Samsonite has you covered there too

Other Features To Note

There are two retracting handles (top and side) as well as the usual telescopic handle we all know and love.

The zipper is also waterproofed which is a nice touch.

Each model also has a range of stand-out colors to help you look great while traveling and find your case easily when it shoots out on the carousel.

Samsonite Firelite Colors

Samsonite Firelite Colors

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