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10 Best Travel Trailer Brands 2023 (Your Home on Wheels)

Want to buy a travel trailer? Then you are definitely in the right place because this detailed guide to the best travel trailer brands features your ideal travel trailer!

The RV industry is big, with many brands competing for the title of the best one. This guide includes only the established travel trailer brands that have been around for a while now, and which are known for high-quality products.

Oliver Travel Trailers

Oliver Travel Trailers

  • Manufactured by: Oliver Fiberglass Product Company
  • Founded in: 2008
  • Starting Price: $66,000
  • Website:

Oliver Travel Trailers are manufactured by the Oliver Fiberglass Product Company. It’s a Tennessee-based company that’s been manufacturing travel trailers since 2008, and it’s worth noting that travel trailers are only one product line manufactured at OFP.

Their trailers are made from fiberglass, so they are incredibly strong and durable. They’re also made to order, so you can easily customize the decor and other aspects of the travel trailer to your liking. There’s also the fact that you’re buying the item directly from the manufacturer.

This travel trailer brand has just two models in its product range

  • the Legacy Elite
  • the Legacy Elite II

The differences between the two models aren’t huge and you’re not compromising anything in terms of quality and performance – you’re just supposed to pick the one that’s better suited to your camping habits.

Oliver Travel Trailers start at $66,000 and the price just goes up depending on what additional features you want to be added to the trailer.

Legacy Elite is a single-axle travel trailer that can sleep up to three people. It weighs just 3,700 lbs and it’s the lightest of all their models. This travel trailer is also quite easy to maneuver and it’s smaller than the other model, so the better option for people who are used to camping in tighter spaces.

You can check out all the features that are included in this travel trailer here, and keep in mind that there are a bunch of optional upgrades as well.

Legacy Elite II is a double-axle travel trailer capable of sleeping up to three people. It’s the bigger, heavier, and more expensive model from this travel trailer brand, so the better option for people who need more space in a recreational vehicle.

The dry weight of this travel trailer is 4,900 lbs and because it’s got two sets of wheels, it’s a bit more difficult to maneuver than the cheaper model. You can see a detailed overview of the trailer’s standard features right here.

Grand Design RV

Grand Design RV

  • Manufactured by: Winnebago Industries
  • Founded in: 2012
  • Starting Price: $40,000-60,000
  • Website:

Grand Design RV is a subsidiary of Winnebago Industries. The company was created in 2012 by the same people who were part of the ownership team at Winnebago Industries. They wanted to try a different approach to RV manufacturing, one that allowed them to be more in touch with their customers, and that’s how Grand Design RV came to be.

They manufacture travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. They offer five main models of travel trailers to choose from, but it’s worth noting that there are several floorplan options for each model.

Imagine Aim is the brand’s smallest and most affordable travel trailer. It’s the only single-axle trailer they sell and it’s perfectly suitable for SUVs. The model is available in three different floorplans, which range in price from some $32,000 to $34,000 for the basic features. Depending on the floorplan, the trailer can sleep 2-3 people and weighs between 3,560 lbs and 3,768 lbs.

Reflection is the brand’s biggest and priciest travel trailer. If you want a trailer packed with features, this is the model to pick up. Five different floorplans of the Reflection travel trailer are available, and they’re all decked out with some amazing features.

A shower with a skylight, a 40” TV, and a beautiful residential kitchen are included on every floorplan. The prices for the Reflection trailer start at around $70,000 for the most affordable floorplan with standard features.

Grand Design RV offers three mid-range travel trailers, with some 30 different floorplans available between the three models. If you’re looking to get a mid-range trailer for around $40,000-60,000, this brand offers excellent value for money.


Jayco Travel Trailer

  • Manufactured by: Jayco
  • Founded in: 1968
  • Starting Price: $24,390
  • Website:

Jayco is an American company that has been manufacturing recreational vehicles since 1968, and it’s one of the largest companies in the industry. They make travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and Class A, B, and C motorhomes. Whatever kind of recreational vehicle you want to get, you can be certain that there’s at least one appropriate option in Jayco’s product range.

This travel trailer brand offers eight different models of travel trailers, ranging in price from around $23,000 to some $80,000. The variety is great because there’s an option for everyone’s budget, whether you’re looking for the cheapest solution or you’re willing to pay more for a premium model.

