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Things To Do In Vis Island, Croatia

Visiting Vis Island and you’re not sure what to do there? Whether you’re island hopping to Vis or spending an entire week on the island, you’ll find plenty of fun and exciting things to do there right here in this detailed guide!

Exploring the many secluded bays of the island, hiking to its military buildings, and diving to sunken wrecks are just a few of the many fun and thrilling things you can do on Vis. Read on to see what the others are, and start planning how you will spend your time on this magical Croatian island!

Visit the Blue Cave (Blue Grotto) and Green Cave

The Blue Cave and the Green Cave are two spectacular natural landmarks in Vis, and you should make time to visit both of them to really grasp the beauty of this island.

The Green Cave is situated on the southern side of the island, near the Rukavac bay on the small, uninhabited island of Ravnik. It’s a breathtaking example of how stunning nature can be when it’s not spoiled by human presence, and it’s one of the top destinations on Vis for both tourists and locals.

The Blue Cave is known as the pearl of the Adriatic among the locals on Vis Island, and it’s one of the highlights of any trip to this island. It’s situated close to the Komiza harbor, and it can only be accessed by a small boat. The boat carries no more than a few people, and it’s the only way of experiencing the awe-inspiring beauty of the Blue Cave.

It’s worth noting that swimming in the Blue Cave is usually not allowed, for the purpose of preserving the unspoiled nature and integrity of the cave.

Sunset Walks in Vis Town

Vis Town

Vis town is situated within a protected bay, and it’s the best place to stay when you’re vacationing on the island. You will have easy access to all the amenities you might need during your stay, and you’re in the perfect location for further exploration of the island.

Vis town deserves to be explored as much as the natural landmarks of the Vis Island. A sunset walk through the narrow cobblestone streets of Vis town is the ideal way of getting to know the island’s largest town and admiring its beauty.

Admire the stone houses, see the sunset over the Adriatic Sea, and end the night with a dinner in one of the many local restaurants in Vis town.

Visit Tito’s Cave

Tito’s Cave is situated in the southwestern part of the Vis Island, close to the town of Komiza, and it’s the prime historic attraction of the island. It’s best known for being the Supreme Headquarters of the Yugoslav Partisan army during World War II.

It’s situated right below Hum, the island’s tallest peak, and there are two roads that lead to the caves from the peak.

It’s possible to visit Tito’s Cave as part of a tour of all the different military buildings on Vis Island, and this is one of the best ways to experience it. If you’re not very familiar with Tito’s role and importance, you won’t really grasp the significance of the cave and what it actually represents.

One of the local agencies on Vis Island organizes 3-4 hour military tours, which include a trip to Tito’s Cave, as well as the rocket base Stupisce. You’re guided by locals who will tell you about the background of these objects, allowing you to really learn about the military history of Vis and its importance.

Sunset Dinner at Fort George

Fort George is a high-end restaurant situated at the top of a 19th-century fort. The restaurant is absolutely amazing, and if you decide to have dinner here, it will be one of the best dinners you have on the entire island of Vis.

What makes the ambiance here even better is the incredible location of the restaurant. The fort is close to Vis town, but it’s situated in a wooded area that’s far enough from the town crowds.

Also, the view from the restaurant is absolutely mesmerizing. The panoramic vista stretches as far as the eye can see, offering breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea and the tiny island of Host.

For those reasons, Fort George remains one of the best locales on the Vis Island, as well as a popular wedding venue. They organize wedding receptions, so in case you’re close to tying the knot, it’s definitely worth it to check out this magnificent place.

Visit Stiniva Beach

Stiniva Beach

Stiniva Beach is situated in a small bay on the southern side of Vis Island. The beach is off the beaten path, and it can only be accessed by a 20-minute hike. It’s also possible to visit the bay by boat, but unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, you won’t be able to find the bay on your own.

