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Best Osprey Backpacks For Women

best osprey backpack women

Women have very different bodies from men, and obviously most men’s backpacks won’t fit them properly. The same goes for unisex packs – do you really expect a single backpack to fit both a 6’4 man and a 5’4 women perfectly?

So, if you’re tired of ‘unisex’ backpacks that never seem to fit right, it’s time you get yourself one specifically designed for a women’s body. And what better brand to get than the backpack champion Osprey?

There are about six different types of backpacks in this review – hiking, biking, snowboarding, backpacking, travel and everyday packs. If you have specific category in mind, feel free to skip to it via the quick navigation here. If you’re just browsing, check them all out – you never know what you’ll simply fall in love with. 

In this section we'll check out some of Osprey's best selling hiking backpacks for women. Both of these packs are high quality and women from all over the world love them. We'll also see quite a few different sizes of packs, so whether you're looking for a small or a large one, I've got you covered. :>

Osprey Tempest

The Tempest is a women's version of the Talon backpack. They have a lot of same features, only the Tempest is slightly smaller and fits a female body better. It is currently available in four different sizes, and you can check out their specs right here: 

Osprey Packs Tempest 9 Women's Hiking Backpack, Mystic Magenta, Ws/M, Small/Medium
Osprey Packs Tempest 20 Women's Hiking Backpack, Iris Blue, Ws/M, Small/Medium
Osprey Packs Tempest 30 Women's Hiking Backpack, Iris Blue, Wxs/S, X-Small/Small
Osprey Packs Tempest 40 Women's Hiking Backpack, Black, Wxs/S, X-Small/Small


18 x 9 x 8 inches

17 x 11 x 11 inches

22 x 11 x 11 inches

25 x 12 x 12 inches


1.36 lbs

1.64 lbs

1.90 lbs

2.38 lbs


9 liters

20 liters

30 liters

40 liters

 Load Range

10-20 lbs

10-20 lbs

20-30 lbs

25-40 lbs

Naturally, the smaller packs are better for shorter hikes, while the larger two backpacks are great for some longer hikes. Choose a size that is going to fit your needs best - don't get a 9-liter backpack if you tend to go on some really long hikes. And you can also choose between the four colors that you see in the table - I especially like the turquoise one.

But the features are much more important than the colors, so let's talk about those. All four backpacks have a Biostretch harness, along with an AirScape mesh backpanel. That means that the pack is able to breathe, and it won't retain any odors or fluids. Additionally, the harness and the backpanel are padded throughout, and you should be comfortable enough while you're carrying it. 

In terms of other features, here's what all four Tempest packs have in common: 

  • Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole attachment
  • External hydration sleeve (compatible with Osprey Hydraulics)
  • Side stretch mesh pockets
  • Compression straps
  • Hipbelt pockets

The 20, 30 and 40 liter packs also have a completely adjustable harness, along with dual and single ice axe loops. And even though the smallest Tempest doesn't have this feature, there is something unique about it - the elastic bungee cords that allow you to quickly stash a spare layer of clothing. There's also the LidLock bike helmet attachment, but it's not unique to the smallest pack - we also see that feature in the 20-liter Tempest. 

Anyway, you can check out all four backpacks on Amazon. You can read about their features in a little bit more detail there, and check out their prices and what people are saying about them. Or rather how much they are praising these packs. 

Osprey Kyte

The Kyte backpack is another very popular women's bag for hiking. It is the female version of the Kestrel, but with one big difference - the Kyte is available in only three sizes, as opposed to Kestrel's six. Take a look at the sizes of the packs and some of their other specifications in this table:

*Note: You can get the Kyte in two different sizes - XS/S and S/M. The two different weights and capacities refer to the different sizes of each pack. 

