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Types of Hotel Rooms: The Ultimate Guide

When making a reservation for a hotel you can end up with a massive list of hotel room types to choose from, but what do they all mean?

Can a single room be a deluxe room at the same time, or does a deluxe room always have double beds? Questions like this come up all the time and they are never-ending.

It’s a bit of a nightmare scrolling through and looking at all the types of hotel rooms available when you want to make a booking, so I thought I’d make it easy and explain it all to you.

Yes, there are multiple names for the same rooms, it is confusing, and it comes down to how many people can be in the room, the number of beds, layout, and amenities, let’s look at them all.

Types of Hotel Rooms Based on Occupancy

hotel rooms occupancy

One way of distinguishing between hotel room types is by the number of people who can sleep comfortably in them and it goes as follows.

Single Room

A single room is a hotel room that is assigned to one person or a couple. It will have just one bed in it, usually a double, and come with a private bathroom, TV, WiFi, and a work desk. Of course, the amenities available also depend on the hotel.

Double Room

A double room is a hotel room for 2 people and will come with either a double bed or two single beds. If you do not want to share a double bed, make sure to ask for a double room with two single beds.

As well as the beds, a private bathroom, WiFi, TV, and a work desk are pretty much standard fittings in double rooms.

Triple Room

A triple room, as you can probably guess by now, is a hotel room that can sleep 3 people. Triple hotel rooms can come with either 3 single beds, one double bed, and one single bed, or two double beds.

Quad Room

A quad room is a hotel room that can sleep 4 people and these hotel rooms usually have two double beds in them. Quad hotel rooms can also have 4 single beds or two bunk beds, so check the layout before you book so you are not disappointed.

Types of Hotel Rooms Based on Bed Availability

hotel rooms bed availability

Another way of describing room types is based on the beds available in the room and this works as follows.

Twin Room

A twin room is a hotel room with two twin beds inside it, ideal for 2 people to sleep in, also a version of the double rooms we looked at in the section above.

King Room

A king room is a single room or double room with a king-sized bed. King rooms are often more luxurious than say a Queen room, as the bed gets bigger as does the luxury of the room in most cases.

Queen Room

A queen room is a single room or double room with a queen-sized bed.

Hollywood Twin Room

A Hollywood Twin Room is a room with two twin beds that are joined together with a headboard.

Double-double Room

A Double-double Room is the peak of double rooms. It comes with two double beds (or queen-size beds) in order to sleep 2 to 4 people. They are perfect for couples/friends who want separate beds or parents with young kids.

Studio Room

A studio room is a hotel room that comes with a living space just like a studio apartment. A studio room will have a bed or a pull-out sofa bed, a small living space, a fridge, and a small kitchen. Studio rooms do vary from hotel to hotel, so it is worth checking on what is offered.

Types of Hotel Rooms Based on Layout

hotel rooms layout

This is where room types become even more confusing as we add in another layer of complexity, here we go, let’s discuss layout.

Deluxe Room

A deluxe room is a more spacious room with better amenities and better views than a standard room. It is ideal for couples who want to travel with some luxury or for groups of 3 people or more.

Standard Room

A standard room is a normal single room, double room, or Queen room that is the ideal amount of space for a solo person or couple.

Suite Room

Suite rooms are some of the most expensive hotel room types. There are a few different suite room types such as a junior/mini-suite that comes with a single room with a sitting area.

A master/executive suite is a suite with one or more bedrooms connected to a separate living space. The presidential suite will also have one or more bedrooms, separate living space, and a kitchenette, will be beautifully decorated, and feature lots of other specialties like a kitchen, hot tub, private pool, and more.

Accessible Room

An accessible room is a hotel room that is designed specifically for disabled people. It is easy for a wheelchair to access and move around plus it comes with a special disabled bathroom.

Connecting Room

Connecting rooms are adjoining rooms that have a private door linking them together. These room types are ideal for families or groups of friends who want to move between rooms without going into the hotel corridor.