Their most affordable travel trailer model is the Jay Flight SLX. This is a single-axle travel trailer that weighs around 3,500 lbs. It can sleep up to six people, but that’s only for the upgraded model with a pull-out sofa. The basic (and cheapest) floor plans of this travel trailer include a queen bed and bunk beds, so most can sleep four people.

Jayco Eagle Travel Trailers is the most expensive model this brand makes, and it’s a great option if you’re looking for a truly luxurious travel trailer. Think leather recliners, a built-in kitchen with a bar, and a surprisingly roomy bathroom. It can sleep up to six people depending on the seating options you choose.

Also, it’s a double-axle trailer that weighs more than 10,000 lbs, so it’s certainly not the easiest one to maneuver.

To check out all the Jayco travel trailers in between the Flight SLX and Eagle Travel Trailers, go


Airstream Trailer

  • Manufactured by: Airstream
  • Founded in: 1929
  • Starting Price: $59,300
  • Website:

Airstream is a very recognizable brand of retro travel trailers. Their products are known for rounded edges and shiny aluminum construction, and they’re some of the best travel trailers money can buy. They’re also quite expensive – Airstream travel trailers start at some $60,000 for the smallest basic model, while the bigger and fancier models can set you back more than $200,000.

Bambi is Airstream’s smallest single-axle travel trailer that can easily be towed with an SUV. It’s a good option if you’re specifically looking for something compact and lightweight, especially if you’re into Airstream’s streamlined design. This trailer can sleep up to four people, it’s got

  • a spacious bathroom
  • a beautiful kitchen
  • a built-in external shower
  • multiple USB ports to keep your tech charged

The Classic travel trailer is the brand’s best, biggest, and most expensive option. It’s made for people who live on the road full-time or large families who need a big space.

This airstream travel trailer can sleep up to five people depending on the floor plan you choose, and it offers the most storage space out of all the Airstream trailer models. It features

  • a residential-style kitchen with handcrafted cabinets
  • a heated shower floor
  • a 60” TV screen, among other things.

There are five other Airstream trailer models in between the Bambi and the Classic, and they’re all some of the best quality travel trailers you can get your hands on. The only issue is that they’re quite expensive, so definitely not suitable for campers on a tighter budget.

Additionally, Airstream offers two Basecamp models of travel trailers. They’re the smallest trailers from the brand, designed for campers who enjoy exploring off the beaten path. They’re lighter and cheaper than the brand’s standard travel trailers, but the top-notch quality is still there.

Winnebago Industries

Winnebago Travel Trailer

  • Manufactured by: Winnebago Industries
  • Founded in: 1958
  • Starting Price: $37,182
  • Website:

Winnebago Industries is practically synonymous with the RV lifestyle. They’re one of the biggest – and best – travel trailer and RV brands, and you can hardly go wrong with a Winnebago. They are mostly known for manufacturing motorhomes, but they also make towable travel trailers.

Winnebago has six travel trailer models that range in price from some $38,000 to $65,000. Those are starting prices for the base floorplans – any upgrades or customizations will cost extra.

The most affordable Winnebago travel trailer is the Micro Minnie, but that’s not their smallest trailer! The smallest trailer is the Hike 100, and it’s also the only single-axle travel trailer from this brand.

It’s available in five floorplans that can sleep two or three people, it’s got USB charger ports and comes with an integrated 200W solar panel. This is a lightweight travel trailer that can be towed by smaller vehicles.

The Micro Minnie is the brand’s most affordable double-axle travel trailer. It can sleep 3-5 people depending on the floorplan, it boasts a beautiful kitchen with a surprisingly large fridge, and it is only 7 feet wide, for effortless maneuvering.

The Voyage travel trail is the best and biggest trailer Winnebago manufactures. It’s an excellent option for people who don’t want to give up on comfort and luxuries even when they’re on the road. It can sleep 4-8 people, it’s got very generous storage options and even a walk-in pantry!

You can check out the rest of Winnebago’s travel trailers right here. They’re all very similar in terms of quality and performance – the key differences are in the trailer size and capacity.

Outdoors RV

Outdoors RV Travel Trailer

  • Manufactured by: Outdoors RV
  • Founded in: 2009
  • Starting Price: $45,000
  • Website:

Outdoors RV is one of the top American-based travel trailer manufacturers. They make travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers, but the trailers are by far their best-known products. They offer four models of travel trailers, with multiple floorplans available for most models.