If you’re into picturesque views, breathtaking nature, and spectacularly clean sea, you’ll absolutely love it here. There aren’t too many amenities on the beach – there’s a small bar in a house where you can grab a drink, and that’s about it.

Two things you should know about Stiniva beach is that it’s surrounded by some really steep cliffs, so parts of the beach are always shaded. This is perfect for anyone who, like me, struggles with a sun allergy, since you can always find some shelter on the beach even without an umbrella.

Another thing to note is that this is a very popular attraction on the island, so unfortunately it can get very crowded. You can beat the crowds if you get there very early in the morning, or if you try to avoid the times when guided tours arrive at this charming beach.

Visit the Secluded Bay at Mala Travna

Mala Travna is another one of the Vis beaches that’s hidden away in a secluded bay. It’s not quite as popular as the Stiniva beach, mostly due to the fact that the pebble beach is very small and surrounded by rocks. Vis boasts mostly a rocky coastline with beautiful secluded bays, and this lovely beach offers a glimpse of that.

The rocks are pretty smooth, so you can put your towel on them and secure your spot on the beach if you’re okay with this kind of beach access. There’s a nice restaurant here as well, whose owner is known as the Robinson Crusoe of Vis. The food is great, the drinks are ice cold, and the view from one of the restaurant tables is out of this world.

If you’re a sucker for a pretty view, it’s not even a question if you should find time to visit this bay. It’s incredibly stunning, and it might just be one of the highlights of your trip, in terms of the number of beautiful photos you take.

Climb Mount Hum

View Hum

Hum is the tallest peak of Vis Island, and any outdoor adventurers should know that it is possible to climb to the top of the mountain. In fact, the ascent to the top of the mountain is even included in the military tour of Vis Island, so you can kill two birds with one stone if you book that tour.

Mount Hum is 587 meters tall, and it’s not a very challenging ascent. Even hiking newbies can climb to the top, so long as they don’t attempt the hike in their flip-flops.

The view from the top of Mount Hum is absolutely enchanting. It’s a panoramic view of Komiza town and the sea, and it’s absolutely worth it to make the climb just to experience the magical view. The mountain peak also features the Holy Spirit chapel, as well as a path to the caves.

Sail Like the Locals

Vis Sailing

Sailing is pretty popular on Vis Island, and you too can sail just like a local. Get in your own boat, preferably a traditional gajeta fishing boat, and set off for either one of the neighboring islands or a quick tour of the Vis coastline.

It’s also possible to do this as part of an organized tour, but it can be quite pricey and very limiting, in terms of the locations you get to visit. If you have any sailing experience setting off on your own might just be the best thing for you.

Vis is close to Hvar island, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in entire Croatia. This is certainly a great place to visit on a quick sailing trip, but you could also choose to visit a less crowded and more remote island, like Svetac.

Visit the Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum is situated in Vis town, and it’s one of the top places to visit while you’re exploring the charming town. It boasts an impressive collection of various archaeological objects collected on Vis Island, and it’s absolutely fascinating if you’re even remotely interested in learning about the history of the island.

The artifacts tell the story of the rich history of Vis, with many examples of local pottery, costumes, and some items that date back to the Greek civilization on the island.

The museum is a bit hard to find, but you can see the signposts that indicate where it’s located. It’s in a 19th-century fort, and even the museum building itself is absolutely fascinating.

Relax at Stoncica Beach

Stoncica Beach

Stoncica beach offers a glimpse at the island’s sandy soil, proving that there’s more to Vis than just rocks and pebble beaches. It’s one of a few sandy beaches on the island, and it’s an absolute must if that’s exactly what you’re looking for on Vis.

The pretty beach is situated in a secluded bay on the northeastern side of this Croatian island. It’s possible to drive up to a certain point – when you see a bunch of cars parked at the side of the road, you’re there. From there it’s just a short walk to the beautiful bay, where you’ll experience one of the most amazing views on Vis island.

There’s a local restaurant at the beach, so you will have a place to grab something to eat and drink if you decide to spend the day just relaxing on the beach. The sea is surreally azure and clean here, and the gradual entrance makes it a great beach for families.

