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Surfroam Review: Great eSim for Travel?

Thinking about getting the Surfroam eSim for travel but you’re not sure if it’s worth it? Then you’re in the right place because this detailed review will tell you everything you need to know about Surfroam and its eSim data plans!

The company operates on a very simple principle – you just buy an eSim or a physical sim card from them, and you can use it to access the Internet in more than 200 countries throughout the world. They charge you for Internet access based on rates, which differ from one country to another, but they start at just 0.01 Euros per megabyte. Is it really as good as it sounds? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Surfroam & How Does It Work?


Surfroam is an international provider of data-only eSims and physical sim cards. Unlike many other providers, Surfroam doesn’t have dozens of different plans you can choose from. Instead, they let you choose whether you want an eSim or a physical sim, and then you’re free to browse the Internet in 200+ countries throughout the world at their specified rates.

So, how exactly does that work? Well, Surfroam partners with network operators in countries throughout the world, which is how their eSims are able to connect to the Internet of different providers without roaming. If you are someone who travels frequently and is constantly jumping from one country to another, a Surfroam eSim is worth considering if only for convenience.

Networks Used by Surfroam for Their eSim

Surfroam Network Partners

Surfroam partners with many different networks throughout the world, but sadly there’s no one list of all the different networks you can have access to with their eSim. Some of their partnering networks include Vodafone, Orange AT&T, Telenor, Tele 2, VIP, Bell, Claro, and a bunch of others, as per the banner above.

Surfroam Plan Offers

Surfroam Data Plans

Surfroam doesn’t offer many different data plans. Instead, they offer a physical sim card or an eSim. You purchase whichever you want, and you’re free to use it in more than 200 countries throughout the world.

Whatever you purchase, you get 25 Euros of credit preloaded on the card. The card is valid for an entire year, and every time you purchase additional data, the clock is reset and your card is valid for another year. This is great for frequent travelers because it means you can get lifetime use of their eSim. But keep in mind that you can only purchase top-ups of 25 Euros.

Surfroam eSims

The eSim retails for 25 Euros and the physical sim cards retail for 35 Euros. Since they both include 25 Euros of credit, the eSim is easily better value for money, and you shouldn’t hesitate to choose if your smartphone supports embedded sim cards.

What makes Surfroam special is that they offer network coverage in 200+ worldwide countries, starting from 0.01 Euro per megabyte. Sounds pretty good, right? It’s a decent offer, but I have to point out that the rate of 0.01/MB is valid for only 48 of the countries they offer coverage in. That’s less than a quarter of the countries they operate in, and it adds up to 10.24 Euros per gigabyte.

They have plans of 0.02 Euros per MB for 42 countries, and 0.03 Euros for 52 countries. It’s not bad, but that’s 20 or 30 Euros per gigabyte, respectively, which is quite expensive. These rates account for about three-quarters of their total coverage, with the remaining 50+ countries being even more expensive.

Their rates are the priciest in Togo and Zimbabwe, with a price of 0.51 Euros per Megabyte. That adds up to more than 522 Euros for a single gigabyte, which is ridiculously expensive.

How to Buy Surfroam eSim

Surfroam Buying eSim

Surfroam is an online eSim provider, so you can buy their eSim only from the online store. The process is fairly easy and you can complete the purchase in just a couple of minutes. The eSim information and activation instructions are then delivered immediately, and you can start using the eSim whenever you want.

If you want to purchase the physical sim card from Surfroam, you will need to pay for shipping. It’s worth noting that many customers complained of exorbitant shipping prices that were sometimes as expensive as the sim card itself, so maybe think twice about buying a Surfroam physical sim card, especially if you find that shipping is very expensive to your region.

How to Setup & Activate Your Surfroam eSim

Setting up your Surfroam eSim is very easy, and I have to give props to the company for creating video guides for all new users. When you purchase an eSim from this provider, you will get a QR code. You need to scan this code to add the eSim to your device, and you can usually do this by going into your network settings and finding the Add a Cellular Plan (iOS) or Add an eSim (Android) option.

In any case, here’s an overview of Sufroam’s detailed instructions on how to set up an eSim and make sure that you’ve selected their eSim for mobile internet access when traveling to other countries.