Osprey Packs Women's Kyte 36 Backpack
Osprey Packs Women's Kyte 46 Backpack, Purple Calla, X-Small/Small
Osprey Kyte 66 Womens Hiking Backpack One Size Grey Orchid


27 x 12 x 12 inches

28 x 14 x 14 inches

29 x 16 x 16 inches


3.09/3.20 lbs

3.42/3.55 lbs

3.73/3.90 lbs


34/46 liters

44/46 liters

64/66 liters

 Load Range

25-40 lbs

25-40 lbs

30-50 lbs

Coincidentally, it is also available in only three colors. But that's the least important fact about these packs. It is much more important to know that the packs feature a LightWire frame, which transfers the load of the pack from the harness to the hipbelt. That in turn means that the load should be evenly distributed across your entire torso, so that your shoulders are not carrying the entire weight of the pack. So, be sure to use the hipbelt and sternum strap properly!

You also need to know that the entire backpanel and harness are fully padded, which will ensure your carrying comfort. And the AirScape backpanel will allow the pack to breathe, even when it gets really hot outside. Which will keep your back(pack) cool, dry and odorless. 

This is what all three of these packs have in common:

  • External hydration sleeve
  • Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole attachment points
  • Tool attachment points
  • Compression straps
  • Removable and integrated raincover
  • Removable sleeping pad straps
  • Zippered hipbelt pockets

The 46 and 66 liter packs also have internal compression straps, which will further help secure the load of the pack. And they are especially useful when you only fill half of the pack, as they will ensure that your stuff won't get jumbled around. In addition to that, there is one more thing that is unique to the largest (Kyte 66) of these Ospreys - the top lid can be removed when you want to reduce the weight of the pack. 

You can find out a few more details about these packs on Amazon, as well as check out their prices. 

For Backpacking

Packs for backpacking are usually pretty unique. They have to be very sturdy and lightweight, because you're probably going to be carrying them for long periods of time. And, if a pack with more than 50 lbs of load is not well made, your back is going to suffer the consequences. 

I've picked out two of Osprey's best backpacks for this adventure - the Aura AG and the Xena. The first one is better for some shorter backpacking trips, while the Xena is more suitable for longer trips. That's because of their respective sizes and capacities, which you can read about in the following sections. 

Osprey Aura AG

The Aura backpack, which is the women's version of the Atmos, is a lightweight, high-capacity backpacking pack. It is great if you need a bag for a longer trip, since you can easily fit at least a week's worth of clothing inside these. But, you can see their specs for yourself below: 

Osprey Packs Pack Aura Ag 50 Backpack, Vestal Grey, Small
Osprey Packs Pack Aura Ag 65 Backpack,  Challenger Blue, Small


30 x 14 x 14 inches

31 x 15 x 16 inches


4.02/4.10/4.18 lbs

4.26/4.34/4.42 lbs


44/47/50 liters

60/62/65 liters

 Load Range

25-40 lbs

30-50 lbs

So you probably noticed that there are three different weights and capacities for each pack. And if you guessed that's because they come in three different sizes, you're right. You can get the Aura AG in XS, S and M, so be sure to choose the best one for your body. 

The thing I like the most about these packs is that they are almost exactly the same, feature-wise. The only thing that differs between the two is that the Aura 65 has two additional zippered pockets on its sides. Every other feature that I mention is found on both backpacks, so you don't have to sacrifice anything just because you need a smaller size. 

But first, let's talk about the harness and backpanel. The AG in the name of this Osprey stands for AntiGravity, and that refers to the entire AntiGravity suspension system. For one thing the Aura is equipped with LightWire peripheral frame, which helps transfer the load of the pack to the hipbelt. And that is one of the reasons why this pack makes 40 lbs seem light as a feather. 

