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10 Clubs for the Best of Zurich Nightlife

If you are visiting Switzerland while traveling or living here long term, you will find something for everyone in Zurich. From posh shopping destinations and world-class cuisine to historic and nature walks. This financial capital of Switzerland has it all.

Some would argue that Zurich and Geneva always fight for the top spot in Switzerland, not Basel, Bern, Lausanne or St Gallen.

Especially when it comes to nightlife and clubs. Zurich has many options, from band venues to places to “be seen”.

Let’s dive and check out some of Zurich’s best nightspots!

There are too many places to choose from, so we’re making it a bit easier for you to drink and party the night away in the best Zurich nightclubs.


Mascotte is Zurich’s trendsetter when it comes to the party scene. It may be the oldest club in the city – 100 years, to be exact – but it has been instrumental in bringing some of Europe’s most popular acts to perform in the city.

Some of the more recent performers include Babyshambles with Pete Doherty, Arcade Fire, The XX, Florence & The Machine, and the Toten Hosen. It also hosts comedy acts and international performances almost everyday, some of which provide free entrances to guests.

Mascotte sponsors full-blown concerts, but also has lounges for private occasions and smaller parties.

Theaterstrasse 10, 8001 Zürich.

+41 44 260 15 80 (mo-fr. 10.00-18.00).


Kaufleuten is a restaurant, a lounge, a club, and an events center in one. The restaurant offers fresh market cuisine, steaks, and wine, while the lounge is tucked in a garden where people get cocktails or just take a break from the loud party music at the club.

There are smaller spaces like the Pelikanbar and Limabar, with their own themes and music, and space where exhibits and literature readings are done. Come nighttime, however, people flock to Kaufleuten for the clubbing – anywhere from bankers and executives to college-age youth party at Kaufleuten.

The list of performers and events is also something to look forward to.

It has been rated across several magazines as one of the best venues in Europe.

18 Pelikanstrasse, Zurich 8001, Switzerland.

Restaurant: +41 44 225 3333.

Club: +41 44 225 3322.


Hive is known for electronic music, but plays some trendy tunes every now and then depending on the theme for the night or for the month. It is a favorite among the locals where the energy is always up but never too out of control. Hive promotes local artists, and has released several recordings under its own label. It also its own kitchen called Gerold Chuchi.

Hive rents three open spaces for private functions.

Geroldstrasse 5, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland.

+41 44 271 12 10


Gonzo is an underground club with no signs and bright lights to lure people in. Just look for a line of people standing by a telephone stand, and you’re probably already standing in front of Gonzo. It’s a small space that blares out pop and rock music, all in the confines of a cellar with a dance floor, a bar, and a smoking lounge.

In a city that favors electronic beats, Gonzo’s rock and pop attracts night owls who are out to do some serious dancing.

Langstrasse 135, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland.

+41 43 317 99 25


Supermarket first opened in the 90’s in a garage in Zurich-West. Back then, the area was an industrial wasteland, but the opening of Supermarket has made Zurich-West one of the go-to places for thriving nightlife in modern times. It’s a mix of underground club with stone masonry and concrete floors, and modern electronica with local and international DJ’s using cutting-edge equipment.

Entry is restricted to 21 years old and above.

Geroldstrasse 17, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland.

+41 44 440 20 05

Club Bellevue

Another popular house and techno club is Club Bellevue. It’s located right at the Zurich Bellevue, hosting concerts and events on the weekdays, and pure music and dancing on the weekends. While there are no strict age restrictions, the general rule is 25 years old as Club Bellevue describes itself as an adult club.

It’s a good place for both meeting new people or dancing the night away, with a good music program updated on its website. The psychedelic LED lights and their retro-disco touch are a plus.

All things considered, there is no dress code here, so come as glamorous or casual as you want.

Rämistrasse 6, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland.

+41 44 251 33 41

Alice Choo

Alice Choo is one of the trendier clubs located in the posh Kreis 5 district of Zurich-West. Apparent from its name, Alice Choo is a cross between Western flair with Eastern influences. The club features international acts, accessible via membership, door charge, or lounge packages.

It brings in the Ibiza vibe with exotic performers and decadent interiors. Alice Choo has a restaurant that serves pan-Asian dishes by New Zealand chef, Nathan Dallimore.

Alice Choo is where you’ll find glamazons and high fashion whiling the night away in a luxury and VIP setting. There is a 25-year-old age restriction for men, and they offer limousine services for those who want to avoid the walk of shame.

Limmatstrasse 275, Zurich 8005, Switzerland.
+41 44 448 11 11


Aura is an up-market venue with a Michelin-star restaurant, a smoker’s (read: cigars) and bar lounge, and a club, directly on Pardeplatz square. It is located at the former Swiss stock exchange, and because of both its location and its high-end sophistication, attracts party-goers and loungers a bit on the older side than most of the other clubs.

This doesn’t undermine the energy and music in its club, though. The Aura Club is used for big high-end events, but also transform into happening dance parties every Saturday night. The clubs feature concerts and acts, and also offers free entrances on some nights.

Bleicherweg 5, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland.

+41 44 448 11 44

Club Zukunft

Another underground with a hidden entrance is Die Zukunft. It’s relatively small and located at a Langstrasse district basement. The vibe and the music at Zukunft are a little bit more eclectic – electro, house, and crossover with a funky twist. The same can be said for the people who party until dawn in this club – a bit more eclectic, a bit more expressive, and a lot more into the party and dance scene.

There is no door charge every Wednesday and Thursday.

Dienerstrasse 33, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

Club Hiltl

Club Hiltl opens its doors come 11PM from Friday to Sunday when the legendary Haus Hiltl vegetarian restaurant finishes its dinner and bar service. The club sees more yuppies in its space who dance to the best R&B, hip hop, house, mashup, EDM, and party music.

Club Hiltl is also somewhat on the environment-friendly side, banning all kinds of fur (including clothes) from entering the club. Unlike other clubs, Club Hiltl doesn’t offer event spaces – it has established itself in the Zurich nightlife scene, and has attracted a healthy mix of young and old clubbers.

The age restriction for the club is 21, but lowers to 18 every Sunday.

St. Annagasse 16, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland.

+41 44 227 70 25

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