Advantages of Using Surfroam

The main advantage of Surfroam is that they offer network coverage in 207 countries all over the world. I’m not aware of any other providers that offer coverage this wide, and if you are someone who travels a lot to all corners of the world, this eSim is good value for you. You will have the one eSim that works in virtually any country you travel to, which is far more convenient than having to purchase a new eSim whenever you arrive in a different country.

Also, it’s great that their eSims are valid for at least a year, and that clock resets every time you purchase more data. If you just refill the eSim once a year, and it’s likely that you will be doing it more often if you’re actually using the eSim, you can easily keep it active for life.

One of the things I really like about Surfroam is that they make you select your device when purchasing an eSim. This is to ensure that your smartphone is compatible with their eSims, and if you cannot find your device you cannot purchase an eSim. This helps people avoid wasting money on an eSim they couldn’t use in the first place and allows them to try to purchase a physical sim card instead.

Disadvantages of Using Surfroam

The main disadvantage of using Surforam is the price point. They make it sound pretty good with just one cent per megabyte, but when you do the math, that turns out to be a little more than 10 Euros for a gigabyte, and that’s the best-case scenario. Worst case scenario, it’s a whopping 522 Euros for just 1 GB, which is as far from affordable as can be.

On the other hand, eSims with global coverage tend to be quite expensive, so Surfroam actually offers a good deal. Plus their eSim is valid for at least a year, as opposed to other providers who might offer cheaper data, but with validity periods of a week or so.

Also, Surfroam reserves the right to make changes to coverage and pricing, and they’ve already done this once and angered their entire customer base. Sometime in 2022, they stated that they were changing all their sim cards/eSims and that all existing customers needed to purchase a new sim if they wanted to keep using Surfroam. What’s to say this won’t happen again, and you’ll just lose all your preloaded credit?

Is Surfroam Worth It?

Surfroam is worth it if you are someone who travels fairly often and you truly think you will benefit from having an eSim that offers global coverage. Their eSim is great value if you’re someone who doesn’t use mobile data excessively, and you mostly need it to be able to check directions on maps and social media while you are traveling.

On the other hand, if you don’t travel too often and you don’t stay in one place for more than a week or so, I genuinely don’t think this is a good eSim for you. Just look for local eSim data plans, that start at just $4 for a Gigabyte, and find a data plan that looks good for the length of your trips.

Surfroam Alternatives

Ubigi World Plan

While there are many international eSim providers, none of them offer coverage this wide.

Airalo has global plans that start at just $9, but their global plan includes 84 countries. They are a good alternative only if you are fine with the countries they cover and if you want to get one of their data plans with a larger allowance, since those turn out to be a lot cheaper per Gigabyte included.

Ubigi is also a popular provider of regional and worldwide data plans. They do have quite a few single-country plans, but they’re far more popular for their data plans that provide travelers with the Internet in multiple countries. Ubigi has a World plan that offers coverage in 190+ worldwide destinations, which is pretty close to Surfroam.

Their rates are $12 for 500 MB that are active for 1 day, $29 for 500 MB valid for 30 days, and $68 for a 5 GB monthly plan that’s valid for as long as you keep renewing it. The rates are the same for every country which is a significant advantage compared to Surfroam.

Especially when you consider the fact that 5 GB of data for the Surfroam eSim is at least 50 Euros, and that’s only with their cheapest rate of 0.01 Euros per MB, which is available in just 48 countries, as opposed to Ubigi’s 190+.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Surfroam safe?

Surfroam is safe to use. The company doesn’t have the greatest rating on Trustpilot, but that’s because of a change in their policy that required all existing customers to purchase new eSims/sim cards. Their rating took a nosedive, but prior to that most customers were satisfied with Surfroam services.

Can I make calls with Surfroam?

No, you can’t make calls with a Surfroam eSim/sim card. They do not support calls and texts, and they are data-only eSims that can be used just to browse the Internet.

What should I do if my Surfroam eSim is not working?

If your Surfroam eSim is not working, it’s best to contact their customer support team. It’s recommended to contact them on Facebook first because they have a better response rate there than on the official website.

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