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Best Drone Landing Pads

The Best Drone Landing Pads To Bring It Home Safely

Taking off and landing a drone from pavement or a road is easy. But we all know that such smooth terrain is not always available when you are out taking those epic drone videos.Sure, you can always look for a nice flat rock to take off from, or even use the smooth sand on the […]

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Drone Vs Quadcopter

Drone vs. Quadcopter: What is the difference?

If you’ve been observant during your travels, you are most likely to see a small device floating in the air. Aerial shots are all the rage right now. It gives a whole new perspective and captures the bigger picture of beautiful destinations. If you’re interested in getting your own hands on this creative trend, it’s […]

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DJI Spark vs Mavic Pro

DJI Spark vs Mavic Pro: Which Drone Is Right For You?

The two newest drones from DJI are giving each other a run for their money. It’s the DJI Spark vs Mavic Pro!Both of these drones are great entry points into the drone world for the new drone owner, but they come with quite different size, weight and camera specifications. And then there is the price […]

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