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Knowroaming Review: Is It The Right eSim For You?

If you are looking for an eSim provider to use while you are traveling around the globe instead of picking up a local sim card in every country, then you might be considering a Knowroaming eSim.

But is Knowroaming a good eSim provider? How good is the Knowroaming service? How are the Knowroaming rates? Is using a Knowroaming eSim easy?

In this Knowroaming review, I will run through everything you need to know about how Knowroaming works so that you can decide whether Knowroaming is the right eSim provider for you.

What Is Knowroaming & How Does It Work?

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Knowroaming is an eSim provider that will give you mobile data on your phone in over 200 countries around the globe once you apply one of their plans to your eSim.

What is an eSim? An eSim is an embedded sim card that comes with most new smartphones. Once you buy an eSim card from a provider, you can apply it to the eSim inside your phone.

This means you do not have to buy a local sim card in every country you travel to, as you can simply apply a data plan to your eSim.

You buy the eSim online and activate it on your phone, so there is no queueing for a new sim card, losing your existing sim card, learning a new top mechanism, etc.

Now that we know how eSims work, let’s look at how Knowroaming works. Knowroaming partners with local data providers in each country they offer coverage with. Knowroaming purchases “x” amount of data from a local provider and resells it to you to use in the country.

Networks Used by Knowroaming for Their eSim

Your Knowroaming eSim connection is only as reliable as the local network provider’s connection within the country you are visiting. So, which networks does Knowroaming partner with, and in which countries?

Knowroaming provides eSim cards for use in over 200 countries and their local network partners on the ground differ in almost every country, so running through them all would take ages.

However, you should rest assured that Knowroaming has a reliable data connection in all the countries where they offer eSims.

Knowroaming Plan Offers

Knowroaming data plan offers

Knowroaming has numerous eSim plans for you to choose from. You can buy the Knowroaming global sim sticker that will give you data in 88 countries around the world.

Knowroaming also offers regional plans for both Europe and Asia-Pacific that allow you to travel around the entire region using a single sim card.

Knowroaming also offers local plans for specific countries which includes the USA, Canada, Bahamas, France, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey, South Africa, and Qatar.

You can buy plans ranging from 3 days to 90 days with different amounts of data ranging from 1 to 20 GB. There are no unlimited data plans available.

How to Buy Knowroaming For Your Travel Destination

Buying a Knowroaming eSim is super easy, just follow these steps on the Knowroaming website or in the Knowroaming app.

  • Search for the plan that covers your country or region
  • Select the length of the contract and the amount of data you need
  • Buy the data plan using a debit or credit card
  • Receive an email with a QR code and eSim details

Buying your Knowroaming e-sim is very easy. The sim card will be delivered instantly to your inbox and will be ready to be set up and activated just before your trip.

How to Setup & Activate Your Knowroaming

Knowroaming homepage

Once you have bought your Knowroaming eSim and received the email and QR code for the eSim, it is time to set up the eSim and activate it.

The process is very easy, but you should not do this until you are about to fly to your destination, as otherwise the eSim contact will be used up while you are not in the country.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • On your smartphone, open the settings and browse to your mobile network options
  • In your mobile network options, click on Do Not Have Sim Card, then on Download Sim
  • Now it is time to scan the QR code that came with your eSim email, so make sure it is open on your laptop
  • Scan the Knowroaming QR Code
  • Once scanned, you should be prompted to activate the eSim, click activate
  • Click on Knowroaming or Telna

If you gave an Android phone, you will need to add new APN, to do so

  • Tap on Advanced, then access point names
  • Tap on the three dots symbol ⋮
  • Add a new APN
  • Enter your new APN name and save it
  • Select the APN and start using it

Advantages of Using Knowroaming

  • More affordable than data roaming charges
  • More convenient than buying local sim cards
  • Reliable data connection in over 200 countries
  • Pick from local, regional, or global eSim plans
  • Their global eSim includes a lot of countries compared to others
  • Very easy to buy, install, and activate
  • Choose how much data you need and for how long
  • Receive calls and sms messages on your home sim card
  • Good customer support
  • Instant connectivity at your destination

Disadvantages of Using Knowroaming

While Knowroaming is a good eSim provider, it does have some disadvantages compared to some of the other eSim providers out there.

Firstly, the number of local country-only eSim plans available with Knowroaming is very limited as it only covers the USA, Canada, Bahamas, France, the UK, Qatar, Turkey, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Africa. If you are traveling outside of one of these countries you will have to buy a regional or global plan to match.

Knowroaming eSim plans are also rather expensive compared to other providers and you can not even buy an unlimited data package for any destination or region.

Lastly, Knowroaming doesn’t offer many extra services along with their eSim. Other providers also provide extras like being able to create international numbers, sms others using the same provider, and lots more.

Is Knowroaming Worth It?

Knowroaming logo

Knowroaming is certainly a legitimate and reliable eSim provider that you can use all over the world, but is it worth it?

When it comes to local eSim plans for single countries, there are much better eSim providers out there that also offer better rates too.

But, if you are looking for a Global eSim or regional eSim for Europe or Asia, then Knowroaming is certainly worth looking into. Their regional plans are competitive, so they are worth including in your eSim research.

Knowroaming Alternatives

There are a number of Knowroaming alternatives that offer a better eSim service in my eyes, even for international eSim cards too.

BNESIM is an excellent eSim provider that provides reliable data connections in more than 200 countries. Their data plans are more affordable and you can choose from monthly, daily, or one-off plans. Read our BNESIM review here

Their one-off plans also do not expire, so you have the data forever until you use it all. Also, with BNESIM, you can access extra features like creating international numbers to receive calls, calling international numbers at the best rates, and lots more.

Airalo is another awesome eSim provider with more affordable rates than most and they also have an excellent global eSim.

Holafly is all about offering unlimited data across all their countries and regions, so if you want a lot of data with your eSim, they are certainly worth checking out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Knowroaming legit?

Yes, Knowroaming is a legitimate eSim provider that will give you a reliable data connection in all the countries they operate in.

Is Knowroaming safe?

Yes, using Knowroaming is safe and secure. Everything from your payment information and email address to your calls and messages are secure like they would be on your home sim card.

What should I do if my Knowroaming eSim is not working?

If your Knowroaming eSim is not working there are some simple steps to follow. Here they are:

  • Check mobile data is turned on
  • Check data roaming is turned on
  • Click on mobile networks and ensure your eSim is selected and activated
  • On an android, check the new APN is selected
  • Check you are connected to the provider in your carrier settings

If you have done all of this and your eSim is still not working then you should call Knowroaming customer support.

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