Last Updated: November 24, 2023

5 Best eSIM For Cambodia (Stay Connected While You Travel)

Want to get an eSIM for a trip to Cambodia but don’t know what your options are? Then you’ve come to the right place because this detailed guide features all the best eSIMs for Cambodia!

Whether you need an eSIM for a week or more than a month, you’ll find a few options worth considering here.

At A Glance: Best eSim Providers in Cambodia

I’ve also included both limited and unlimited data plans, as well as options from international and local providers, so you have a great overview of the best eSIM for Cambodia!

Choosing The Ideal eSIM

Choosing the right eSIM for your trip comes down to a few simple choices:

  • Unlimited Data or a few GB of data
  • Do you need Calls & SMSs
  • One country or multiple in Asia

Once you have answered these questions, it becomes far simpler to choose the perfect eSIM.

ESIM Product Comparison

Our Favorite


Airalo is probably the most popular data-only eSIM provider for most worldwide countries. Their data plans for Cambodia start at just $4.5, which is super affordable. The cheapest plan includes 1 GB of data valid for a week, and it’s fine for travelers who are staying in the country for a short time and don’t need too much mobile data.

Airalo Cambodia

There are two other Airalo Connect Cambodia data plans –

Both these plans are valid for an entire month, and they’re a decent option if you need Internet access for a longer time period. It’s worth noting that, if you run out of mobile data, you always purchase more data, either through the Airalo app or their online store.

Airalo’s Cambodia eSIMs allow you to connect to the Smart Axiata network, which is one of the top three providers in the country. They might not have the best coverage overall, but they do have the best 4G and LTE availability, which is what matters most anyway.


  • Cheap per GB
  • Top mobile network
  • Great customer service


  • Limited packages available
See Prices on Airalo


Holafly is renowned for its unlimited data eSIMs. Although they used only to have one eSIM for Cambodia, I have been keeping my eyes peeled – and now they offer Unlimited Data there too!

They offer a great deal if you don’t want to worry about data limits, here are the Holafly plans:

Which averages out to about $4 a day for the smallest plan and $2.7 for the longest plan. A great deal if you ask me!

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Cambodia esim holafly

Holafly plans in Cambodia

Are there any downsides in my experience with Holafly? Yes, you can’t share the data with any other device, so be careful which phone or tablet you install the eSIM on.

If you need to work via your laptop and hotspot to your phone, then it’s not going to work, unfortunately.

Holalfy also uses the Smart network in Cambodia which has gotten great awards from OpenSignal this year and looks to be one of the best available.


  • Unlimited data for great prices
  • Great mobile network and connections
  • Lots of flexibility


  • No hotspots
  • No Phone number
See Prices on Holafly


Nomad is a popular international eSIM provider that allows travelers to stay connected to the Internet while exploring the world. They’re usually a decent alternative to Airalo, but sadly that’s not the case with their eSIM cards for Cambodia.

Nomad Cambodia

The cheapest eSIM data plan from Nomad is $25, and that gets you just 1 GB of data to be used over a week. They have two other monthly plans – 3 GB for $40 and 5 GB for $45. There’s just no reason to pay that amount of money for one of their data plans when Airalo lets you buy the same data allowance four times cheaper.


  • Great connectivity
  • Decent customer service


  • Very expensive
  • Few plans
See Prices on Nomad


SimOptions is an international provider that offers both its own eSIM, as well as eSIM data plans from other providers. The SimOptions Smart Traveller eSIM is a good choice for frequent travelers because it offers Internet access in multiple countries throughout the world. For some $18, you get 6 GB of mobile data to be used in most countries in Asia, Australia, and the United States.

SimOption Indonesia eSim

They work with Metfone in Cambodia, so you’ll get access to the best network provider in the country. The initial credit is valid for 10 days, but the eSIM doesn’t get deactivated for an entire year, so you can keep using it for as long as you want if you just keep buying more data.


  • Affordable eSIMs
  • Longterm plans
  • Great mobile coverage


  • No phone or SMS
See Prices on SimOptions


AIS eSim2Fly is another international eSIM provider with great data plans for the Asia region. They don’t offer single-country plans, so they’re a good option only if your travel plans include visiting countries other than Cambodia.

Sim2Fly Philippines eSim

You can choose between a Global plan and an Asia plan, and the Asia plan is generally the better and more affordable option. It’s $39.90 for 6 GB of data, valid for 8 days. The limited data is for the 5G/LTE networks, and you also get unlimited access to 2G, but at speeds of 128 kbps.

