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GigSky Review: Best Choice For eSim?

If you travel a lot, you have probably heard how using an eSim can bring your data roaming costs way down. Not only that, eSims make life much more convenient than buying a new local sim card for every destination country you end up in.

While getting an eSim makes a lot of sense for anyone who travels, you still need to pick a provider. Heard of GigSky? Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t, but they are an eSim provider that is worth considering.

Join me in this detailed review of Gigsky as I cover everything you need to know about Gigsky and its eSim options so you can decide whether they are the right eSim provider for you.

What Is GigSky & How Does It Work?

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GigSky is a provider of eSim services that can give you a data connection in over 190 countries around the world.

If you know what an eSim is, this statement will make a lot of sense, but I’m betting most of you need some more details as eSims are quite new. What is an eSim?

An eSim is an embedded sim card that is built into most new smartphones. You can then apply an eSim contract from an eSim provider to your eSim. This means you do not have to buy a local sim card for every new country you go to, instead you simply apply a contract to your eSim.

This means you do not have to queue for a local sim card, swap sim cards, learn a new top-up process, etc. All you have to do is buy your Gigsky eSim through the Gigsky app and then activate it.

Now that we know how eSims work, how does Gigsky manage to provide a data connection in so many countries? GigSky partners with local network data providers in each country and buys a certain amount of bandwidth which they then resell to their eSim customers.

Networks Used by GigSky for Their eSim

GigSky partners with a local network provider in each of the 180-plus countries they offer their eSim services in. Every local network has a strong and reliable 4G connection that you, through your GigSky eSim also get to use.

GigSky will use a different local data network provider in each country they operate in and therefore finding out each one is not possible. Rest assured, you will have access to a reliable network connection through Gigsky.

GigSky Plan Offers

There is a range of GigSky eSim data plans that you can buy through the App. You can buy an eSim for either a local country, called a local eSim, or a continent called a regional eSim.

GigSky covers more than 180 countries across their eSims but they do not offer many local eSims at all. For example, if you would like an eSim for the UK, you would have to buy the Europe eSim, as a local eSim for the UK is not available.

But, if you want an eSim for Australia, you can choose from an Australia eSim or an Asia-Pacific eSim.

GigSky data plans also vary by GB and term. You can pick from 1, 5, 10, and 50 GB for 7, 15, 30, and 90 days. The prices go up with the data you require and the longer the contract.

An unlimited data plan is not an available Gigsky service and Gigsky is more expensive per GB than most other eSim providers too.

How to Buy Gigsky For Your Travel Destination

Get GigSky

To buy a GigSky eSim, first, download the app onto your smartphone and then create an account by adding your name, email, etc.

Once you have done this, follow the steps below to buy your GigSky eSim.

  • Open the app and log in
  • You will see a map and a search bar
  • Type in your destination country in the search bar
  • Pick the data plan that matches your needs and trip best
  • Click on buy
  • Add your card details
  • Buy the eSim data plan
  • Receive confirmation of purchase through the app and a QR Code

How to Setup & Activate Your GigSky eSim

Now that you have bought your Gigsky eSim, it is time to learn how to use Gigsky on your iPhone or Android.

On an iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Open your Camera and scan the QR code you received
  • Tap continue when you are prompted from the QR Code with “Cellular Plan Detected”
  • Tap “Add Cellular Plan” and your eSim should have been installed on your iPhone
  • Go to APN (Access Point Name) is set to GigSky

On any Android phone, do the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Mobile Network
  • Tap on Add Carrier
  • Scan the QR Code to download and install the eSim
  • Go to APN (Access Point Name) is set to GigSky

As you can see, downloading, installing, and activating a GigSky eSim is pretty quick and simple.

Advantages of Using GigSky

  • Cheaper than data roaming charges on your home sim card
  • Easier and faster than buying local sim cards
  • Reliable data connection in over 180 countries
  • Pick from local and regional eSim plans
  • Very easy to purchase, install, and activate
  • Easily stay connected in multiple countries
  • Match your plan to your data usage and trip length
  • Use your home sim card for calls and SMSs
  • Be online instantly when you arrive at your destination

Disadvantages of Using GigSky

While GigSky offers a reliable data connection in a lot of countries, it does have quite a few disadvantages compared to other eSim providers.

Firstly, Gigsky’s prices are very high per GB across each data plan when compared to other eSim providers. Also, Gigsky does not offer any unlimited data plans either.

It would also be way more affordable to buy a local sim card in your destination that using a GigSky eSim.

Another issue with the GigSky data plan service is the limited number of local eSim options. For most countries in the world, you will have to buy a regional plan for data coverage, which is more expensive.

GigSky customer service is also terrible. There have even been reports of people not being able to get their eSim to work and then not being able to get any support whatsoever. This is actually not surprising as their website is like a cryptic maze without much information.

Is Gigsky Worth It?

GigSky homepage

Is Gigsky worth it, I would say no, there are much better eSim providers out there that offer better services in every way compared to Gigsky.

You will find more affordable data plans, more data plans for each country, unlimited data plans, data plans without expiration, and global eSims for international travel with Gigsky competitors.

Also, other eSim companies also offer excellent customer service so you can always guarantee that you have help when your eSim stops working.

GigSky Alternatives

There are lots of GigSky alternatives you can use in order to have mobile internet all over the world. I have included my top 3 here but there are a lot more to choose from also, check this article out.

Airalo is world-renowned as one of the best and most affordable eSim providers. They offer mobile data plans for over 200 countries that are both affordable and reliable. You can also buy a global eSim for 84 countries.

Holafly is the best eSim provider if you are looking for unlimited data while you travel the world. They are very affordable, and reliable, and offer eSims for regions and close to 200 countries around the world.

BNESIM is another great eSim provider that has services in over 200 countries. My favorite thing about BNESIM is that they offer daily, monthly, and one-off contracts – the one-off contracts do not expire so you can use all the data at your own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gigsky safe?

Yes, GigSky is safe. All your personal information as well as your payment information and info sent while using a GigSky eSim is also safe.

Can I make calls with GigSky?

You can make calls with Gigsky but only over mobile data. This means you can use apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, etc to make phone calls over the internet but can not make a traditional phone call.

How do I remove GigSky from my iPhone/iPad?

Removing GigSky from your iPhone/iPad is very easy, just follow these steps:

  • Browse to Settings, then Cellular Data, then Manage GigSky Account
  • Click on Remove Plan at the bottom
  • Confirm by tapping remove again
  • Your GigSky eSim will be gone

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