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Best Spas in Switzerland (Wellness Hotels and more)

It’s not hard to find hotels in Switzerland with breathtaking mountain views and top-notch facilities. It’s hard, however, to pick out the best one with hundreds to choose from.

You’ll be hard-pressed to be underwhelmed by accommodation in Switzerland (even the Zero Star Hotel), thanks mainly to the natural beauty of the place. But one thing that the country does best is giving visitors the best ways to relax. After an exciting day at the slopes or a stroll around the city, Switzerland is rich in hotels that will help you reconnect and recharge. Here are the very best spas in Switzerland…

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

St. Gallen

This highly acclaimed thermal and medical spa sits between the Rhine and the Alps. It also takes advantage of thermal waters at 36.5˚C that come down the mountains. The complex is made of three hotels with a total of 267 rooms.

Guests here can enjoy an 18-hole golf course (keeping golf etiquette in mind), a medical clinic, six pools, six restaurants, and a vast spa that offers every therapeutic and physical treatment imaginable.

Visitors mostly come for the waters, whether on a medical program or general well-being, but the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has a lot more to offer. The complex is divided into several areas and services:

Thermal water world, Saunda world, Rest and Relaxation, Massage and Relax, Beauty and Care, Body and Sports. The handy spa guide helps guests navigate through the complexes. The resort also has a full-service and world-class Medical and health clinic to give guests a complete and comprehensive wellness experience.

La Réserve Hotel and Spa Geneva


Two miles from the airport and three miles from the city center makes this hotel one of the most convenient places to go for visitors to Geneva. Of course, its location is not what makes La Reserve Hotel and Spa one of the best – this hotel is all about delivering only the best kind of service.

Every inch of this hotel decked out in African game reserve-inspired decor is put together and maintained with delicate care without feeling synthetic and clinical. In fact, the interiors are quite quirky, warm, and absolutely stylish. And yes, of course they have luggage racks!

There are indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, fitness centers, and facilities for cutting-edge medical treatments done by experts from the Nescens anti-aging brand and the Center for Anti-aging at the Clinique de Genolier. The spa is situated in an elegant, lush green setting, with facilities open at 6am and daily treatments starting at 8am.

Hotel Eden Roc


The pool, the shore, the garden, and the lake – Hotel Eden Roc’s unparalleled view and location in Ascona makes it a small gem made more unique by its Mediterranean charm. The hotel has 95 rooms and a 2,000 sqm spa, all of which inspired by the natural beauty of Ticino.

The spa is no less than luxurious, separated into complexes such as the water world, sauna world, treatment rooms and a hair dressing salon. Heated indoor and outdoor pools, hydro-pools with effervescent beds, special showers, ice fountains, natural baths, beauty treatments – every possible way to relax and unwind with the therapeutic feel of the water can be found here.

The location of Hotel Eden Roc is very central to Ascona, but is also very quiet. Restaurants all have a view, and all serve dishes on the healthier side, which is to be expected at a hotel that imbibes health and wellness in all its facilities.

The Dolder Grand


The Dolder Grand is a luxury hotel that sits on a hill above Zurich. It has a historic feel with its castle-like exteriors, with strikingly modern touches in its interiors and facilities. It has 176 spacious rooms and a fine-dining restaurant, but its Japanese-inspired 4,000 sqm spa is what draws visitors even just for day trips.

The hotel offers the Dolder Grand Life Balance: Detox, Beauty, Vitality, and Relax, which is the philosophy behind its individually tailored preventive therapies. Its extensive network of medical experts also ensure the utmost safety and effectiveness of the extensive list of therapies on offer.

7132 Hotel


Not all spa and wellness hotels need to be 5-star establishments with A-Z medical therapies. If shelling out cash for luxury will cause more stress than relaxation, 7132 Hotel is a (little bit) more affordable but no less invigorating alternative. Located in the Valser Valley, the hotel is an architectural wonder surrounded by mountains that provide breathtaking views from the rooms.

The Thermal Bath and Spa at 7132 Hotel is built using 60,000 slabs of quartzite by Peter Zumthor, a sleek and modern tribute to the natural thermal spas of Vals Valley. Highly mineralised water comes out from St. Peters spring at 30˚C that gives guests a deeply relaxing experience. The hotel also offers ESPA spa treatments that are therapeutic, relaxing, and gentle on all skin types.

Switzerland definitely has a lot to offer, but sitting in a warm sauna or enjoying a good massage always sound perfect after a day or two (or more) of exploring all the great sights in the country.

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