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The Top 10 Luggage Brands In The World in 2023

Wondering what the best and most popular luggage brands in the world are? Then you’re definitely in the right place because this detailed guide covers all the most famous luggage brands on the luggage market right now.

You’ve most likely heard of them all, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you own at least one of these suitcases. The following list includes ten of the best luggage brands that exist today but also includes information about their subsidiaries, which tend to have cheaper luggage of comparable quality.

So, whether you’re looking for a premium suitcase or an affordable but durable one, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this detailed guide!


Tumi Latitude

Tumi is a luxury luggage brand with loyal customers all over the world. They’re known for excellent quality luggage that can last for years, and they’re certainly the best option if you have plenty of money to throw at a new suitcase.

Tumi makes both softshell and hardshell suitcases, as well as a variety of travel bags and backpacks. All their luggage is made from premium quality materials, it’s equipped with all the features you would expect high-end luggage to have, and they’ve even got their own Tumi Tracer system that helps travelers locate their bags in case they get lost in transport.

The only issue with Tumi is that they’re quite expensive, and not really what most people can afford.

Tumi luggage starts at around $600, and that’s for small underseat bags. Suitcases are much more expensive, and more often than not, they sport four-digit price tags. You’re paying for excellent quality and great customer support, but you’re also paying quite a bit for the branding, as is the case with every other luxury brand.




Samsonite is perhaps the best luggage brand out there. They’re world-famous for their excellent quality and reliability, and it’s a general consensus that you can never go wrong with a Samsonite suitcase.

The great thing about Samsonite is that they’ve got luggage in every price range. They don’t sell any cheap suitcases, but you can get a really good suitcase from this brand for less than $150. It most likely won’t be made from pure polycarbonate since Samsonite is known to use polypropylene or a mixture of ABS and PC in their budget luggage, but you’re still getting luggage of excellent quality.

And if you’ve got a much bigger budget and you want a top-notch suitcase, you’ll find plenty of premium options in their product range. That’s the great thing about Samsonite – whatever you’re looking for, there are at least a couple of suitable options for you in their product range.

Samsonite even has product lines that are manufactured from recycled plastic water bottles, so they’re a good option if you’re trying to shop more sustainably. They’re the go-to brand for most people because you always know what to expect from them, and you will not be disappointed with the quality of their bags.

In addition to that, Samsonite also owns American Tourister. This is a great alternative for people on tighter budgets; the suitcases are not quite as amazing as true Samsonite bags, but they’re still good quality and generally more affordable than the bags from their parent company.


Briggs & Riley

Best Carry On Garment Bag

Briggs & Riley is a high-end luggage brand known for lightweight luggage and some innovative proprietary features. They are most famous for their CX zipperless expansion system, which grants 20-25% extra space in the bag.

In addition to the unique expansion and compression system, Briggs & Riley is also known for the great organizational features in their luggage. Both their hardside and softside cases include multiple pockets inside, allowing travelers to keep all their belongings neatly organized.

This brand also makes luggage that looks sleek and professional, and it’s made from high-end materials. Their suitcases are usually in the $400-800 price range, so they’re certainly not suitable for travelers on tighter budgets. But if you want a premium suitcase and you’re fine paying a little more for truly excellent quality, I would recommend Briggs & Riley over most other brands, especially if you value organizational features.



Travelpro Platinum Elite Sizing Options

TravelPro is a mid-range luggage brand with products in the $150-400 price range. They manufacture softside and hardside suitcases, underseat bags, duffels, and backpacks, so pretty much any type of luggage you can think of.

TravelPro is considered one of the best luggage brands for airline personnel, and they even manufacture some lines exclusively for airlines. This brand focuses on manufacturing lightweight and durable luggage, with a variety of internal and external compartments for easy organization. At least, that’s the case with their softside luggage, which makes up the largest part of their product range.

They’ve also got quite a few hardside suitcases, which perform just as well as their softshells. This brand uses premium materials in all their bags, and they often include special features such as suiter sections, ergonomic handles, high-quality spinner wheels, and a variety of internal and external pockets.


Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather 20 Duffel Bag-Carry-On Luggage

Kenneth Cole is another popular brand known for affordable and stylish luggage. There are two Kenneth Cole brands – Kenneth Cole New York, which is known for high-end and luxury apparel, and Kenneth Cole Reaction, which features some surprisingly cheap suitcases.

Most Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage is in the $100-200 price range, and it’s often discounted so you can usually get a really good deal on their bags. This luggage usually boasts a beautiful design and is available in a wide variety of interesting colors that will definitely stand out among the sea of black and dark blue luggage at the airport.

On the other hand, the quality isn’t that amazing, since most bags are made from ABS plastic and not polycarbonate. ABS is not as lightweight as PC, but we’re talking about minimal differences in the carry-on bags. The weight and performance difference is more noticeable with the larger checked bags, so I would recommend going with Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage only if you’re looking for carry-ons.