Additionally, the harness, backpanel and hipbelt are all fully padded and ventilated. Your pack will feel comfortable, lightweight and it will be able to breathe, leaving you satisfied, and without a sweaty back. Here are the other features that you get on both packs:

  • Removable top pocket and integrated FlapJacket cover
  • Dual external compression straps
  • Internal compression straps
  •  Separate sleeping bag compartment and removable sleeping pad straps
  • Internal hydration sleeve
  • Dual ice tool loops
  • Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole attachment
  • Dual zippered pockets on the hipbelt and the top lid
  • Two stretch side pockets and a single front stretch pocket

Yeah, that's a lot of features. But we only expect the best from Osprey, and the Aura AG certainly lives up to those expectations. If you want to read about the features in a little more detail, head over to Amazon. You can also check out the prices there - they're not too attractive, but if you're in the mood to treat yourself definitely consider getting this pack.   

Osprey Xena

Both Xena packs have pretty large capacities, which makes them great for longer backpacking trips. If you're looking to spend a month in Europe this summer, look no further - these are the packs you should invest in. They come in sizes S and M and you can take a look at their general specs in this table:

Osprey Xena 85 Womens Hiking Backpack Small Crown Purple


33 x 15 x 16 inches

33 x 15 x 17 inches


5.15/5.26 lbs

5.21/5.32 lbs


66/70 liters

81/85 liters

 Load Range

40-70 lbs

40-70 lbs

The Xena packs are full of features, and I'll tell you what those are in a minute. First I have to tell you about their BioForm hipbelt - Osprey's best and most popular hipbelt ever. It is incredibly soft and comfortable, and it will help make the pack feel weightless on your shoulders. Additionally, these packs also have a LightWire peripheral frame, as well as a BioForm harness and an AirScape backpanel.

What all of that means is that the packs are padded with foam and have ventilated harnesses and backpanels. So, you should stay comfortable even after carrying one of these Ospreys for hours, and that is the most important thing. But be sure to use the hipbelt and sternum strap properly, as they are crucial to your comfort. They help distribute the load of the pack across your torso, so that you don't really feel like you are carrying 70 lbs on your back.

In terms of features, they are exactly the same on both packs. Both Xena backpacks are equipped with:

  • Easy access to the main compartment with dual side zips
  • Dual side compression straps
  • Two zippered front pockets for organization
  • Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole attachment points
  • Dedicated sleeping bag compartment and external sleeping bag straps
  • Front stretch pocket
  • Removable top lid with FlapJacket cover
  • External hydration sleeve
  • Ice axe loops
  • Two zippered hipbelt pockets

I can't think of anything else that you could possibly need in this type of backpack. That's why the Xena is one of the best Osprey packs ever, but sadly also one of the more expensive ones. However, I would say that it is totally worth your money, since this is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. In other words, if you get the Xena, you won't have to purchase another large capacity backpack ever again

For Travel

Travel backpacks are an adventurer's version of a good suitcase. And Osprey is their Samsonite. Because wheels don't really work on all surfaces, but backpacks do. That is why often, backpacks are great for carry on!

It's interesting that there is only one backpack specifically for women in this particular category. But, it is also one the best-selling Osprey's ever, which tells you a lot about how good it is. So, let's take a look at it.

Osprey Fairview

The Fairview is the women's version of the famous Farpoint, Osprey's most popular travel backpack. I'm not even kidding - the Farpoint and the Fairview, which have pretty much the same features, have over 1000 positive reviews on Amazon. And you can be sure that you'll love everything about this pack. You can check out the basic specs of the three sizes Fairview comes in right here:

Osprey Packs Fairview 40 Women's Travel Backpack, Misty Grey, Small/Medium
Osprey Packs Fairview 55 Women's Travel Backpack, Misty Grey, X-Small/Small
Osprey Packs Fairview 70 Women's Travel Backpack, Rainforest Green, Small/Medium


21 x 14 x 9 inches

25 x 13 x 12 inches

25 x 14 x 12 inches


3.09/3.16 lbs

3.07/3.20 lbs

3.78/3.87 lbs


38/40 liters

52/55 liters

67/70 liters

 Load Range

20-40 lbs

20-50 lbs

20-50 lbs

Laptop Sleeve Dimensions

13 x 10.5 x 1.5 inches

13 x 10.5 x 1.5 inches

14 x 11 x 1.5 inches

The smallest Fairview differs from the larger two in one big aspect - it doesn't have a removable daypack. With the larger two packs, their capacity is divided between the main body of the pack and the removable pack. In addition to that, the 55 and 70 liter Fairviews have a laptop sleeve that can fit a 15" laptop inside the daypack, while the Fairview 40 has this feature in its main compartment. 

