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Zero Star Hotel Switzerland: About The Bed Under The Stars

Switzerland is best known for its luxurious ski resorts in the mountains and even fancier hotels near the lakes. It’s the land of five star resorts, so when someone opens up a Zero Star Hotel, it’s bound to get a lot of attention.

Yes that’s zero stars as in a rating of zero stars – a fair rating I would say, considering that the hotel lacks walls and a roof. Confused? Read on and you won’t be.

What’s The Deal With Null Stern Hotel?


Null Stern Hotel – Zero Star Hotel – is actually a piece of performance art from the Riklin twins. They are trying to reimagine what luxury means in the modern age, and this installation is actually pretty deep when you think about it. You get fancy sheets, a decent mattress, but most importantly you get privacy – something that we se desperately lack in the 21st century.

Their “hotel” consists of a queen sized bad with luxurious Egyptian linen sheets and a couple of bedside tables with lamps. And that’s it – literally. The hotel has no walls or roof, and you can only dream about Netflix in bed.

You get a free drink upon your arrival, so that’s a plus. And you’re assigned a butler, who is actually just a local farmer in a fancy outfit. He will bring you food and drinks for your stay, so you are technically getting premium room service.

Where Is The Zero Star Hotel?

The location and concept of the Zero Star Hotel change every year. It’s usually somewhere at the top of the Swiss mountains, ensuring you can have spectacular views of the starry sky at night. If you’re interested in staying here, you should pay close attention to their website so you can grab a night while you can – the demand for this hotel is extremely high so you will have to be quick.

Also, the fact that the bed is completely exposed means that there’s no guarantee you will be able to actually spend the night in the world’s weirdest hotel. Storms and bad weather in general will cancel your stay, so if you really want this experience you should triple check the weather before booking.

If you cross an ocean to spend a night under the stars, don’t worry – you won’t be completely stranded if the weather ruins your plans. There is substitute accommodation in case of horrible weather, with the whole shebang – walls, roof, bathroom etc.

Is There A Bathroom?

You’re probably wondering about the obvious – what about the bathroom? Spending a night under the stars with your partner is beautiful and romantic until one of you has go number two and there’s nothing to use as cover in the near vicinity.

That’s not going to happen. There is an outhouse bathroom just a couple minutes away from the “hotel” and there’s even a restaurant with a proper flushing bathroom about 10 minutes away. And if you want the full open-air experience, you can always bring your own portable toilet and live like a savage. 

Prices And Booking

The cost of a night in the Zero Star Hotel changes from season to season, but it’s usually around $300. That’s a lot of money for a hotel without walls, but you’re paying for the once-in-a-lifetime experience. And in that sense, it’s worth every penny.

You can book a night on their website, but remember it’s not open year-round. In 2020, the twins actually reimagined this as Zero Real Estate and opened several suites. There’s no information when the hotel will be open again, so if you really don’t want to miss this opportunity, your best bet is to do the unthinkable and willingly subscribe to their newsletter.

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