It’s important to note that all four models are double-axle travel trailers suitable for trucks and other large vehicles. If you are hoping to get something that can be towed with an SUV or an even smaller vehicle, unfortunately, you won’t find anything in the Outdoors RV product range.

Another thing to note is that you can choose between the Mountain Series and Titanium Series packs of features for each of the floorplans. Mountain Series is the package with standard features and Titanium Series is an optional premium package.

Creek Side is the brand’s smallest travel trailer model with a floor length of 19’. It includes a Murphy queen bed, a shower with a skylight, a residential-style kitchen, and a swing-out 32” TV. The trailer can sleep 2-3 people, depending on whether you opt to get the basic or the sleeper sofa.

Outdoors RV’s largest travel trailer model is Blackstone, with a floor length between 26’ and 31’. There are five different floorplans to choose from for this model, and the starting weight for the most basic floorplan is around 7,000 lbs.

The Blackstone travel trailer boasts a sleeping area that’s separate from the rest of the trailer, with a generous kitchen and dining area. Depending on the sofa you choose, the trailer can sleep 2-4 people.

If you’re looking for a trailer that can sleep more people, look at the Creek Side and Back Country models. They are available in floorplans that include both a double bed and bunk beds, as well as an (optional) sleeper sofa.

The only downside of Outdoors RV trailers is that the design and decor of the trailer interior are a bit outdated, at least when compared to what other travel trailer brands are offering. But that’s mostly a matter of personal preference and it does not impact the performance of the trailers in any way.

Outdoors RV travel trailers can be purchased only from dealers, so the pricing will vary quite a bit. In general, the starting prices of their most affordable trailer are around $40,000.

Forest River

Forest River Travel Trailer

  • Manufactured by: Forest River
  • Founded in: 1996
  • Starting Price: $40,000
  • Website:

Forest River is an American manufacturer of recreational vehicles and arguably the best travel trailer brand out there. Why? Because, out of all the US-based RV manufacturers, Forest River makes the most money annually. They’re only leading the market by a little, but the numbers say that they’re currently the top seller.

That’s because the company owns multiple other RV brands in addition to Forest River, including Shasta RV, Coachmen, Dynamax, and many others. They also have many different products in their range, so you should definitely check them out if you’re not entirely certain what you’re looking for and you want to see as many options as possible.

They’ve got more than 30 travel trailers to choose from, so you’re bound to find at least one model that fits your needs. Because of such a large variety in their product range, it’s not really possible to select just a couple of models to talk about, especially since there are multiple floorplans with different features for pretty much all those models.

Instead, I will tell you more about their product range and trailer quality. Forest River travel trailers are available in a wide variety of sizes, from small single-axle trailers perfect for couples and solo travelers to massive trailers that are great for families or even groups of friends.

The smallest travel trailer they make is the Flagstaff E-Pro E12SRK with a floor length of 12’3” and a total weight of just 1,763 lbs. This specific floorplan features an outdoor kitchen because it’s so small, but it’s a decent option if you want a trailer that can be towed with smaller vehicles.

Forest River offers a variety of budget, mid-range, and high-end travel trailers, so there should be at least a couple of decent options for anyone. Most of their travel trailers are 20’-30’ long, which is the sweet spot for a medium-sized trailer that can sleep 2-4 people.

Their largest (but not heaviest) travel trailer is Cherokee 324TS with a floor length of 40’5”. It’s got ample storage, multiple beds and seats, a chef’s kitchen, and even a pantry! In any case, you can filter through the dozens of different trailers and floorplans and find something that’s the ideal fit for you right here.

Shasta RV

Shasta RV Travel Trailer

  • Manufactured by: Shasta RV
  • Founded in: 1941
  • Starting Price: $30,000
  • Website:

Shasta RV is a subsidiary of Forest River known for manufacturing fifth-wheelers and travel trailers. The brand has been around since the 1940s, so if you want to purchase a trailer from a tried and tested RV brand, Shasta RV is easily one of the best options.

Perhaps the best thing about this brand is that its product range doesn’t include a bunch of different travel trailer models. You can choose from twelve different floorplans, but the base concept is identical in all their trailers.