About that daypack - it is a really convenient addition, as it means that you don't have to carry the entire backpack all the time. You can just detach it from the body of the Fairview, throw in what you need for the day and you're done. The capacity of the daypack is 13 liters - so, the Fairview 70 has a capacity of 57 liters plus a 13-liter daypack. The same goes for the 55-liter version (42+13). 

And even though the Fairview 40 doesn't have that convenient feature, there is something special about it - it conforms to most EU airlines' carry on dimensions, which means you should be able to bring it inside the cabin without an issue. Additionally, this pack also comes with a shoulder strap, which can't be said for the larger two packs. 

Now let's take a look at the features all three of these Ospreys share:

  • Stowaway harness, hipbelt and shoulder straps
  • Dual front compression straps
  • Lockable zipper pullers
  • Laptop and tablet sleeve
  • Scratch-free zippered pocket
  • Internal compression straps

Not too many features, but just enough for a travel backpack. Oh and I almost forgot to tell you about the backpanel and harness - they are fully padded and ventilated, in order to keep you comfortable throughout your adventures. The same goes for the adjustable hipbelt, which unfortunately doesn't feature any pockets. 

But it is designed to fit a female body perfectly, so we can forgive the lack of pockets. Anyway, you can check out the prices of these packs on Amazon and see how you like them. If you want to learn more about the packs, you can check out a more detailed review I did a while back. 

Everyday And Commute

Backpacks for everyday and commute are pretty different from the ones we checked out so far. They are smaller, and more suitable for travelling through the urban jungle. And they are going to have some features that you need on a daily basis, like a laptop sleeve instead of a hydration pack. 

One thing to note is that these two packs are probably your best options, but they are not your only options. In fact, Osprey has more backpacks of this type than any other, but the two I am about to show you are by far the most popular choices. Let's see why that is.

The Celeste backpack might just be the best everyday pack for women - it has a pretty large capacity, it conforms to most airlines' carry on sizes and it is ridiculously affordable. Whether you're looking for something to carry your school stuff in, or to pack for a weekend trip, the Celeste will have your back. It is made in just one size, and here are its specs:

Osprey Packs Celeste Daypack, Liquid Blue


19 x 12 x 12 inches


1.96 lbs


29 liters

Laptop Sleeve Dimensions

18 x 11 x 2 inches

The padded laptop sleeve of this pack can comfortably fit laptops of all sizes, which is probably this pack is so popular. Especially because most manufacturers decide that a sleeve for a 15" laptop is enough. And the sleeve has its own compartment, which you can easily access in a few seconds. 

It is a very versatile pack, and that's what we love about it. There are several different compartments on this Osprey, as well as an abundance of both internal and external pockets, which will help you stay organized. 

And it offers unparalleled carrying comfort, with the fully padded harness and back panel. The ventilation, on the other hand, is not the best we've seen from Osprey, but it's also not the worst. And you don't need as much ventilation on a daypack as you need on a hiking pack, especially when you have that huge front grab handle. Anyway, here are the features the Celeste pack proudly boasts:

  • Padded laptop and tablet sleeves
  • Internal document sleeve
  • Front compartment with organization panel
  • Side compression straps and front bungee compression system
  • Sternum strap and hipbelt
  • Six internal slip pockets
  • Two internal zippered pockets, including a scratch-free zippered pocket
  • Four external pockets, including side stretch mesh pockets
  • LED light attachment point

And you can get all of those features in about five different colors. It is also interesting that every Celeste has an interior of a different color, depending on what color it is on the outside. Here's a little tip: if you want to get this pack, I suggest you check out the Mariposa Purple variation on Amazon. It's currently more than half off, and you could get this Osprey for a little over $50. How could you pass on such a bargain?!

