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Songkran Bangkok – Thai New Year

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Songkran Bangkok and Thai New Year, When looking for a good place to travel to on vacation or business, a lot of people like to choose a place that is fun and one that has numerous activities they can take part in. This is because one needs to know that the money they spend on the vacation has been put to good use. This is why it is very advisable to visit Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. This is a place that will not disappoint you in any way. The people in Bangkok take traditions and cultural activities very seriously. These activities can be quite enjoyable and are loved by so many people in the world. One of the most enjoyed festivals in Bangkok is the Songkran in Bangkok. This is a water festival in Thailand.

Songkran festival is held as a way of celebrating Thai New Year. It is held in the month of April mostly from the 13th to the 15th day. However, other parts of Thailand extend this festival for an entire week. The water fighting is a way of marking this festival. People engage in water fights as a sign of washing away all the bad luck that may have been there in the previous year. The people in Bangkok believe that washing the bad luck off gives the good luck a chance to prevail. This is a very fun festival since anyone can take part in it whether they are Thai citizens or not.

When you visit Bangkok for the water festival, it is very important to prepare yourself beforehand as the streets are filled with people water fighting each other. The water fight is most probably going to be held at Khao San Road, Central World, Silom Road, and RCA. It is therefore advisable to carry as many buckets as you can so that you can join in the fun of this great and fun festival. It is very important to plan beforehand for this festival because it only happens once a year. A lot of people miss out on the fun because they arrive there late or do not carry all the necessary items. You need to make sure you book your tickets and get on your flight in time in order to arrive in Bangkok early. This is important because it enables you to enjoy every single day of the festival which is very important because all three days are very fun.

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If you intend to take pictures or videos of this water festival, it is very important to ensure the gadgets you intend to use are waterproof. This is because the water used to soak you is too much it can damage your device. This is important because it ensures nothing ruins your day.

In general, Songkran in Bangkok should be a lot more fun than the previous years because the more people get aware of the festival, the more fun it gets since many people get involved. Make sure you do not miss out on the fun.

So plan ahead for Songkran by booking your accommodation early. Where you book your accommodation depends on where you plan to celebrate this festival. However, you can choose to stay in Bangkok as it is centrally situated where you can access key celebration centers.

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