Last Updated: April 29, 2020

Mavic Air Asteroid & Boomerang Modes – Everything You Need To Know

The Mavic Air comes with some revolutionary Quick Shot modes that DJI has never before released on one of their drones. They are the Asteroid and Boomerang modes.

These modes enable you to take some spectacular shots without the need for difficult to learn drone piloting skills. And in the case of the Asteroid, shots that no one has seen before online!

Mavic Air Asteroid Mode

Below is a quick look at what you get with the Mavic Air Asteroid mode. It is basically a kind of Rocket (straight up and away) with a stitched view of your surroundings that shows you and the earth in a kind of 3D-like globe.

Yes, it’s hard to describe, so just take a quick look at the video below…

Like all Quickshot modes on the Mavics, this is pretty easy to get going.

All you have to do is:

1. Fly the drone so that it is in front of, and facing you (at least 6 ft / 2m away). Preferably at or just above eye-level.

2. Open the Intelligent Flight mode menu

How To Enter Mavic Pro Intelligent Flight Modes

3. Choose Quickshot modes

mavic air quickshot


4. Choose Asteroid (right at the end)

Mavic Air Asteroid Quickshot choice

5. The drone will now highlight any people it sees with a green dot. You can choose one by tapping on it, this will start the Asteroid mode. Or, you can highlight yourself with a  square (you draw around yourself on the screen) and then hit GO.

6. The drone will now take off and once it hits a certain height, spend a few minutes (so be patient and don’t touch the screen) taking various shots and angles to get the complete Asteroid view.

7. Once it is finished, it will return to the starting point (where you first activated the mode).

Tip: Usually the video is not possible to see on the controller itself, so get the SD card out at home and you should be able to download and see the final product.

Mavic Air Boomerang Mode

Boomerang Mode is another of the cool new Quickshot modes that DJI have added to the Mavic Air. It gives you a 360 degree view but with an accelerated curve, just like a boomerang.

The drone starts out close to you, circling, shooting further away, slowing at the other end,  then coming back in close at it completes the 360 degree view.

You can start this mode in a very similar way to the Asteroid above. Follow steps 1 through 4 above, choosing Boomerang instead of Asteroid from the Quickshots.

You can see a quick sample below (not the most stunning video, I know, but it gives you a quick clear view of how it looks without annoying dance tracks :> ):

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