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Best Places To Live In Norway

Norway is known for its incredible natural beauty and its flowing fjords framed by sheer snow-capped mountains and luscious greenery truly are a sight to behold. What’s more, Norway is one of the few places you can witness the spectacle that is the northern lights in its true glory. With excellent fishing and hiking opportunities […]

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best time northern lights norway

Best Time To See Northern Lights In Norway

Aurora Borealis is one of the most famous natural phenomena in the world and a great reason to visit Scandinavia in the winter. Even people who hate the cold won’t hesitate to travel to Norway in January, just to catch a glimpse of the spectacular dancing lights. What exactly is the Aurora Borealis, when and […]

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What Is Oslo Famous For?

Oslo’s location couldn’t be more picturesque – it’s located at the top of a fjord and flanked by vibrant blue waters on one side and by luscious green forest on the other. It’s the capital city of Norway, which is consistently rated as having the best quality of life of all countries around the world. […]

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