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What is Anti-Slash Fabric? (Types, How It Works & More)

Anti-slash fabric is something we are starting to see more and more in the marketplace. Whether it is gloves that a knife won’t slice through, a backpack that can’t be cut open, or clothing that protects you from knife attacks, it is out there available.

But, what is anti-slash fabric, really? We can all guess that it is a fabric that is hard to cut or slash through, but what is it made of and how has it evolved?

Join me as we take a deep look at what anti-slash fabric really is, how it works, and why it is useful.

Anti-Slash Fabrics

anti slash fabrics

There are quite a few different anti-slash fabrics on the market and they are made in different ways and used in different applications. Different companies also have their own anti-slash fabrics, so let’s take a look at each of them

Exomesh Slashguard

Exomesh slashguard is a material used by Pacsafe in their anti-theft products, such as bags and anti-theft backpacks.

Exomesh slashguard is made with a stainless steel wire mesh that is surrounded by polyethylene fabrics on both sides. This creates a fabric that a knife will struggle to slash through unless under incredible force.

This means that cut-and-run thievery simply will not work when attempted on a backpack made from Exomesh slashguard. Plus, it also enhances the overall durability of the bag or backpack.

FLAKnit Anti-Slash Fabric

FLAKnit is an anti-slash fabric used by LocTote in its anti-theft bag. Now, FLAKnit is made in a similar way to Exomesh slashguard but using different materials.

It is made from a mixture of high molecular weight polyethylene and other fibers that are bound so tightly that they are almost impossible to cut through. Instead of the knife slicing through the fabric, it absorbs the energy and transfers it across the fabric, meaning the knife can not penetrate.

The LocTote bag even has anti-slash drawstrings made of a nylon webbing mixture with 49-strand stainless steel aircraft cable to make a drawstring that simply can’t be cut in a slice-and-grab situation.


If you watch a lot of spy movies, then chances are you have heard of Kevlar being used as body armor.

Kevlar is an incredible material that is made from several repeating inter-chain bonds that are crossed with hydrogen bonds.

This is all very technical but what you end up with is a fabric that is so tightly spun together, it absorbs whatever hits it, and dissipates the energy, stopping most things from piercing it.

Kevlar is 10x the tensile strength of steel of the same weight. It can deflect ballistics, meaning bullets and shrapnel, it blocks slashes and cuts, and it is flame resistant to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cut-Tex PRO

Cut-Tex PRO is a relatively new anti-slash fabric that is meant to be 5 times more cut resistant than Kevlar.

It is made from a mixture of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and other technical fibers that work similarly to Kevlar. They are bound so tight that things simply struggle to cut through them.

Cut-Tex Pro has a number of different offerings and they use this material in security clothing, industrial workers, and more.

Why Use Anti-Slash Products?

Anti-slash products are generally used for safety and protection. They are incredibly useful to keep you and your belongings safe.

I own a pair of anti-cut gloves, and I used them for handling spikey or toothy fish while fishing. But, an anti-slash backpack like these are great for being on the road with.

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