Round-the-Island Boat Tour

Vis Boat Tours

A round-the-island boat tour is easily the best way to explore one of the prettiest Croatian islands. The tour begins in the town of Vis, where you’ll get on a boat with experienced skippers and knowledgeable locals, who will then ride around with you for six hours, allowing you to explore all the beautiful secluded bays and beaches of this gorgeous island.

Although it is possible to discover most of the bays by yourself, experiencing them from the sea is truly a special experience. It’s also a much quicker tour of the island since most of the secluded bays on easy only allow access by foot, which can take quite a while.

The boat tour can be pricey, but it’s worth every penny if you want to truly grasp the charm of Vis Island. It’s the best way to get acquainted with the different towns and bays, and the quickest way of exploring most of the island’s best natural landmarks.

Divo to a Sunken Wreck

One thing you maybe didn’t know about this Croatia island is that it is one of the most popular diving destinations in Croatia. There are 13 sunken wrecks near the island of Vis, eight of which are situated right off the island’s coastline.

The remaining wrecks are a bit further away, but the B-24 diving center offers diving excursions to each of them. The catch is that you have to be certified if you want to dive with them since none of these locations is exactly suitable for diving newbies.

If you’re certified and you generally enjoy diving, then Vis is simply the perfect island for you. You could spend your days sailing from one sunken wreck to another, exploring the remains of cargo ships, tank carriers, ironclad frigates, and airplanes!

Try the Local Wine

Croatia Wine

A trip to the island of Vis wouldn’t be complete without trying at least of few of the amazing island wines. There are quite a few wineries on the island, and most of them allow for organized tours and tastings.

Whether you try the local wines on a tour of a winery or during a dinner at one of the many local restaurants is entirely up to you. A tour of a winery is the better option if you want to learn more about the wines, try the different varieties, and really get to know the locals who produce the amazing wines.

Also, a winery tour lets you stock up on the best local wines and olive oils at more affordable prices than you’ll find at the local supermarkets.

Take a Day Trip to Komiza


Komiza is one of the two major towns on Vis Island, and it’s definitely worth visiting if you’re trying to explore the entire island. It’s home to some beautiful beaches, tourist agencies that organize tours to nearby attractions, and the B-24 diving center which offers the best diving excursions on the island.

If you’re staying in the town of Vis, you can travel to Komiza either by boat or by car. It’s a 10-15 minute drive from one side of the island to the other and it’s even faster by boat. It’s definitely worth it to travel between the two towns, just to get a better sense of the history and culture of locals on Vis Island.

Also, it’s worth noting that the smaller islands off the western coast of Vis are administratively part of Komiza. This includes Bisevo, which is home to the wonderful Blue Cave, as well as the islands of Svetac and Brusnik. If you want to explore the uninhabited islands in this part of Croatia, Komiza is a great base for a sailing tour.

Try the Local Croatian Cuisine

Croatia Food

Croatian cuisine is varied, with two distinct subgroups. The local cuisine of the inland is much more hearty and meat-oriented, while the cuisine of the coastal towns is more focused on seafood and pasta. This makes perfect sense – the star of the cuisine are the ingredients that are easy to source locally in that area, and that’s what makes it so special.

The Croatian cuisine on Vis Island is Mediterannean cuisine, with a lot of seafood, pasta dishes, olive oil, and fresh veggies. If you’re into any of that, you’ll have the time of your life exploring the different local restaurant and their staple dishes.

If you’re not that big a fan of seafood, you won’t have such a great time on the island of Vis. You’ll still have quite a few options, mostly chicken and veal with pasta and other veggies, but you won’t really be able to experience the true local cuisine.

As mentioned previously, Fort George is one of the best restaurants on the entire island. If you don’t mind paying a premium for dinner, book a table at this restaurant to experience excellent hospitality, service, and food with the side of a spectacular view.

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