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Why Is Tumi So Expensive? (Is It Worth Buying?)

You might have heard of Tumi luggage, you might have not. Tumi luggage is slowly making a name for itself as some of the best luggage in the world, but it is also some of the most expensive luggage in the world too.

So, why is Tumi so expensive? That is what we are here to find out and will proceed to look at all the details from material quality to branding, warranty, testing, durability, and lots more.

The idea is that by the end of the article, you will not only know why Tumi bags are so expensive but also whether it is worth owning some Tumi luggage or not.

Why Is Tumi Expensive?

TUMI - Alpha Worldwide Trip Expandable 4-Wheeled Packing Case - Large Suitcase with Top and Side-Grab Handles - Black

There are lots of reasons that make Tumi luggage so expensive, not just one. Tumi has not just made a cheap product and made it expensive, the money actually goes somewhere while the company also turns a profit.

Luxury Brand

Tumi is one of the top luxury brands in the luggage world and being a luxury luggage brand means that Tumi bags, Tumi Backpacks, and Tumi suitcases are all highly desirable items that cost more than most.

The whole idea of a luxury brand is to be expensive, top quality, have great looks, and only be available to a few. This is why Tumi products cost a lot more than most and is in large part how they are making a name for themselves, they are just like the Louis Vuitton of handbags, for example.

Premium Quality Materials

A large part of the reason that makes Tumi luggage so expensive is that every Tumi bag, Tumi suitcase, and Tumi backpack is made from top-quality materials.

Tumi uses materials like ultra-durable FXT Ballistic nylon in their soft-sided suitcases, aluminum in others, and even Tumi SRPP BALLISTIC in their Tumi Latitude luggage, their most durable and lightweight yet.

Tumi takes the use of top-quality materials so far that they have even secured the license to be the only luggage company on the planet to use a special material called Tegris. Tegris is a special thermoplastic composite and it is built to survive a lot of abuse, which is why Tumi use it in their Tegra-Lite luggage.

What do you get when you use such fantastic and durable materials? Fantastic and ultra-durable luggage that is built to survive and does so much better than all its competitors.

It feels pretty awesome checking in a bag made from durable materials knowing that no matter what the baggage handlers or airlines throw at it, the bag’s durability will prevail. That is Tumi, so no wonder it’s expensive.

Innovative Features

TUMI - Merge Continental Front Lid 4 Wheeled Carry-On Luggage - 22 Inch Rolling Suitcase for Men and Women - Navy/Black

Today, Tumi has more than 125 patents, and all of these are featured in Tumi bags. Clever additions such as an RFID blocking pocket to protect sensitive data, the ability to add bags to bags, or simply make the life of zippers longer.

No matter what Tumi product you buy, you can be certain that every single part of that bag has been thought about and designed to make your life a little easier in some way.

Extensive Product Testing

Every Tumi bag, Tumi backpack, and Tumi Suitcase, in fact, all Tumi products go through intense testing before they are allowed to leave Tumi and make their way to a customer.

This ensures that anyone who buys Tumi bags ends up with a bag they can rely on. Each product has to pass 30 different tests in order to pass and end up available to customers.

The tests include strength, durability, abrasion, ease of use, and lots more. This extensive amount of testing ensures that every Tumi bag is of top quality but it also adds to the cost of every product, making them more expensive.

Product Warranty

Tumi warranty actually has a lot to be desired considering the price of their baggage. Once upon a time they used to offer a lifetime warranty but those days are over.

Today, your Tumi warranty is not a lifetime warranty, it is a 5-year warranty that changes with time. In year one, if anything happens to your Tumi suitcase (for example), they will repair or replace it under warranty.

From years 2 to 5, their warranties do not cover anything but defects due to materials or craftsmanship, therefore if your Tumi suitcase is damaged on a flight it will not be covered.

Also, you will need to prove that you own your Tumi product to claim the warranty so do not lose the receipt.

Excellent Customer Service

You do not hear of many luggage brands having excellent after-sales customer service. Well, Tumi does and this adds quite a bit to their annual costs as a business and is another reason why their products are so expensive.

Tumi has a 24/7 after-sales customer service team that is available on the phone, through WhatsApp, email, and online chat.

