Last Updated: July 10, 2019

DJI Mavic Pro Floatation Devices – Fly Safe Over Water

Ever flown your Mavic Pro over water and wondered what would happen if you had to land (or even worse - crashed!)?

I get out on the water quite a bit in summer on my stand up paddle board and it would be awesome to get some footage with the Mavic Pro. But the water worries me too!

That is why I have been looking into Mavic Pro floats (or floatation devices). To see what my options are, what would work best (on the water and in the air) and not affect the Mavic or it's footage!

DJI Mavic Pro Floatation Device

DJI Mavic Pro Floatation Device

After all, there are a lot of water-based scenarios where you might want these

  • Flying over water of any kind (just for safety)
  • Flying when you are out on a boat (in case you have to land elsewhere )
  • If you do water sports like me and want to land/take off in safety (sometimes hand catching is dangerous)
  • Maybe you also want to trying flying on/along the water (one guy reported you can get some cool footage of wild life that way)

Whatever your reason, Mavic Pro floats are a cool idea.

Here is what I have found after a few hours of digging into Google and forums online...

Mavic Pro Float Options

Jumping around on the Mavic Pro forums I have seen a whole bunch of solutions to this problem, but very few decent solutions.

I have seen plastic bags taped to the Mavic with cut offs from a swimming floatation tube. I have seen other variations of floats and bags used. 

But, the only decent and well-functioning solution I have seen is this image:

  • 4 Styrofoam balls attached to the Mavic via similar parts as Mavic Pro landing gear

Mavic Pro Floats

Basically these are extensions to the front and back corners of the Mavic Pro frame, with screws attached through the center of some styrofoam balls. Pretty damn simple. But this is one of the few options you can get out there.

The other one is from Mike Flys, but he has a huge waiting list and they are a little more expensive. I would love to grab a pair, but shipping them to me in Europe is nearly the same price as the floats, so I am going to go with these ones on Amazon.

Below are some videos showing how these work, the first from the supplier, then another from a guy who ordered and then attached them to his Mavic on camera.

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