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Action Camera Showdown: Yi 4k vs. Yi 4k+

The GoPro is the leader of the action camera market, and we can’t deny that. However, its higher price tag means that not a lot of people can afford it, which is why there are so many other, cheaper alternatives to it. 

Today, we’ll compare two excellent action cameras – the Yi 4k and the Yi 4k+. And, we won’t be looking at how they compare to the GoPro, but how they compare to each other.

I've already compared the Yi 4k+ to the GoPro Hero5, and we saw that both performed quite similarly, with the Yi 4k+ actually doing better in 4k. Because of that, I know that it is an amazing action camera, but I was curious to see just how better it is than its predecessor.

The Yi 4k+ is more expensive than the Yi 4k, and if you want to see if the upgrade is worth it, check out this detailed comparison of these two action cameras!

Yi 4k vs. Yi 4k+: A Detailed Comparison

To properly compare these two action cameras, we’ll need to put them side-by-side. You can check out all of their main features in the table below:

YI 4K Action and Sports Camera, 4K/30fps Video 12MP Raw Image with EIS, Live Stream, Voice Control - Black
YI 4K+ Action Camera, Sports Cam with 4k/60fps Resolution, EIS,Voice Control, 12MP Raw Image


65mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 42mm (H)

65mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 42mm (H)

 LCD Screen

2.19", 640*360 resolution touch screen

2.2” touch screen, 640*360 screen resolution

Video Resolution

4k @ 30 fps, 2.7K @ 60 fps, 1440p @ 60 fps, 1080p @ 120fps, 720p @ 240fps

4k @ 60 fps, 2.7k @ 60 fps, 1440p @ 60 fps, 1080p @ 120 fps, 720p @ 240 fps

 Video Modes

Time lapse, slow motion, loop

Time lapse, slow motion, loop

Photo Resolution



Image Sensor

Sony IMX377

Sony IMX377

Electronic Image Stabilization

Yes (up to 2.7k @ 60 fps)

Yes (up to 4k @ 30 fps)

Auto Low Light



Lens Distortion Correction




Yes, Bluetooth 4.0

Yes, Bluetooth 4.0


Yes (Up To 30Mbps Download Speed)


Yi 4k vs. Yi 4k+: The Main Differences

The main difference between these two action cameras is in the video resolution. With the Yi 4k+, you can film 4k videos at higher frame rates, which ultimately results in better slow motion videos. The newer model can go up to 60 fps when filming in 4k, whereas the older model was limited at 30 fps.

In addition to that, the Yi 4k+ has Electronic Image Stabilization at 4k resolution (up to 3o fps), which the previous model does not have. The Yi 4k can apply EIS to videos that are up to 2.7k resolution.  If you often film in 4k, that will be of major importance to you.

Another difference between these two action cameras is that the Yi 4k+ has a slightly larger screen. However, the difference is barely noticeable, since it’s only 0.01” larger.

Where these two action cameras differ significantly is their prices. The Yi 4k+ is almost $70 more expensive than the older model (on Amazon). Some of you won’t mind spending more money to get the improved features, but others (including me) will be reluctant to do that.

In terms of low light performance, the Yi 4k+ does a slightly better job at catching all the background details. You can see what I mean in the video below:

The Common Features Of Yi 4k And Yi 4k+

The selling point of the newer Yi action camera is its improved performance at 4k resolution. As for the other features, these action cameras are vey much alike. I guess that Yi Technology went by the old ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, because they kept all of the features that made the original Yi 4k camera as amazing as it is.

Both action cameras are the exact same size, with the same high quality lens and Sony image sensor. Therefore, the photos you take with both will be of the same quality – maybe the low-light photos will be a touch better with the 4k+. In addition to that, both Yis have an LCD touch screen with a very intuitive interface.

Whether you get the Yi 4k or the Yi 4k+, you will have Electronic Image Stabilization at lower resolutions, as well as automatic low light adjustment and lens distortion correction. Also you will be able to film videos in a few different modes – time lapse, slow motion and loop videos.

In terms of connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi support are features that you will find in either action camera. Additionally, both also support live streaming and voice control.

