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DJI Mavic Pro – Fly More Combo (Is It Worth It?)

mavic pro fly more combo

The Mavic Pro is an amazing portable drone. You are going to love it! But...

When you buy the standard Mavic Pro or (Platinum with the quieter blades), it only comes with the bare minimum to get your flying:

  • Mavic Pro Drone (with gimbal lock and cover)
  • 1x battery (25 min fly time)
  • 1x Controller
  • 1x charger (for 1 battery, and controller)
  • 2x spare propellers (4 go on the drone)
  • 16Gig micro SD Card
  • Various cables (for phone/tablet connection, charging)
  • 1x User Manual
DJI Mavic Pro Pack

DJI Mavic Pro Standard Package

So, you can certainly get flying with all that. However, once you start flying, you are going to want to Fly More!

And that means - more batteries, more/better ways to charge them, a way to carry all your gear etc.

That is where the Mavic Pro Fly More Combo comes in!

What Is In The Fly More Combo?

The Mavic Pro Fly More Combo takes you to the next level by giving you everything you need to fly for longer.

  • 2x battery (3 total)
  • 1x car charger
  • 1x charger hub (to charge more than one battery)
  • 4x spare propellers (6 spares in total)
  • DJI Mavic Pro Shoulder Bag
  • 1x battery-to-powerbank adapter (to use a battery as a powerbank)

So, you get all the things I mentioned earlier, plus one more battery, two more propellers (so now a full replacement set) as well as the chargers and bag.

This usually costs you approximately $300 more.

DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo

DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo

Even Better Mavic Pro Combos

Of course, there are more things than those mentioned above that you need to run your drone. A bigger memory card for starters (after all video takes a lot of space). Then there is the issue of broken propellers. We all crash, and if you are out flying, then that is the end of your day. So, always have spare propellers, and at least 2 spare batteries (the above combo only comes with 2).

And what about some landing gear? The Mavic is very low profile, so even taking off and landing in grass can be an issue - so it pays to grab some of those too. 

The following Mavic Pro Combo comes with all that, and maybe it's an even better deal than the one above? You have to compare the prices along with all the accessories you will need.

Is The Fly More Combo Worth It?

To figure out if you should grab the fly more combo, you have to think about how you are going to use the Mavic and what all the gear costs separately.

If you plan on flying for a while when you are out and about (say more than 20 minutes) you will need more batteries, and even better, a way to charge them (say in your car). You might even want to grab one more battery than they give you in the Fly More to be sure (because charging a Mavic Pro battery can take over an hour).

So, what are the costs if you bought it all separately:

  • 2x battery (2x$89)
  • 1x car charger ($49)
  • 1x charger hub ($39)
  • 4x spare propellers (2x$9)
  • DJI Mavic Pro Shoulder Bag ($79)
  • 1x battery-to-powerbank adapter ($19)

Total Worth: $382

Depending on what you need from this combo, it might just be worth grabbing some extra batteries on the side, and a bag that is more suited to your needs (I have reviewed a whole bunch of Mavic Pro bag options here).

It is also worth exploring how you are going to charge your batteries and how long that is going to take - you can check all my in-depth Mavic Pro Battery guide for all you need to know about that.

I personally did not buy the fly more combo because it was out of stock in my city and I could not wait. But I have since bought spare propellers (you will break them) and one spare battery (I might need more) as well as the charging hub and a bag is on the way. For me that was a total of about 250.

There are also a tonne of other Mavic Pro accessories you will probably need or want once you get flying, so don't blow all your cash on the combo if your budget is tight. The simplest option is just buy the Mavic Pro itself and add a spare battery and charging hub, and a cheap case.

Final Thoughts

The Mavic Pro Fly More Combo is a reasonable deal if you want almost everything that is in the pack. If that is the case, then the bag is pretty much free (the rest adds up to about $300). You just need to figure out if you are going to fly a lot and if you want to buy it all at once.

No matter what you decide, you are going to fall in love with this baby!

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