To be perfectly frank, I was very surprised that this pack was so popular with women. But then I took a closer look at its features, and I understood perfectly why. The Flap Jill pack is not only incredibly stylish on the outside, but also packed full of features on the inside. But first let's check out its basic specs:

Osprey FlapJill Pack, Black, One Size


18 x 13 x 9 inches


1.92 lbs


19 liters

Laptop Sleeve Dimensions

Not specified but fits a 15" laptop

The most prominent difference between the Celeste and this pack is the amount of compartments. With the Flap Jill, everything goes in the same compartment but you do get several external pockets. Obviously, it also has a much smaller capacity, which I assume is exactly what some of you are looking for.

All of that makes this Osprey great for everyday use and as an additional bag for your trip. And the padded and ventilated backpanel and harness will keep you comfortable throughout the day, regardless of how long you wear the pack. Here's a quick overview of all the features the Flap Jill has:

  • Laptop and tablet sleeves
  • Hipbelt and sternum strap
  • Zippered top and front pockets
  • Zippered and slip side pockets
  • LED light attachment point
  • Buckle closure
  • Top grab handle
  • Several internal pockets

On top of all that, you get to choose between four pretty tame colors. And that's a good thing, since it helps make the pack seem pretty professional. The classic black with the bright turquoise accents is by far my favorite, and it's currently on sale on Amazon (about 45% reduced). Go check it out, you've got nothing to lose. :>

For Biking

Biking backpacks are hydration backpacks in a nutshell. Their main purpose is to provide you with hands-free hydration while you are riding your bike, so that you don't have to stop just to get a drink. 

So, the rules for these are completely different from the rules for all other backpacks. They need to be small, convenient and have excellent hydration systems. Osprey has two such backpacks, and it's time we take a look at them.

Osprey Raven

The Raven is a biking backpack for women who can't leave the house with just a hydration pack. You have to bring your wallet and phone at the very least, right? This backpack has a compartment for those things, as well as few other features that we'll check out in a minute. First, let's take a look at its specifications:

Osprey Packs Women's Raven 10 Hydration Pack, Tempo Teal
Osprey Packs Women's Raven 14 Hydration Pack, Royal Purple


18 x 9 x 7 inches

18 x 9 x 8 inches


1.34 lbs

1.54 lbs


10 liters

14 liters

Reservoir Weight

11 oz

11 oz

The hydration aspect of the backpack is by far its most important feature. Both of these Ospreys come with a 3-liter Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir, which actually improves their value for money. Because an Osprey hydration reservoir is not at all cheap. Furthermore, the packs come with all you need to set up complete hands-free hydration: hose and a magnet that will secure it into place.

One other important aspect of this pack is your carrying comfort. It has to feel soft, so that you're not distracted from the road ahead of you. And the AirScape backpanel, BioStretch harness and AirMesh hipbelt will ensure that this pack stays out of your mind while it is on your back. Additionally, both the harness and the backpanel are ventilated, which allows the backpack to breathe at all times. 

Here's what else you get with both Ravens:

  • LED light attachment point (very useful for night rides)
  • LidLock helmet attachment
  • Scratch-free zippered pocket
  • Hipbelt pockets
  • Removable, roll-up tool pouch for your gear
  • Quick-stash stretch front pocket
  • Compression straps

Not too many features, but as far as I can tell nothing important is missing. At least nothing that you would need during your biking or mountaineering adventures. If you think this is the pack for you, go check it out on Amazon. It's on sale, and you can even get one of the packs for less than $100 (click the button on the left). 

