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A Ride in the Zurich Fondue Tram

You want to take a good look around Zurich, and you also like to eat. Sounds like a great combination for any kind of travel, which is why the Fondue Tram in Zurich is such a popular thing to do.

What is the Zurich Fondue Tram?

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Switzerland is known for its wide range of excellent cheese, and Zurich is one of the best places to sample them. And what better way to eat cheese than melted.

For those that don’t know what cheese fondue is, it is essentially a pot of melted cheese, often with some spices and a little alcohol. You then sit around the bubbling pot (which is heated underneath by a burner) and pretend to be the witches from Macbeath while you dip your bread in, after impaling it on a long sharp fork that is!

The classic fondue is a specialty you can have in every part of Switzerland, but the Fondue Tram creates an entire experience out of it. The tram itself is a veteran of the Zurich public transport system and was built in the 1930’s. It makes a loop around the city of Zurich, past tourist and historic streets providing a unique sightseeing (and restaurant) experience. Throughout the two-hour ride, guests are treated to a welcome drink, an appetizer, dessert, coffee, and of course, all the fondue you can eat. While you enjoy your meal in the comfort of your seat, a guide will keep you entertained with facts and trivia as you pass the points of interest in Zurich.

If you are looking for a unique experience while in Zurich, you can’t beat this one! Even if you normally take the tram and commute to work. 

How to get a ride on the Fondue Tram

You can book online, by phone or at the VBZ ticket counters.

  • Service: November – February. Starts 17:30 & 20:15, on Sun 16:30 & 19:15. Sat & Sun additionally 12:00.
  • Price: CHF 95 for adults. CHF 48 for children up to 12 years old
  • Tram Stop: Bellevue

So whether you’re a Swiss local or visiting Zurich, set aside a couple of hours and enjoy the best that Zurich has to offer in both sight and taste.


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