It’s also worth noting that Kenneth Cole Reaction’s product range includes backpacks, laptop bags, underseat bags, and duffels of many different sizes. No matter what type of luggage you are looking to buy, there should be at least a couple of suitable options for you in their product range.



AmazonBasics Luggage Hardside

AmazonBasics is perhaps the best budget luggage brand. It’s a proprietary brand of Amazon, so the suitcases are widely available on their website. The AmazonBasics product range includes hardside and softside luggage, bags, backpacks, duffels, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

The bags aren’t premium quality, but they perform very well for the price. Most AmazonBasics carry-ons are under $100, and you can usually get a three-piece set for less than $200. That’s great value for money, especially if you’re a budget traveler looking for a reliable and affordable suitcase.

The main downside of Amazon luggage is that it’s not made with premium materials. Most of their hardshells are manufactured from ABS plastic, which tends to be heavier and less durable than polycarbonate. But the luggage material isn’t quite as important for carry-on luggage, since the bags aren’t exposed to damage as much as checked luggage.

Their softshell luggage is also really good, especially if you’re prioritizing organizational features over everything else. You’ll get multiple pockets, compartments, and sturdy compression straps. But you don’t always get a TSA lock or spinner wheels, especially on the cheaper softside suitcases.

I must also mention AmazonBasics backpacks. There are some really great backpacks in their product range, especially if you want a carry-on backpack, or a bag specifically designed for a laptop and all the accompanying accessories. They’re all just as affordable as AmazonBasics suitcases, and you’ll hardly find better value for so little money elsewhere.


Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Wheeled Duffel

Eagle Creek is a brand best known for softside luggage and really great packing cubes. They don’t manufacture the traditional wheeled suitcase, so they’re a good option if you’re in the market for (wheeled) duffel bags, backpacks, and other travel bags.

Eagle Creek luggage is known for good quality and mid-range prices. Even though they mostly make duffel bags, they’re far from a cheap brand. That’s because the bags are all manufactured from premium materials, with many features that will make your life easier when you are traveling.

Eagle Creek wheeled duffel bags are some of the best on the market; this is actually one of a few brands that dared put spinner wheels on a duffel bag. They’ve also got wheeled backpacks, as well as regular packs and duffels with shoulder straps. Eagle Creek luggage often features multiple interior and exterior pockets and compartments, for easy organization while packing.

Also, I have to mention their packing cubes – if you’re looking to step up your packing game and be better at organizing the interior of your luggage, invest in some Eagle Creek packing cubes. You can separate your clothes by outfits and days, and put them inside compression packing cubes; not only does this help you keep the luggage neat, but it also saves so much space!



Away Carry-On

Away luggage is an excellent option if you want beautiful but durable luggage. Their suitcases are made from premium materials and they all boast a beautiful, sleek design. The luggage is available in a wide variety of colors from boring blacks to fun limited edition prints, plus the product range includes bags of many different sizes.

Most bags have many features in common, so you just need to choose the appropriate size and decide whether you want hardside or softside luggage. The features of Away luggage include spinner wheels, a polycarbonate shell on the hardsides, a telescopic wheel handle, a TSA-friendly luggage lock, a laundry bag, an internal compression system, and multiple pockets inside the luggage.

This lightweight luggage brand also offers softside luggage manufactured from nylon, as well as aluminum luggage. This is actually one of the best brands if you’re in the market for aluminum luggage specifically because they offer a better price point than most competitors. Rimowa is the brand that’s famous for aluminum luggage, and their suitcases are often priced upwards of $1,000, whereas Away luggage is significantly cheaper.

Suitcases are just one of the things that Away manufactures; the brand also makes duffel bags, backpacks, and a variety of other bags for travelers. All of their luggage is of excellent quality, and the only downside is that they are somewhat pricey. Away luggage is not at all cheap, but the outstanding quality helps justify the higher price point.



Delsey Chatelet Hardside Luggage Review

Delsey is another excellent mid-range option. If you want a high-quality suitcase made from premium materials, they’re definitely worth considering. They’re similar to Samsonite in terms of performance and build quality, but their luggage is generally a bit more affordable.

Their hardside luggage is usually manufactured from durable polycarbonate, and it often has multiple internal pockets for easy organization. Delsey also manufactures hardside luggage with external compartments, which is a feature you don’t see in many other bags.

Delsey includes spinner wheels on all their bags, as well as adjustable telescopic wheel handles. Some (but not all) of their cases are expendable, and even their softshell bags are made from premium and durable materials.

Delsey is one of the best luggage brands for travelers who want a quality bag but they’ve got a more limited budget. Most Delsey bags are under $200, but their most popular options are a bit more expensive and usually go up to $300. They’re absolutely worth it though, not only because of the excellent quality but also because of the impeccable style.



Victorinox Avolve 3.0 Review

Victorinox is another excellent brand that manufactures great quality luggage and travel bags, among other things. This is a Swiss brand, and that adjective is usually synonymous with high quality and excellent performance.

One thing to note about Victorinox luggage is that all their luggage is designed upright, meaning it’s equipped with four spinner wheels. This is great for maneuverability since it’s generally easier to get around with a spinner suitcase. And this is the case with both hardside and softside Victorinox luggage.