They are there to help you with your purchase no matter whether you are asking about warranty or repairs, or just want to know more about the product you have purchased.

Great Company Environment

TUMI - Alpha Continental Expandable 4-Wheeled Carry-On - Roller Bag for Extended Trips or Weekend Getaways - Carry-On Luggage with 4 Spinner Wheels - Travel Suitcase for Men & Women - Black

Tumi also ensures that its employees are happy and they do so by paying them well, providing them with paid vacations, paid sick days, and an epic working environment.

Tumi does not want any of their employees to get bored or depressed and this requires an investment into their workplace, which adds costs to their products in the end.

Gives Back to Community

Tumi doesn’t just look after its employees and its customers, it also cares about society and the environment. The company is actively trying to use more sustainable materials and sustainable practices to help the environment when making them.

The company also raises money for great causes and even makes suitcases for those in need. While this does help the world (and with marketing) it also adds to their costs and is another reason why Tumi is so expensive.

Are Tumi Bags Worth It?

Tumi bags are worth it for their durability, their epic features, and the fact that they make their owners’ life a lot easier, more comfortable, or safer.

TUMI - Tegra Lite Extended Trip Expandable 4 Wheeled Packing Case - Graphite

Whether you are buying Tumi backpacks, Tumi suitcases, Tumi wallets, or any luggage/accessories Tumi makes, when you see the price you are going to ask, is it really worth it?

The most affordable Tumi backpacks are close to $500 the cheapest Tumi wallets are around $150, so are they worth it?

Let’s start with what we like about Tumi’s products. Tumi uses high-quality materials and workmanship to ensure durability, and they test the hell out of each of their products. When you buy Tumi bags, you are certainly getting a bag that lasts.

Every Tumi product is also designed for a reason, it has a purpose and every part of it is thought through to the end. It will be something that makes your life a little easier each day, plus you get excellent support after you have bought the product too.

Tumi is also a great company to support as it does a lot for its employees, ensures all its manufacturing and materials are fair trade, helps the environment, and supports good causes.

Overall, if you can afford a Tumi bag or other Tumi product then yes it is probably worth it. But, let me ask you this – when the warranty doesn’t cover damage anymore in year 2 and your beloved Tumi bag comes back destroyed from a flight, how are you going to feel then?

You might have spent $1000 on this bag and after someone else damages it, while it was doing what Tumi built it to do, Tumi is going to put their hands up and say “sorry, nothing to do with us anymore.”

It is the terrible warranty that comes with the super expensive bags that makes me say no to Tumi.
Other brands such as Briggs & Riley make just as good suitcases for similar prices and they will replace or repair the bag forever no matter what.

They will even fix your bag for free if you are not the original owner, that is the kind of warranty that should come with this kind of expensive luggage.

Comparison with Other Luggage Brands

TUMI - 19 Degree Extended Trip Expandable 4-Wheeled Packing Case - Hard Side Suitcase with Spinner Wheels - Spacious International Travel Luggage with Secure Storage - Black

Samsonite vs Tumi

Tumi is a lot more expensive than Samsonite when it comes to luggage and they offer worse warranties – go figure! Samsonite is renowned for its durable luggage that is dependable and they hold a large part of the business luggage market.

Their suitcases come in a large range and they are quite famous for their tough but light-hard suitcases, which are both more affordable and lighter than Tumis.

Overall, Samsonite offers better value for money than Tumi. Their luggage is more affordable and just as durable, and they offer better warranties. You just won’t be getting the recognition that comes with owning a Tumi bag.

Rimowa vs Tumi

Rimowa and Tumi are incredibly similar luxury brands as they pretty much do everything the same, just a little differently.

Tumi specializes in hard cases, soft cases, backpacks, and lots more while Rimowa focuses only on hard-sided luggage.

Both companies use top quality but different materials from one another to create super durable and long-lasting luggage that people who travel often love.

Both of these luggage brands are super expensive with all their luggage ranging from $400 to $1000+, and their warranties are both appalling compared to this. They only offer to cover any manufacturing defects for 5 years, while other brands like Osprey and Patagonia go way beyond this.

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