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Simtex Review: What You Need To Know About This eSim

Interested in a Simtex eSim, but you’re not sure whether it’s a good option? You’ve come to the right place because this detailed review will tell you all you need to know about Simtex and its eSim data plans!

Simtex is still a fairly new company in the eSim market with very few user reviews. But it’s important to note that they are a legit telecommunications company, with offices in Israel and the United Kingdom. They’ve just recently launched their eSim service, and here’s everything you need to know about it!

What Is Simtex & How Does It Work?


Simtex is a provider of eSim technology that offers eSim data plans for various countries throughout the world. Currently, they have the most options for data plans in Europe, the United States, Asia, and Australia, and no plans for countries in Africa. However, they are a fairly new company, so you can expect them to expand their product range soon.

Simtex partners with various network operators in other countries, to provide you with access to mobile data on their network. This Internet access doesn’t include any data roaming charges, so you get to browse the Internet as if you have a local sim card.

Their eSims are data-only, which means that you don’t get a phone number to use for making calls and sending/receiving texts. But that’s the case with most other international providers as well.

Networks Used by Simtex for Their eSim

There is no information on which networks are used by Simtex for their data-only eSims. You won’t know until you’ve arrived at the destination country and registered on a network, and that is one of the major disadvantages of this provider.

The network provider usually doesn’t matter if you’re staying in a big city that has excellent network coverage from all the different providers, it definitely matters for travelers who want to explore the more remote areas of a country. So, think twice about getting a Simtex eSim if you’re looking for an eSim that provides you with access to a specific network.

Simtex Plan Offers

Simtex data plan offers can be categorized into two main groups – local plans and regional plans. Their local eSim plans provide you with an eSim for an Internet connection in a single country, and these plans usually start at $4 for 1 GB to be used over three days. The data plans are available in validity periods of 3, 14, and 30 days, and there’s usually one option for data allowance for each of the periods.

The main exception is the 30-day period because you can usually choose from two data allowances for that period.

Here’s an example of some of the more affordable data plans this company offers, which offer excellent value for money:

Simtex Data Plans

The eSim for Mainland China is a good example of some of their pricier data plans, which aren’t really that great since you can get a better deal from other international providers.

Simtex China

The local plans from this provider are usually the best value, especially if you’re traveling to a country in Europe and need an eSim. Simtex has the best deals for European countries, and generally the most expensive data plans for countries in Asia.

What about the company’s regional data plans? They currently have just two regional plans – a Europe plan that provides you with network coverage in 29 countries for $25. This data plan includes 10 GB for 30 days, and it’s generally not a bad deal, especially if you’re going to travel to more than one country in Europe.

Simtex also has a Top 40 package, which is their version of a global data plan. It includes network access in 40 countries that are mostly in Europe, but also the United States, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, and a few others. This data plan is $35, and it includes 7 GB of data for 30 days.

How to Buy Simtex eSim

You can buy an eSim from Simtex on their website. Find the data plans for the country you’re traveling to, select a validity period and data allowance you’re comfortable with, and you can begin the purchase of the eSim.

It’s important to note that you will need to register on the website, and you can only do this through Facebook or Google. I usually don’t like providing companies with access to a personal profile, so I would recommend making a new Google address or a new Facebook account just for this purpose.

Also, I must point out that Simtex reserves the right to request a photo of your passport or ID, in order to complete the registration process. This is common in some countries, depending on their local laws and practices from network providers, so keep that in mind.

How to Setup & Activate Your Simtex eSim

Simtex Setup Instructions

Setting up and activating a Simtex eSim is pretty easy. They have a general eSim thread with detailed instructions on what to do after you’ve purchased one of their eSims, and they will guide you through the process with photo instructions.

After you purchase an eSim plan, you get a QR code you’re supposed to scan. This lets you add the eSim data plan to your existing eSim profiles, and then it’s a matter of selecting which profile you want to use for data, calls, etc.

One thing to note is that you should make sure your phone can support eSim plans before purchasing anything. Simtex even helps with this because they let you check device compatibility during the checkout; if you cannot find your device, it’s not compatible with an eSim and you should look into physical cards instead.

Devices that are compatible with eSims include iPhones from the iPhone XS onward, the newer iPad air devices, Google Pixels from the second generation onward, and Samsung Galaxy S20 and newer phones. In any case, you can check on the website whether your smartphone support embedded sim technology.

Advantages of Using Simtex

One advantage of using Simtex is that they offer some of the cheapest data plans for certain countries you will find anywhere. Many of their plans are cheaper than Airalo, which is one of the most popular international eSim providers because usually offers the most affordable plans.

Another advantage of this company is that they let you easily check whether your phone is compatible with eSims before you purchase anything. This can save you a lot of money and frustration, and it just takes a few seconds to type in the model of your smartphone.

Disadvantages of Using Simtex

The main disadvantage of using Simtex is that there’s no way of knowing which network you will have access to in the destination country. Simtex doesn’t offer a list of networks they partner with for their eSim data plans, so it’s pretty much a gamble. You might get access to the best network operator, or you might get access to the worst one – in any case, there’s no way to until you’ve actually connected to the network.

Another downside of Simtex is that you can only register on the website with either your Facebook or Google account. But that’s an easy thing to bypass since you can just create a new account specifically for this service.

Is Simtex Worth It?

Simtex is worth it if you’re traveling to one of the countries for which they have great deals. Many of their data plans are the cheapest available options on the market, and those are absolutely worth the money if you ask me.

I would dip my toes in the water first, so I would recommend starting off with the cheapest plan available from Simtex. You can always purchase additional data if you need it, and in case you find that you’re not thrilled with the stability of the connection or Internet speed, it’s better to have spent just $4 instead of $25.

Simtex is a good option for both vacations and business trips. The nature of the trip doesn’t matter nearly as much as the destination – it’s the best option in some countries, but far from it in others.

Simtex Alternatives

Nomad eSim

Airalo and Nomad are the best alternatives to Simtex. They offer data-only eSim plans that are in a similar price range as the ones from Simtex, and even a lot cheaper in some cases. Also, what makes Airalo and Nomad better in some cases is that they specify exactly which networks you will have access to when you purchase one of their eSims.

Airalo is often considered the best international eSim provider because they usually have the cheapest data plans. Nomad is a close second and usually, it’s a difference of just a couple of dollars between the two, and it often depends on what specific country you need the plan for.

When it comes to alternatives for Asia, where Simtex doesn’t have great data plans yet, AIS Sim2Fly is generally the best option. This company has one of the cheapest regional plans for Asia that includes both a phone number and a generous mobile data allowance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Simtex safe?

Yes, Simtex is a safe provider the use. It’s a fairly new company that’s still growing, so it doesn’t have really any review on Trustpilot or Sitejabber. However, Scamadviser gives this company a rating of 100, indicating that it’s perfectly safe to use.

Can I make calls with Simtex?

No, you can’t make calls with a Smitex eSim. It’s a data-only eSim, meaning that you don’t get a local phone number, so it’s impossible to make local calls, as well as send/receive text messages.

What should I do if my Simtex eSim is not working?

If your Simtex eSim doesn’t work properly, it’s best to contact their support team. You can contact the support through chat on the website, email, and WhatsApp. The support is available from 9 AM to 12 PM (GMT), so it’s best to contact them during this period if you urgently need help.

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