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Best Souvenirs From Hawaii

Want to take home some Hawaiian souvenirs? You’re certainly in the right place then because this guide to the best souvenirs from Hawaii will tell you exactly what (not) to bring back home!

From staples like Hawaiian shirts to less obvious solutions like jewelry, this detailed guide includes all the epic Hawaii souvenirs that will remind you of your travels through the island state. Read on to see all the best Hawaiian souvenirs to take back home and start making space from them in your luggage!

Kona Coffee

Kona Coffee

For me, Kona coffee is something that I knew about Hawaii before I visited.

Kona coffee is probably the best souvenir from Hawaii you can take home, especially if you enjoy drinking coffee. It’s cultivated in the Kona District of the Big Island of Hawaii, and only coffee that is from this district can be called “Kona coffee”. It’s also one of the most expensive kinds of coffee in the world with an average price of $20-30/pound.

Because of the price and rarity of Kona Coffee, a lot of shops also sell various Kona blends at more affordable prices. True connoisseurs should look for pure roasts to get a proper taste of Hawaii’s delicious beans, which are praised all over the planet for an exciting full-bodied flavor and enjoyable aroma. Definitely grab a few bags on your next Hawaiian vacation.

Aloha Shirts

Aloha Shirts

What’s more Hawaiian than an Aloha shirts? It’s such an iconic symbol of the relaxed island life in the state that it’s more commonly known as the Hawaiian shirt. It’s one of the best – and cheesiest – souvenirs from Hawaii, and the best thing is that you can find a Aloha shirt anywhere.

Whether you’re browsing a local Hawaiian souvenirs shop or buying groceries at Walmart, you’ll notice that Hawaiian shirts are everywhere, and that’s virtually impossible not to purchase at least one to wear while you’re there.

Fruit Jams

Lilikoi Jam

Fruit jams – and fruit in general – are very popular in Hawaii. As you can imagine, tropical fruits grow extremely well in Hawaii, and jams are made from everything ranging from lilikoi (passion fruit) to guava. If you enjoy sweet fruit spreads for breakfast, definitely pick up a few jars of Hawaiian fruit jams to bring back home as Hawaiian gifts.

It’s worth noting that you can find these fruit jams all over the US, and you can have them shipped to your home address from stores like Amazon, so there’s nothing to worry about if you end up loving the jam and wanting more of it!

Kauai Kookies

Kauai Kookies

Kauai Kookies is one of the most trusted and recognizable brands in Hawaii. It was established back in 1965 by Mabel Hashisaka, who started baking cookies just because she wanted a delicious, island-style desert she could serve at the family business.

Today, the brand makes more than 50,000 cookies daily, in more delicious flavors than we could count. The cookies are also sold in various packaging, and you’ll have plenty of options whether you’re looking to get a small box or an assortment of different flavors.

Kauai Kookie stores are only on the island of Kauai, but it’s possible to buy the sweet delicacies in most stores on the islands. You can even order a batch online and have it shipped to your home address (US addresses only), which is a useful piece of information to have in case you decide you can’t live without the Hawaiian Kookies.

Hawaiian Honey

Hawaiian Honey

The lush vegetation of the Hawaiian islands is the perfect setting for flowers and bees to thrive. As you can imagine, a lot of honey gets made in the state, including some of the rarest types of honey in the world.

Hawaiian honey is characteristic for its tropical flavor, with Kiawe Honey and Lehua Honey being the two most popular sorts of honey on the islands. The former is also the rarest type of honey, so definitely pick up a jar of that if you can find it.

The good news is that you can purchase Hawaiian honey online as well if you can’t find your favorite kind while you’re in the state. You can even get it on Amazon, so don’t stress too much if you didn’t remember to pick up a jar of delicious, tropical-tasting honey as one of your Hawaii souvenirs!

Hawaiian Quilt

Hawaiian Quilting

Hawaiian quilts are characteristic for their radially symmetric patterns and they’re adorable, useful and unique Hawaiian souvenirs to bring home. The motifs on the quilts are often botanical designs in bright and bold colors with a white background that really makes them pop.

You can find quilts in shops all over the islands – they’re sold pretty much everywhere, from Walmart to Hawaiian souvenir shops. The best selection of Hawaiian quilts can be found in specialized quilt shops like the Hawaiian Quilt Collection in Honolulu.

It’s also worth noting that a lot of quilt shops will ship their products across the US (and sometimes even internationally), so if you can’t find a nice quilt to buy while you’re in Hawaii, you can always order when online when you get back home.



Ukulele is a popular instrument in Hawaii, often used in Hawaiian music that is characteristic of the island state. Funnily enough, they didn’t actually originate there – the ukulele is an instrument from the lute family, which was introduced to the islands by Portuguese immigrants in the late 19th century.

If you have the extra space in your luggage, the ukulele is an awesome Hawaiian souvenir to take home. Especially if you enjoy playing instruments – you could even try to learn some songs, and you’ll always have a way to evoke some memories from your trip to Hawaii.

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Nuts

Unless you have a nut allergy, macadamia nuts are a great Hawaiian souvenir from Hawaii to take back home. Hawaii is one of the largest producers of macadamia nuts in the world, and the state was even the first place where wide-scale commercial production of the nut began.

