The Swiss Travel Pass Flex

This is the perfect pass for those who want flexibility on their trip, but do not want to pay the full price on what is one of the most expensive transport systems in Europe.

You can choose if you want 3, 4, 8 or 15 days of travel within a given month.

You can choose which when you want to use those days. So, if you trip is not 100% planned or you want to have some flexibility, you can choose when to apply the pass.

The pass also comes with a massive list of other benefits including discounts on mountain trips, free entrance to museums and use of public transport in cities on the days you choose (see more below).​

Details, Benefits & Conditions

Benefits Of The Swiss Travel Pass Flex 

  • Unlimited free travel on the chosen days - train, bus and boat  ** See Map Of Valid Travel Areas
  • Unlimited travel on city public transport (over 90 cities & urban areas) ** See Map Of Valid Travel Areas
  • Free travel on premium trains (such as: Glacier Express, Goldpass, Bernina Express etc. * Seat reservation required, surcharge applies for that)
  • 50% discount on many mountain cablecars and trains (some free, see next point)
  • Free mountain excursions to: Pilatus, Rigi & Schynige Platte
  • Free access to museums (500 museums)

Traveling With Children

Children can travel FREE when:

  • Between the ages of 6 and 16, who are accompanied by at least one parent (holding a valid Swiss Pass) with the complimentary Swiss Family Card (available upon request)
  • Under the age of 6, who are accompanied by a parent with a valid Swiss ticket

Delivery Of Passes

Swiss Passes can either be ordered online and delivered per post or courier OR printed at home.

Paper passes that need to be delivered are subject delivery fees.

Seat Reservations

  • In general, seat reservations are not required on regional Swiss trains (although they can be purchased if you wish). Simply enter the train and take any available seat in the class you have purchased.
  • Tip: Travel during peak periods (public holidays, school holidays) seat reservations on major lines may be necessary to avoid standing (ask when traveling)
  • Reservations are required on special trains such as: Bernina Express, the Chocolate Train, the Glacier Express and the Gotthard Panorama Express. Also required for international trains.

* Seat reservations can be made within 90 days of travel (ie. not a year ahead)

Swiss Travel Pass Validity Map

Swiss Pass Validity Map

Click Here To Open Map (Downloadable PDF)

Swiss Travel Pass Flex Prices

The following are the prices for a Swiss Flex Pass for the number of days you wish to travel in a month, and the class of travel (1st or 2nd) you wish to take. Remember, with the flex pass you choose which days you want to use the pass when traveling.

Note: The quality of Swiss trains means that you will find the trains very comfortable and always be able to sit. However, when the trains are full during busy periods (commuter times, weekends, holidays) first class can be beneficial as it is often very empty.


 2nd Class 

 1st Class

3 days

 from USD 249 (CHF 248)*

 from USD 398 (CHF 396)*

4 days 

 from USD 299 (CHF 298)*

 from USD 476 (CHF 474)*

8 days

 from USD 422 (CHF 420)*

 from USD 670 (CHF 667)*

15 days

 from USD 504 (CHF 502)*

 from USD 796 (CHF 793)*

* Fares are estimated only due to currency fluctuations. Check current prices when purchasing.

Youth (Under 26 years old)

 2nd Class 

 1st Class

3 days

 from USD 214 (CHF 213)*

 from USD 338 (CHF 337)*

4 days 

 from USD 255 (CHF 254)*

 from USD 405 (CHF 403)*

8 days

 from USD 361 (CHF 360)*

 from USD 571 (CHF 569)*

15 days

 from USD 433 (CHF 431)*

 from USD 680 (CHF 677)*

* Fares are estimated only due to currency fluctuations. Check current prices when purchasing.