The eSIM is valid in 34 countries throughout Asia, and it includes a Thai phone number you can use to make calls and send/receive texts. When you use up all the credit or the 8 days expire, you can easily extend the validity period of the eSIM by purchasing additional data.


  • Big range of countries in Asia
  • Affordable plans


  • More expensive per GB
See Prices on AIS eSIM2Fly

Benefits of Getting an eSIM in Cambodia

The main advantage of getting a Cambodia eSIM is that you can have Internet access at your fingertips everywhere in the country. While you might have some free WiFi access in the bigger cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, if you have any plans to travel to the more remote regions of the country, you will need mobile data access if you want to use maps, at the very least.

Many tourist attractions in Cambodia lack the infrastructure necessary for Internet access, so don’t expect to find free WiFi at tourist hotspots like Angkor Wat or Bayon Temple.

The benefit of getting an eSIM specifically is that you don’t have to take out your existing sim card, or even an SD card. You can add the data plan virtually, and keep using your phone like you normally do.

A Cambodia eSIM will also protect you from having to pay exorbitant data roaming charges. Purchasing a local data plan for Cambodia is significantly cheaper than paying for roaming.

Local Mobile Operators Offering eSIMs in Cambodia

Smart Axiata (formerly known as Smart Cambodia) launched eSIMs in Cambodia back in 2018, and nowadays they offer eSIMs to all their subscribers and even prepaid customers. You can check out more of their prepaid and travel-friendly plans on their website, but they don’t appear to have a valid online shop. Instead, you would have to purchase an eSIM in a physical shop in Cambodia.

That’s not ideal for most travelers, but at the same time, you’ll probably pay a lot less for a local Cambodia eSIM than for one from an international provider.

Metfone is another local operator in Cambodia that offers eSIMs for their prepaid plans. You can purchase an eSIM in a physical store, and it will usually include some prepaid credit to get you started. The eSIM is initially valid for 14 days, but you can extend the validity of their local sim cards by purchasing top-ups, which can be done both in the physical shops and through the online app.

It’s worth noting that Metfone is considered the best network operator in Cambodia. They have more than 50% of the market share and the best coverage in the country, so they’re a pretty safe bet for a Cambodia eSIM.

Devices Compatible with eSIM in Cambodia

AirPods iPhone

All devices that support eSIM technology are going to be compatible with an eSIM in Cambodia. This includes most smartphones released in the last 4-5 years: iPhones from the iPhone XR onward, Google Pixel 2 and later, Samsung Galaxy S20 and later, and a few more Android phones from other manufacturers.

One important thing to note is that all iPhones manufactured in 2018 and later (including the SE models) support eSIM technology, but not all Androids doo. Most manufacturers choose not to include this technology in their cheapest phone models, so if you own a mid-range Android device, you should double-check whether your smartphone supports an eSim.

The quickest way of checking is to dial *#06#. When you press call, it will pull up a list of several serial numbers for your device – the EID number is what you should look for. That indicates that your phone is compatible with virtual sims, and if there is an EID number you can use an eSim.

Data Needed When Traveling to Cambodia

Not sure how much data you need for your trip to Cambodia? That depends on a few different factors, most importantly the length of your trip, your Internet browsing habits, and whether you will have free WiFi access at your accommodation.

If you switch between WiFi and mobile data for the majority of your trip and you’re not staying in the country for more than 10 days, you should be fine with most data plans that include 1-3 GB. I sometimes don’t use more than that in an entire month, and I often use mobile data at home instead of WiFi.

However, if you’re going to stream videos or even movies, then look for data plans with a larger allowance. You will burn through a lot more data when video streaming, especially if you’re going to stay in the country longer. Plans that include 10-20 GB should be suitable for you. Unlimited data plans are also an option worth considering, but only if you can actually find a local provider that offers an unlimited data plan for Cambodia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an eSIM in Cambodia?

Yes, you can get an eSIM in Cambodia from either Smart Axiata or Metfone. Both are local providers that offer prepaid eSim data plans for tourists, and they’re a good choice if you’re not satisfied with the data plans from most international eSim providers.

How can I buy an eSIM in Cambodia?

To buy an eSIM in Cambodia, you can just walk into a physical store of Metfone or Smart Axiata. It’s currently not that easy to buy a local eSIM online, but it is possible to purchase a Cambodia eSIM from one of the several international providers.

How do I activate my eSIM in Cambodia?

To activate an eSIM in Cambodia you can just turn on the mobile data and browse the Internet. But this includes you having added the eSim plan to your device previously, either by inputting the data manually through the phone’s network settings or by scanning a QR code included with the purchase of the eSim.