Macadamia nuts are delicious, extremely healthy, and they’re so ubiquitous in Hawaii that it’s impossible not to purchase at least one bag. You can find them everywhere, from souvenir shops to large supermarkets, so you can get them pretty much anywhere in the state.

We’d recommend trying macadamia nuts covered in chocolate since they’re absolutely delicious and perfect for chocolate lovers. Put one on the list of your Hawaii souvenirs

Hula Girl

Hula Girl

Hula girls are the perfect little souvenir to get if you want a constant reminder that you need to return to Hawaii soon. The iconic figurines usually depict a fair-skinned Hawaiian woman, wearing a traditional Hawaiian skirt and a lei necklace. She’s usually playing the ukulele as well, so she’ll be able to remind you of all the things you loved about your trip to the state.

Pick up one of those Hawaiian souvenirs that sit on the dashboard of your car, and you’ll be able to take a little piece of Hawaii with you where you go.

Lei Necklace

Lei Necklace

Lei necklaces are given to all tourists who come to Hawaii, as a sign of hospitality. They’re an iconic symbol of the state, and that’s exactly why a beautiful lei necklace is one of the best Hawaiian souvenirs to look for in Hawaii.

You can even find fresh flower leis at the airport. They’re sold packaged in plastic so they don’t get crushed during transport, but they’re still not the most convenient souvenir option since they will only last a few days, and that’s if you take really good care of them.

Get yourself a lei necklace made from fake flowers, if you want a Hawaiian souvenir that will last. It’s not quite as pretty as a fresh flower one, but at least you won’t have to throw it out after just a couple of days.

Hawaiian Jewelry

Hawaiian Jewelry

Jewelry always makes a great souvenir since you’re buying something that you can actually use. Hawaiian jewelry is special because it’s usually made with pearls that are found in the waters of the various islands.

That’s also an easy way to tell whether you’re shopping for authentic Hawaiian jewelry – ask which islands the pearls are from, and if you can’t get a straight answer out of the seller, it’s likely not the real thing.

If you’re not a fan of pearls (I know I’m not), look for jewelry inspired by some traditional Hawaiian motifs like flip flops, sea turtles, flowers, and palm trees. You can find these all over the islands, but head to local jewelry stores for the best selection of Hawaiian-inspired jewelry.

Pineapple Wine

Pineapple is a symbol of Hawaii, even though the fruit is not native to the islands. It’s believed that it was brought to the state sometime in the late 18th-century, and the rest is pretty much history. Nowadays, pineapples are indistinguishable from Hawaiian culture, and pineapple wine is one of the best ways to indulge in this symbolic fruit.

Maui Wines is one of the top producers of pineapple wine in Hawaii, so if you want top-notch quality wine, they’re your best bet. Book a wine tasting and tour the distillery for the best experience, or just grab a bottle of Hawaii’s finest at one of the local stores.

It’s also possible to purchase pineapple wine online and have it shipped to your home, which is a great alternative if you don’t have the space in your luggage to carry the bottle back home.

Koa Wood Souvenirs

Koa Wood Watch

Koa wood is endemic to the Hawaiian islands, and it’s actually the second most common tree in the state. The largest populations of Koa wood are found in O’ahu, Maui, and Hawai’i, and that’s also where you have the best shot at finding the most amazing Koa wood souvenirs.

Koa wood souvenirs can be found anywhere on the islands, but it’s best to check out the smaller local shops first. Support the local artists and get yourself a unique souvenir that will forever remind you of the amazing time you had in the Hawaiian islands.

Hawaiian Sea Salt

Hawaiian Red Salt

Hawaiian sea salt – also known as alaea salt – is a type of sea salt mixed with volcanic clay that’s full of iron oxide, which is what gives the salt its characteristic red color. The salt is often used in traditional Hawaiian dishes, and it’s even popular in fusion cuisine beyond the islands.

You can buy alaea salt anywhere in Hawaii, and you can even order packs of it from Amazon. Grab a smaller pack of red salt as a souvenir to take home, and use it instead of regular salt to add a little taste of Hawaii to your every dish.

Hawaiian Rum

Although rum is more associated with the Caribbean rather than the Hawaiian islands, the beverage is still very popular in the state. A lot of Hawaiian cocktails are made with locally produced rum, and if you got a chance to taste it and you liked it, why not bring a bottle of its back home?

You’ll find a great selection of locally-produced rum in larger stores, like ABC stores, across all islands, and you can even find it in other parts of the world. Koloa Rum is one of the larger distilleries in Hawaii, and their rum is sold all over the US, even online. In case you can’t fit a bottle of rum in your suitcase, you can always have it shipped to your home!

Worst Souvenir From Hawaii: Sand/Lava Rocks

Hawaii Sand Rocks

I’ve told you all about the best souvenirs from Hawaii, now it’s time to mention the worst one. It might seem like a good idea to pick up a lava rock or pack some sand to take back home, but if you do that you risk incurring the wrath of Pele – the goddess of fire and volcanos, who is believed to have created the Hawaiian islands.

Legend has it that anyone who takes something that is natively Hawaiian (sand, rocks, and pumice) will suffer the Curse of Pele, and that bad luck will follow them wherever they go until the taken items are returned to the islands.

Although it’s mostly a local superstition, it’s generally in your best interest to respect the wishes of the natives. It’s also worth noting that it’s illegal to remove minerals from national parks in the US.

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