Last Updated: June 3, 2021

What is The North Face Futurelight?


Futurelight is North Face’s latest version of a waterproof membrane that is the most breathable in the industry. They have created it using a special nano-weave technique that lets not only an astounding amount of moisture (read sweat) out but also air. That means you can wear their Futurelight clothing even when you are sweating your way up a mountain. No more layers on, layers off as you climb or ski tour to the top!

This special nanomaterial from North Face is also far lighter than previous membranes and can be woven in different ways. That way, North Face can make thicker, more durable versions for those heavy wear areas, and lighter more breathable fabric for places you sweat the most.

This material is on all the latest Summit Series premium clothing from The North Face because athletes at that level demand the absolute best they have to offer. As such, North Face Futurelight jackets and layers are not cheap, but they might well last you a decade or two!

Below are some examples of the North Face Futurelight clothing

The North Face Dryzzle

Women’s The North Face Dryzzle Jacket

North Face Flight Futurelight

Men’s The North Face Flight Jacket

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