Last Updated: August 22, 2023

Best eSim For South Korea (Easy Internet Access)

Are you planning a trip to South Korea and need an eSim with lots of data and fast connectivity? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide covers the best eSim options for Korean internet plans.

At A Glance: Best eSim Providers in South Korea

From concise data plans offering a few gigabytes for short stays, to unlimited data packages for those planning to indulge in never-ending Netflix binging, our guide features a range of solutions to fit your needs. Dive in and explore our handpicked choices for the leading eSim providers in South Korea!

ESIM Product Comparison

Low data usage

Maya Mobile

If you are looking for a prepaid eSim for South Korea, this eSim provider has great plans and strives to be the best in the market. Yes, I know you will love Maya Mobile as much as I do.

I stumbled upon them only recently and have been adding them to my recommended eSim providers ever since.

What I appreciate about their South Korea eSims for travel is that they all run for 30 days, so no matter how long your trip is, you will be able to use all your data!

Here are their plans in South Korea:

If you run out of data, you can just renew or top up as you go along on your trip too, which is super convenient.

Additionally, their unlimited data plan is also a great buy too. On top of that, Maya always works with the top mobile networks in each country, rather than skimping and pretending to save you money – but really just giving you a lesser product. In this case, Maya uses KT and SK Telekom on the 4G/LTE network.

Oh, and one last thing, you can use your phone as a hotspot which most eSim providers ban.


  • Unlimited data plan
  • Best mobile networks
  • Hotspot allowed
  • All plans 30 days


  • Not the cheapest unlimited package
See Prices on Maya Mobile

Our Favorite


Airalo is one of the best international eSim providers, and they usually offer data plans that start at just $4-5. But that’s not the case with their South Korea eSim plans; instead, Airalo offers only unlimited data plans for South Korea, which include:

Airalo South Korea

Both unlimited data plans give you access to the LG U+ network, which is considered the best network provider in South Korea with 99.5% coverage. You’ll have a stable connection, but it’s important to note that you only get full-speed Internet for the first 3 GB each day, and after that, the speed is reduced to 5 Mbps.

Airalo’s eSim data plans for South Korea are quite pricey, but they’re not significantly more expensive than the local cellular data plans. It’s also worth noting that Airalo also has a 5 GB for 10 days data plan, but it is currently out of stock.


  • Unlimited data plans
  • Top mobile network


  • Not many plans available
See Prices on Airalo

Best for shorter stays


If you want a good old unlimited data plan for South Korea, Nomad is by far the best option. Their cellular data packages for Korea start at just $9, which gets unlimited for one day. Nomad is the best option for travelers who are staying in Korea for a short time period, and who have no use for long plans.

Nomad South Korea

Nomad’s prepaid plans for South Korea include:

You’ll get Internet access through SK Telecom, but it’s worth noting that they also have options that go through Truphone, which is an international network provider.

Additionally, Nomad makes it easy to purchase more data once you’ve used up the initial allowance, so it’s better to start small and extend the eSim if you end up using all the data.


  • All unlimited plans
  • Lots of length options


  • No long plans
See Prices on Nomad


Holafly is usually one of the best providers for travelers who want an unlimited data plan, but that’s sadly not the case for South Korea. They’re actually one of the worst options for this country specifically because they offer only one data plan that includes 8 GB for $47.

The eSIM is valid for 30 days, and it grants you access to SK Telecom and KT networks. However, keep in mind that you can purchase a Korea eSim with unlimited data for a month for just $49 from a local provider.


  • Decent local networks


  • Expensive
  • Only one plan
See Prices on Holafly

Cheapest eSim for Korea


Sim2Fly is one of the most affordable eSim options for South Korea. This provider has two regional plans that provide you with Internet access in South Korea; one is a Global plan and the other one is an Asia plan that works in 34 countries throughout Asia.

Sim2Fly Philippines eSim

The latter plan is significantly cheaper, so a much better Korea tourist eSim as it includes

  • $16 for 6 GB of data – for 8 days
  • 5G LTE in South Korea
  • unlimited 2G access at 128 kbps (after the 6GB runs out)
  • eSim with phone number & texts/SMS

Also, keep in mind that you can easily top-up the eSim after the initial 8 days expire. This is also a Korean eSim with a phone number (a Thai phone number), so you can make calls and send/receive texts.


  • Cheapest eSim per GB
  • 5G Network
  • Phone & Texts included
  • Easy top up


  • Only 6GB included in the plan
See Prices on AIS SIM2Fly


Ubigi is a great option if you’re specifically looking for a 10 GB data plan for South Korea.

Ubigi has two South Korea-only data plans shown below,


Ubigi also includes South Korea in 10 of its regional plans for Asia and Worldwide coverage. These data plans range from $6 for 500 MB you can use for a day, to $78 for an annual plan that includes 2 GB per month.