Finally, both action cameras are fully compatible with the same accessories. So, if you do decide to upgrade, you will be able to use your Yi 4k+ with all the cool things you bought for the Yi 4k.

YI 4K+ Action Camera, Sports Cam with 4k/60fps Resolution, EIS,Voice Control, 12MP Raw Image
YI 4K+ Action Camera, Sports Cam with 4k/60fps Resolution, EIS,Voice Control, 12MP Raw Image

Is The Upgrade To Yi 4k+ Worth It?

Both of these action cameras are great, and they will allow you to film amazing videos. In my opinion, if you often film in 4k, then the upgrade is worth it. The largest improvement in the Yi 4k+ is the addition of Electronic Image Stabilization when filming in 4k, which I think will benefit you significantly.

YI 4K+ Action Camera, Sports Cam with 4k/60fps Resolution, EIS,Voice Control, 12MP Raw Image
  • Impressive Video Quality - The world’s first action camera to record 4K/60fps video; Built-in Sony IMX377 image sensor captures 12MP pictures and films high-quality full HD footages.
  • Superb Image Stablization - Built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) delivers spectacularly smooth and steady videos in up to 4K/30fps resolution, ensuring excellent experience in shooting fast-moving objects.
  • Intuitive UI Design - Ultra responsive 2.2” Gorilla Glass retina touchscreen shows everything crystal clearly and brightly, easy to change settings, switch shooting modes, preview and playback footage.
  • Long Battery Life - 1200mAh high capacity battery supports video recording at 4K / 60fps for up to 70 minutes; USB-C connector offers more efficient power delivery and faster data transfer.
  • Versatile Travel Camcorder - Packed with features including voice control, RAW image capture, built-in Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi, and external type-C microphone support. Note: Always update your 4K+ action camera to the latest version of the firmware(v1.3.11). By updating, you can enjoy additional features, keep your hardware healthy and system stability.

On the other hand, if you don’t really film in 4k, then there is no need to upgrade to the newer model. Or, if you just looking to get into action cameras, then I would also suggest that you get the Yi 4k. You can also check out some of these great GoPro alternatives – they are an excellent choice for action camera newbies. You will still be able to film videos of amazing quality, but you will also save some money. And, you can put that money to good use and get a waterproof case and a selfie set for the Yi 4k.

YI 4K Action and Sports Camera, 4K/30fps Video 12MP Raw Image with EIS, Live Stream, Voice Control - Black
  • Superb Image Quality – Records 4K/30fps (100mbps), 2. 7k/60fps, 1080p/120fps, 720p/240fps video, and 12MP raw image with build-in Sony IMX377 image sensor and Amarelle dual-core A9SE75; Equipped with advanced video stabilization (EIS) can capture super smooth footage at 2. 7k/60fps.
  • Long battery life – high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery records up to 120mins of 4K/30Fps video with a single charge. High performing cooling system prevents YI 4K Action Camera of overheating and enables stable video recording.
  • Intuitive touchscreen UI - built-in 2. 2” high responsive LCD Touchscreen with 640 x 360 high resolution for easy setting, previewing and shooting. Newly released voice command makes shooting even easier than before. Touchscreen is made with Gorilla glass Retina to Resist scratches and daily impact.
  • Instant sharing -- built-in Bluetooth and high speed 5GHz/2. 4GHz Wi-Fi support for wireless remote control and the YI action app for instant photo and video editing, sharing and live streaming to social media.
  • Advanced features – always Update to the latest firmware (1. 8. 25) to enjoy the extra features. Flexible settings of is/WB/shutter/EV/meter for 12MP raw File help you produce high quality images even in low-light condition; multi record/capture modes, including burst, slow-motion, time-lapse, etc., get more creative and fun. Voice control is available with the latest firmware.

Bottom line, the action camera pros will appreciate the improved video quality of the Yi 4k+, and they will benefit from it. Action camera beginners, however, will be better off getting the older model, and spending the extra cash on accessories. Then, in a year or two, when they start to make action cameras that can film in 16k (lol), you can upgrade and really feel the difference.

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