The materials used in the manufacturing of Victorinox luggage are generally of premium quality. They range from Aluminum in the Lexicon luggage to SORPLAS (a version of polycarbonate) in Spectra luggage. Also, the softside suitcases are often made from recycled PET bottles.

Victorinox luggage is available in a wide variety of different sizes, ranging from compact carry-ons to extra-large trunks. Their bags are often equipped with additional features, such as multi-tools that are inspired by the Swiss Army Knife, height-adjustable wheel handles, and TSA-approved locks.

Additionally, I have to give an honorary shoutout to Wenger luggage as well. They’re owned by the same company as Victorinox, but their luggage tends to be more affordable. I bought an awesome 24” polycarbonate Wenger suitcase for some 60 Euros just a few months ago, and it’s so well made that it blew my mind. But that was a special deal for a European supermarket chain (Kaufland), so keep an eye out for any Wenger deals in supermarkets if you’re in Europe.


Things to Consider When Buying Luggage

Checking Luggage

The most important thing to consider when buying luggage is whether you need a carry-on or a checked bag. I always recommend hardsides for checked baggage, preferably something made from polycarbonate or even more durable material.

Polycarbonate is the preferred material among seasoned travelers because it is one of the lightest materials, plus it’s incredibly flexible. It doesn’t break upon heavy impact, it bends, and you can usually just pop the shell back into place. That’s why PC luggage is more durable than other plastics, and why it is absolutely worth it to pay more for a good polycarbonate suitcase.

If you want a carry-on, you can go with anything – even a great backpack with comfortable backpack straps and an abundance of pockets and compartments. It doesn’t matter whether the luggage is softside or hardsides; what matters is that it has the features you want and enough pockets to keep your stuff organized.

Always look for luggage with spinner wheels. It’s much easier to maneuver because you don’t have to drag the suitcase behind you, so you don’t feel the weight of the bag as much.

If you’re traveling internationally, look for luggage with a TSA-friendly lock, especially if you’re getting a checked bag. Also, consider the wheel handle – it’s a bonus if it can be locked into multiple positions because this allows for the most comfortable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand of luggage is the most durable?

Rimowa is known as the most durable luggage brand, mostly because they predominantly use aluminum to manufacture suitcases. That is by far the most durable luggage material, but it’s not really the most convenient option for the average traveler. Although aluminum is very lightweight, it can’t compete with the weight of polycarbonate, so you’re more likely to go over the baggage weight limits and incur additional fees.

That being said, if you’re worried about paying the fee for overweight luggage, you probably can’t afford an aluminum suitcase in the first place. It’s extremely expensive, often with four-digit price tags. Stick with polycarbonate luggage from brands like Samsonite, Away, Monos, Tumi, Briggs & Riley, etc.

What luggage brands do most celebrities buy?

In all honesty, most celebrities don’t even buy luggage – they carry the bags that are sent to them for free for promotion. That being said, there are a few brands that celebrities seem to prefer – Tumi, Rimowa, and Louis Vuitton.

Tumi and Rimowa are genuinely good luggage brands, but they’re wildly expensive and not for the average Joe. Louis Vuitton luggage is best suited for people who are jetting off in private planes, and don’t have to worry about their premium, genuine leather luggage being tossed around by baggage handlers.

What luggage brand do pilots use?

Pilots usually use softside carry-on luggage, but not all of them stick to the same brands. Every person has their own preference for luggage, and most pilots stick with brands that they have excellent experiences with.

That being said, there are a few luggage manufacturers that cater specifically to airline personnel, and you can often see pilots and flight attendants sporting bags with their logos. Luggage Works is one of those; they cater specifically to airline pilots and they are a favorite among veterans in the profession. TravelPro is another brand that manufactures luggage with airline personnel in mind, and they’ve even got a few product lines that are exclusively sold to pilots and flight attendants.

These are just a couple of brands that are popular among seasoned professionals in the industry. It’s also common to see pilots and flight attendants sporting non-branded luggage, or just cases from widely available brands like Samsonite, Briggs & Riley, Victorinox, etc.

Which is better: Softside or hardside luggage?

Softside luggage is better if you like having different pockets and compartments in your bag, but hardside luggage is more durable. The material doesn’t matter quite as much for carry-on luggage, so you can pick up whatever bag you prefer.

On the other hand, I always recommend hardside luggage for checked bags. It’s a lot more durable than softside luggage, especially if you pick up a sturdy case made from polycarbonate or even aluminum.

Polycarbonate is a type of plastic that’s very flexible, so it bends upon impact, which doesn’t happen with ABS plastic and other low-quality materials. PC is also lighter than ABS, so the luggage is naturally lighter, allowing you to fit more items inside while staying under the weight limit.

Aluminum is the most durable luggage material, but also the most expensive. And it’s quite a bit heavier than polycarbonate, so I recommend it only if you’re transporting something extremely fragile or valuable. PC is more than enough for the average person.

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