Their data plans are quite expensive for what they are, plus they’re not even the best solution for a regional eSim for Asia. But they definitely have the best 10 GB plan out of the bunch, so I would recommend Ubigi if you’re looking for precisely that.


  • Good for lots of countries
  • Good for longer stays


  • Not the cheapest
See Prices on Ubigi


KRSIM offers two eSim data plans for Korea. Both include unlimited data, and the price depends on the validity period of the eSim you choose. Korea eSim Red is the cheaper of the two plans, starting at around $4.5 for a day of unlimited data on the SK Telecom Network. The prices for this eSim go up to $50 for a month of mobile data.

The other plan is eSim Sky, and that one starts at $20 for 5 days, and goes up to $51 for a month. This plan isn’t available for validity periods of less than 5 days, and there’s a minimal price difference between it and the eSim Red. It’s worth noting that eSim Sky is capped at 3 GB of full-speed internet per day, and after you’ve used that up the speed is reduced to 5 Mbps. This resets every day at midnight, and it’s worth noting that it lets you surf the web on the LG Uplus network.

Both of these plans include a Korean phone number that you can only use to receive texts. You cannot make phone calls or send texts with the phone number, so keep that in mind. Also, you have to give them your passport number in order to purchase one of these eSims.

See Prices on KRSIM eSim

Benefits of Getting an eSim in South Korea

The main advantage of getting an eSim in South Korea is guaranteed Internet access at your fingertips. South Korea doesn’t have free WiFi hotspots throughout the country, and you can rely on free WiFi only in hotels and cafes/restaurants in Seoul. So, if you want to have Internet access everywhere in the country, you will need either an eSim or pocket WiFi.

Another advantage of eSims in South Korea is that many operators offer unlimited data plans, so you can use the Internet however you want. Watch movies and videos, create a hotspot, and share the connection with your travelers, or just connect your laptop and work – whether you’re in the country for a week or a month, there’s an unlimited data plan for you.

The advantage of an eSim as opposed to a physical sim card is easy installation, no need for sim tray tools, and the fact that you can use it in addition to your existing sim card.

Local Mobile Operators Offering eSims in South Korea

LG U+ is a local network operator in South Korea that offers prepaid eSims for tourists in the country. They range from $20 to $99 and include unlimited data for validity periods of 5 to 60 days.

It’s also possible to purchase SK Telecom unlimited data eSims, but I’m not entirely certain if you can get them directly from the provider. One of the KRSIM eSims is an SK Telecom eSim, but the network operator doesn’t have a webshop that offers this information online.

KT Telecom also offers prepaid eSims for tourists, and you can choose from data-only eSims and those that include a phone number. Their data plans are reasonably priced, starting at just $5 for a day and going up to $50 for a month of unlimited data. That’s the price with a discount for online purchases; if you try to purchase this eSim at the airport, it will be more expensive.

Devices Compatible with eSim in South Korea

Android Phone

All devices that are eSim compatible will work with a South Korea eSim, except for the Google Pixel devices. For some reason, some Google Pixel phones aren’t compatible with eSims in South Korea, and all the major providers warn you of this before you finalize the purchase.

The devices that are compatible with eSims include all iPhone devices from the XS cell phone onwards and many Android devices released in the past 3-4 years. However, it’s important to note that many Android manufacturers include embedded eSim technology only in their flagship phones, so if you’re using a budget or mid-range Android you should double-check that it supports an embedded sim.

To do this, dial *#06# and press call, which should pull up a list of unique identifying numbers for your device. An EID number indicates that your phone is compatible with eSims, so if you see an EID number, feel free to purchase an eSim for South Korea.

Data Needed When Traveling to South Korea

The amount of data you need for South Korea depends on your data usage habits and the length of your trip. If you’re staying in the country for a short time and you usually don’t use too much mobile data, up to 5 GB should be enough for trips of 10-15 days.

On the other hand, if you’re staying in the country for a while and you consider yourself a heavy user, you’ll be glad to know that most eSim plans for South Korea include unlimited data. This is the best option if you don’t want to take any risks with a limited data package, and instead, want to use the Internet just like you’re used to at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is eSim available in South Korea?

Yes, eSim is widely available in South Korea. You can purchase it online, at the airport, or at one of the shops from several local network operators.

How much is eSim in South Korea?

An eSim from a local network operator in South Korea usually starts at $5 for 1 day and goes up to $50 for a month. They all included unlimited data, but are often capped at 3 GB of fast Internet per day. The price differences between the local operators are only $1-2 per plan.

How do I activate my eSim in South Korea?

To activate an eSim in South Korea it is enough to turn on mobile data and start browsing. That is if you’ve already added the eSim plan to your phone, either by scanning the eSim QR code or manually, through the smartphone’s network settings. If you have any issues activating the eSim, just contact the support team of the eSim provider.

Does SK telecom have eSim?

Yes, SK Telecom has an eSim. You can purchase it from KRSIM, but it is unclear whether you can purchase an SK Telecom eSim at one of their physical shops in South Korea.