Joint Room

A joint room is not one hotel room, it is two hotel rooms that share a wall but do not have a private door connecting them. Joint rooms are perfect for families with young kids so that they are close by to each other but also have their own privacy.

Apartment Style

Apartment-style rooms are hotel rooms that come with everything you would expect from an apartment. This includes a separate bedroom, kitchen, living area, and laundry fasciitis. They are perfect for big families or anyone wanting to do a long-term stay.

Types of Hotel Rooms Based on Amenities

hotel rooms amenities

Some hotel rooms simply can not be explained by using the layout, how many people they sleep, or the number of beds. Therefore, these hotel room types have to be categorized by their amenities.


The Penthouse room or suite is usually on the top floor and is generally only found at luxurious hotels. Some penthouses take up the entire top floor and have multiple bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen, and even a swimming pool depending on the hotel.

Sometimes the penthouse will even come with its own elevator so guests can access their suite with complete privacy away from other hotel guests.


You will find villa-type rooms at resort hotels more than anywhere and a villa is not a hotel room, they are pretty much a whole house. When you book a villa you get a standalone house with multiple bedrooms, a balcony, good views, living space, and a swimming pool.

Villas are perfect for large groups of friends, family, or a couple who wants the ultimate privacy.


A Cabana room is a hotel room that is always right next to the swimming pool or comes with a private pool of its own. You are likely to find cabana rooms at Boutique rooms more than anywhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions

hotel rooms FAQs

What is the most common type of hotel room?

The most common type of hotel room that you will find everywhere from a motel to a hotel and resort is a single room.

Single rooms are the most sold hotel rooms as most people who book a hotel are either traveling solo, as a couple, or as 2 friends.

Single rooms are also the most affordable and come with everything you need including a private bathroom, WiFi, work desk, and TV.

What is the best room in a hotel called?

The best room in a hotel is usually called the Presidential Suite or Royal Suite. These rooms are usually on the top floor, can take up the entire top floor, have their own private elevator, have multiple bedrooms, insane views, and even their own pools – the list can go on and on.

Now, not all hotels have these kinds of suites, it is usually only the most expensive hotels in the world that offer such rooms.

What are the types of rooms in a 5-star hotel?

The types of rooms in a 5-star hotel differ from one to the next. Not all hotels offer every type of hotel room featured in this article.

But, 5-star hotels usually offer these seven room types in one way or another. We’ll start at the bottom and work our way up the luxury.

  • A standard/deluxe/superior room – this is the bottom level room and will come with a double/queen/king bed, ensuite bathroom, work desk, chair, tea/coffee maker, safe, and maybe a small sofa
  • An executive/premium room – these rooms are the exact same as a standard room but are slightly bigger and may feature a bigger bathroom. They are not really worth paying extra for as you are not really gaining anything
  • A room with a nice view – the hotel might describe this as a garden view or sea view room. You will get the same standard room but with a delightful view of the surroundings which is sometimes worth paying extra for
  • A club room or lounge room – these usually come with access to the hotel’s lounge where you can use business services, have a free breakfast, tea/coffee, cocktails, snacks, and more. These can be worth the extra cost if you are in need of these services
  • A junior/executive suite – this is a luxurious ensuite room with a separate living area with its own bathroom (with a bath), large sofa, tv, and more. It is often very nice to have a separate living space on longer stays and when you have to work
  • A deluxe suite – this takes a junior suite to another world. It will have multiple bedrooms connected via a separate living room with a kitchenette, just like a luxurious small apartment. The bathrooms will be big, you’ll have a walk-in closet, and more
  • A presidential suite – the most luxurious room you can book and the most expensive is the presidential suite. It is usually the likes of royalty, millionaires, or celebrities who stay in such rooms.
  • They come with multiple bedrooms, take up the entire top floor of the hotel, are accessed via a private elevator, and have a private pool, hot tub, whirlpool, gym, library, living room, dining area, kitchen, and more.

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