Titlis Cliff Walk
Last Updated: August 11, 2020

Titlis Cliff Walk – The Highlight of Engelberg

If you want to walk on the highest suspension bridge in Europe, then the Titlis Cliff Walk is definitely for you! 

As one of the highest mountains in the area around Lucerne, Titlis is itself a very popular destination. Especially since you can easily reach the top with the Rotair rotating gondola, directly from the town of Engelberg below.

Titlis Cliff Walk

Once you are at the top, a mere 3041 metres (9977ft) above sea level, you can head out onto the highest suspension bridge in Europe – the Titlis Cliff Walk! Here, you can experience the adrenaline of swinging 500 meters above the ground for yourself. Not only is it a rush to cross this slim metal suspension bridge at such a height, you can also see over 80% of Switzerland from here!

The Titlis Cliff Walk spans a wide gap between the Rotair Gondola summit station and the Ice Flyer chairlift. It is a free attraction, so all you need is a ticket to the top!

You can book your tickets here.

Other Titlis Highlights

titlis rotair cable car

Titlis Rotair Cable Car – Rotating as it rises towards the summit

Not only is the Titlis Cliff Walk worth the trip up from Engelberg, but the Rotair cable car is also a highlight itself. Why? Because it is round and it rotates as it ascends from the town. That means that all you have to do is find a spot by the window, and you get a 360 degree view, over and over again!

The Titlis Glacier Grotto

The Titlis Glacier Grotto

Another worthwhile attraction on Titlis is the Glacier Grotto. It is a long walkway or cave if you will, carved right into the glacier ice at the top of the mountain. You might have seen or heard of something similar at the Jungfraujoch. They have been doing it there for decades. It’s a stunning way to experience the inside of a glacier without the danger!


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