Osprey Verve

The Verve is a much more minimalistic backpack. As such, it is great for those of you who only worry about hydration and nothing else. You can get it in two different sizes, and check out their specs right here:

Osprey Packs Women's Verve 3, Raven Black, One Size
Osprey Packs Women's Verve 9 Hydration Pack


17 x 9 x 6 inches

16 x 9 x 8 inches


0.88 lbs

1.12 lbs


3 liters

9 liters

Reservoir Weight

6 oz

6 oz

And since it is so much smaller than the Raven, it is also much more affordable. But the lower price also means slightly worse quality, which is noticeable when you look at the hipbelt. Instead of a soft, padded one, the Verve has a pretty basic webbing hipbelt. But you do get a really good BioStrech harness, along with an AirScape backpanel. Both are completely padded and ventilated, and the pack should stay dry and odorless even if your back doesn't. 

In terms of hydration, these Ospreys come with an integrated 2.5-liter Hydraulics Reservoir, as well as all the gear you need to set up completely hands-free hydration. And there is also a magnetic valve on the hose, which will prevent any leakage when you're not using the hydration system. 

Other features of the Verve packs include:

  • LED light attachment point
  • LidLock attachment for bike helmet
  • Magnetic sternum strap (may cause compass deviation)
  • Front shove-it pocket
  • Harness pocket
  • Key attachment clip inside the pack
  • Stretch side pockets
  • Compression straps
  • Internal organizer for tools and spare parts

That's it. And considering the size and weight of these two packs, it's more than enough. If you think these packs would make a great addition to your biking gear, definitely check them out on Amazon. You can read about them in a bit more detail and see al the colors that they come in. 

For Snowboarding

Even though it is still summer, it's never too early (or late) to start preparing yourself for the winter. And if you're someone who loves to engage in winter sports, you're going to need a good backpack for the mountains. 

Osprey makes only one backpack for skiing and snowboarding, and it's the Kresta pack. Let's see what it's made of.

Osprey Kresta

There are three Kresta packs to choose from, and all of them have slightly different features. Additionally, you can choose between a Small/Medium and Medium/Large with each pack, so you are going to see different weights and capacities of each version in this table:

Osprey Packs Kresta 20 Women's Ski Backpack, Powder Blue, X-Small/Small
Osprey Packs Women's Kresta 30 Ski Pack, Twilight Grey, X-Small/Small
Osprey Packs Women's Kresta 40 Ski Pack, Powder Blue, X-Small/Small


19 x 11 x 8 inches

20 x 12 x 12 inches

25 x 13 x 13 inches


2.03/2.14 lbs

3.04/3.16 lbs

3.88/3.99 lbs


18/20 liters

28/30 liters

38/40 liters

 Load Range

15-25 lbs

15-30 lbs

25-40 lbs

It's obvious just from the photos that these three backpacks are pretty different. But they do have some shared features, the first of which is the contoured and padded harness and backpanel. They will keep you comfortable and warm, especially because of the snow-shedding material of the backpanel. In addition to that, all of these Ospreys are equipped with glove-friendly zipper pullers and buckles, which is very thoughtful. 

Other features that are found on all three Kresta packs include:

  • Stowaway helmet carry system
  • Internal, insulated hydration sleeve 
  • Scratch-free zippered pocket
  • ErgoPull hipbelt with pockets
  • Safety compartment in case of avalanche
  • Lower compression straps
  • Ice axe loops
  • Attachment points for ski and snowboard

The largest Kresta backpack is the one with the most unique features. And the biggest difference between it and the smaller two packs is the removable top lid with FlapJacket access. This allows you to reduce the weight of the pack if you need to, and it's a pretty convenient addition to this top-loading backpack. 

I would definitely suggest you check out the Osprey owner's manual for these packs if you want to learn a little bit more about them, as it is pretty detailed. And it features instructions on how to utilize all of these features - pretty useful if you ask me. 

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