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Sim2Fly Review (All The Details Covered)

Considering purchasing a Sim2Fly eSim for your trip but you’re not sure if it’s worth it? Then you’re in the right place because this detailed review will tell you everything you need to know about the Sim2Fly options.

What plans they offer, how they work, and what to expect from their eSim are just some of the topics covered in this detailed review. Keep reading to learn more about the Sim2Fly eSim, and figure out whether it’s the best option for your next trip!

What is Sim2Fly & How Does It Work?


Sim2Fly is a network provider that offers eSims for travelers. They initially started off as a company that provided travelers from Thailand with an eSim they could use abroad, and quickly evolved into an international provider.

Sim2Fly is a great provider for travelers in Asia because they have the most extensive plans for this region. The provider also includes single-country plans for Thailand and Vietnam, both of which include a generous data allowance and a local phone number.

You can also purchase a global plan from this provider, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this. It’s a good option for Thai people who want a local eSim while traveling abroad, but you should keep in mind that many other international providers offer more affordable regional and global data plans.

Networks used by Sim2Fly for their eSim

Sim2Fly Networks

Sim2Fly uses the AIS network in Thailand, which is by far the best operator in the entire country. It’s their eSim of course, so it’s no surprise that you get to browse the Internet on this network. They partnered with DTAC for phone calls, and travelers with a Thailand Sim2Fly eSim get unlimited free phone calls on the DTAC network.

Sim2Fly partners with a variety of network operators throughout the world, and in many countries they provide you with access to more than one network. For Sim2Fly’s regional coverage plans, you can check out a details list of all their network partners right here.

Sim2Fly eSim Plan Offers

Sim2Fly has a total of 4 different eSim plans, with an extra free trial for travelers who want to test-drive their eSim before committing to anything. Their plans are Global, Asia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The Global plan offers coverage in 120 countries throughout the world. It includes 6 GB of high-speed data and a Thai phone number, and it’s valid for 15 days. Once you use up all the high-speed data, you’re automatically switched to 2G at a speed of 128 kbps, but you have unlimited access to the slower Internet speed. This plan costs $33, so it’s the priciest option from the provider.

Sim2Fly Global Plan

The Asia plan is the most popular Sim2Fly eSim plan and it’s great value for money. This plan also includes 6 GB of data at the fastest speeds, unlimited 2 G at 128 kbps once you’ve used up all the high-speed Internet, and a Thai phone number. The plan is valid in 34 countries throughout Asia for 8 days, and it’s only $16.

Sim2Fly Asia Plan

The Thailand plan is a good option for travelers who are only traveling to Thailand. You get 15 GB of data valid for 16 days (for 4G/5G), unlimited 2G at 384 kbps, free calls on the DTAC network, and some call credit to get you started. This eSim is only $9.8, which makes it one of the best overall options for travelers in Thailand.

Sim2Fly Thailand Plan

The Vietnam plan is Sim2Fly’s final plan. It includes 60 GB of data, a Vietnam phone number, and unlimited 2G Internet at 384 kbps if you manage to use up the initial 60 GB. This plan is active for 15 days and it costs just $9, which makes it one of the best eSim plans for Vietnam you can get your hands on.

Sim2Fly Vietnam Plan

On top of all that, it’s worth noting that Sim2Fly also has a free trial for 46 countries. You can try this plan free of charge, and it’s a great way to test their eSim if you’re not sure it’s the right option for you. The free trial eSim offers global coverage, and when you use up the free 30 MB, you can purchase additional data at $6 per gigabyte.

This is a bit cheaper than their original global plan, but it’s worth noting that it includes coverage in fewer countries.

Advantages of Using Sim2Fly eSim

The advantage of the Sim2Fly eSim is that you can hardly find a better deal for traveling in Asia. Their regional plan for Asia is affordable, offers coverage in 34 countries, and an unlimited amount of data albeit at lower speeds, but it’s still a great deal. This plan is significantly more affordable than the plans from other international providers, and it’s absolutely a good deal for travelers in Asia.

The Thailand and Vietnam plans are also excellent if you’re staying in one of those specific countries, especially because they include a phone number, allowing you to use the tourist eSim just like a regular sim card.

The fact that you get access to unlimited 2G after you use up all the high-speed Internet data is pretty amazing. Most other providers don’t include this, and even though it’s slow, it should be good enough for some basic Internet browsing and map directions.

Disadvantages of Using Sim2Fly eSim

The main disadvantage of the Sim2Fly eSim is that it’s only a good option for countries in Asia. Their global plan is quite pricey for what it is, and you can get a variety of similar plans for less money from providers such as Airalo and Nomad.

Another disadvantage is that this is a roaming sim card, so even though they’re partnering with various network providers throughout the world, you’re still not reaping the same benefits you would if you purchased a local eSim in every country you visited. The Global plan includes a Thai phone number, which certainly isn’t ideal for traveling in Europe or the United States.

But, the Global plan aside, Sim2Fly is still a great option for certain travelers, particularly those who are planning to travel in Asia.

How to Buy a Sim2Fly eSim at Your Travel Destination

You can purchase the Sim2Fly eSim only at their official website, and it’s recommended you do this before you arrive at your travel destination. You will need to input your payment information when purchasing the eSim, and doing this on your home WiFi is much safer than doing it on a public network.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to activate your eSim until you arrive at your travel destination. Just add it to your phone’s cellular plan and then activate it when you arrive, so you don’t waste a moment of the credit validity period.

How to Setup & Activate Your Sim2Fly eSim

Add Cellular Plan

To set up and activate your Sim2Fly eSim you’ll need to scan the QR code that you get after the purchase. Then just follow the installation prompts – it’s super simple to add the eSim to your plan, and it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

If the QR code doesn’t work for whatever reason, you can attempt to add the eSim plan to your phone manually, through the network settings. Just select Add an eSim (Android) or Add a Cellular Plan (iPhone) and input the necessary data.

Activating the eSim is as easy as turning on the mobile data and browsing the Internet. You first need to make sure that you have the eSim enabled for mobile data and your other sim disabled, to avoid data roaming charges.

Also, don’t activate the eSim until you’ve arrived at your destination; doing so will just waste your credit, so wait until you’re in the destination country to start browsing the Internet with your Sim2Fly eSim.

Sim2Fly eSim Review – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I top up my Sim2Fly eSim?

You can top up the Sim2Fly eSim by loading enough extra credit on it and then dialing a specific code for the extra plan you want to purchase. You can see a list of the plans and corresponding codes on their website, plus you have the option of topping up the eSim through the myAIS app (available for Android and iOS devices).

How much is the top-up for SIM2Fly?

Top-up for the Sim2Fly eSim can cost between $3 and $75, depending on the amount of data you want to add. The $75 top-up is a yearly plan of 15 GB; all the other top-ups are significantly more affordable. It’s $4 for an extra 1 GB of data on the Asia plan, but $10 for 1 GB on the Global plan. For 4 additional GB, you’ll pay $10 for the Asia plan, or $22 for the Global plan.

What is the speed of SIM2Fly?

Sim2Fly offers the fastest speed available in a country because it connects to either 5G or 4G LTE networks. The average speed of 4G is 8-10 Mbit/s with the possibility of up to 40 Mbit/s, while the average speed of 5G is 100 Mbps. You get a limited amount of data for the fastest speed, and once you use that up you can use unlimited 2G at 128 kbps for the remainder of the plan’s validity period.

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