The smallest Shasta trailer is the 18BH model. It weighs 3,400 lbs, it can sleep up to four people (bunk beds and double beds), and it has a modern built-in kitchen with an electric stove and a large fridge.

The largest travel trailer model from this brand is 32DS. It can sleep 5-6 people in a double bed, three bunks, and one very comfortable sofa. This spacious travel trailer weighs around 7,200 lbs but it’s only 8 feet wide so it shouldn’t be too difficult to maneuver. The trailer features modern interior decorations with a large fridge, spacious kitchen, ample storage space, and a decent-sized dining area.

One thing to note about Shasta RV travel trailers is that you can’t buy them directly from the manufacturer. They’re sold by dealers only, so the prices tend to vary quite a bit. But that can be a good thing, especially if you don’t mind waiting a bit – you could save quite a bit of money if you just look for the best deals.

Here’s an example of what I mean – the average retail price of the brand-new 2022 Shasta RV 18BH is around $30,000. I spent five minutes checking the deals with various dealers and found them on sale for anywhere from $18,000 to $25,000. A $12,000 discount sounds pretty amazing if you ask me, so be sure to check out as many options as you can before you spend any money.

Lance Travel Trailer

Lance Travel Trailer

  • Manufactured by: Lance Camper
  • Founded in: 1965
  • Starting Price: $65,000
  • Website:

Lance Camper is an RV manufacturer that sells truck campers and travel trailers. They’ve got 11 different models of travel trailers, and the customers can choose from a variety of pre-built RVs, or they can fully customize the trailer to fit their own needs perfectly.

Their smallest trailer is 14’10” long, it can sleep 2-3 people, and it weighs 3,225 lbs. There are a few different options when it comes to the floor plan and interior decorations, but in general, this is a very small and compact trailer perfect for couples or solo travelers.

The only downside is that it’s pricey for the size, especially when you compare it to similarly-sized travel trailers from other notable brands.

The brand’s flagship RV is decked out with all the luxuries you could possibly need in a mobile home. It boasts a comfortable king bed, an excellent 40” TV, a roof rack system, and an electric fireplace. It’s also got a spacious kitchen and dining area, a large fridge, and excellent all-weather insulation.

The trailer weighs 6,830 lbs and it can comfortably sleep up to five people in the king bed and convertible dining area.

Lance travel trailers are sold only by authorized dealers and you can’t buy them directly from the manufacturer. Even if you want to design your own travel trailer, you can only get quotes from authorized dealers.

The issue with this is that you won’t always find precisely what you are looking for, especially if you aren’t in the position to travel to a different state to check out the RV or wait a while for a custom trailer.

Happier Camper

Happier Camper Travel Trailer

  • Manufactured by: Lance Camper
  • Founded in: 2015
  • Starting Price: $35,000
  • Website:


Happier Camper is a rather unique travel trailer brand. They’re based in Los Angeles, California, and they’re known for manufacturing fully modular trailers. Their Adaptiv modular system is pretty amazing and by far the best option for people who feel like they’re forced to buy a new travel trailer every few years to suit their needs.

Adaptiv system allows you to easily customize the interior of your trailer as your needs change. It’s a modular grid system that allows for easy reconfiguration because you can just move the components to different spots, or swap them out for entirely different components. As your needs grow and change, the Happier Camper trailer is perfectly capable of adjusting to them.

Because of its modular system, the brand only sells two types of trailers – the HC1 and the Traveler. The HC1 is the smaller of the two trailers – it weighs only 1,100 lbs, and it can be towed by most passenger cars. It can accommodate a family of four people, but it’s also a great option if you’re looking for a mobile office or accommodation options for guests.

The best thing about this trailer is that it easily fits into a single parking space, and the worst thing about it is that it does not have a bathroom.

The Traveler, on the other hand, features both kitchen and bath options. It’s also fully modular, it can be towed with SUVs and most modern cars, and it’s got all-season insulation. It is also bigger than the HC1 – this travel trailer weighs around 2,500 lbs, so it’s still lighter than what most other travel trailer brands offer.

The HC1 travel trailer costs around $35,000, while the Traveler retails for around $69,000. Those are just the starting prices – the final price will depend on how exactly you customize your travel trailer. It’s worth noting that Happier Camper trailers are made to order – they sometimes sell off excess inventory on Camping World, but it’s usually gone really fast.

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