Last Updated: August 22, 2023

Best Taiwan eSIMs (Travel With Affordable Data)

Buying an eSIM for Taiwan is a great idea!

Roaming is way too expensive and buying a SIM locally is a painful experience. That is why I have been using eSIMs for travel for years.

At A Glance: Our Favorite Taiwan eSIMs

There are a lot of easy prepaid Taiwan eSIMs from short-term options to unlimited data and 5G. Taiwan is a tech powerhouse, so it is no surprise they have it all.

Below I have rounded up all the best Taiwan eSIM options for you to choose from and sorted them into a table for each comparison too! So, what are you waiting for, just scroll down…


ESIM Product Comparison

Best Taiwan eSIM


The thing I love about Maya Mobile is their mix of per GB packages and a great value Taiwan unlimited data plan too. And, you can use tethering/hotspots with their unlimited plan, so it is perfect for sharing or working via your phone.

Here is a quick overview Maya’s Taiwan eSIMs (all 30-day plans):

One of the best things about Maya is that you can share your data via hotspot or tethering, so you can use the unlimited plan for work via your phone or with a loved one.

Maya also uses the best provider in Chungwa and Taiwan Mobile, which means they compare well with Holafly and Airalo below – they all use the same Taiwan eSIM carriers.


  • Cheapest plans
  • Great mix of plans
  • Hotspots/Tethering with unlimited data


  • Not the cheapest per GB
See Prices on Maya

Airalo Xie Xie

Airalo Xie Xie jas four affordable Taiwan eSIMs for anyone who wants up to 10 GB during their trip. The prices per GB are always reasonable with Airalo, and you can see their prepaid eSIMs below:

Airalo works with Chungwa and Taiwan Mobile. Chungwa had the fastest 5G in Taiwan in 2022, so they are definitely a great carrier.


  • Plans: 1 to 10 GB
  • Great connection speeds
  • Hotspots allowed
  • Affordable price per GB


  • No Unlimited data
See Prices on Airalo Xie Xie

Unlimited Data Taiwan

Holafly Taiwan

Who wouldn’t want to travel around Taiwan with an unlimited data eSIM? Holalfy is hard to beat with its variety of unlimited data eSIMs, ranging from 5 days to 3 months:

Holafly also works with Chunghwa Telecom / Taiwan Mobile, so you will get a great connection, just as you would with the above deals from Airalo.

Note: If you want to work via your phone hotspot or share your data, then Holafly is not the eSIM company for you. They don’t allow data sharing on their eSIM plans. You are better off with Maya Mobile’s 30-day plan in this case.


  • Unlimited data - 1 -90 days
  • Affordable per day
  • Great connection speed


  • No data tethering allowed
See Prices on Holafly Taiwan

Cheapest Taiwan eSIM


Nomad is another of the most reputable Taiwan eSIM providers out there. And they have eSIMs for all sorts of countries, regions and worldwide offers too.

For Taiwan Nomad uses Chungwa which is great news for a great connection and speed while surfing the internet while you are there.

Their plans and prices are as follows:

If you feel restricted by their 15-day plans for the lower GB sizes, you can also grab their more expensive plans for longer periods. I just don’t think it is worth it!

I have used Noamd extensively in my travels and can only say good things about them. My go-to is Maya or Airalo, but sometimes Nomad has the best prices – just not in this case by a few dollars.


  • Competitive prices
  • Lots of options


  • Slightly more expensive
See Prices on Nomad


BNESIM has a few Taiwan eSIMs that you might like. Just ignore the weird pricing, no idea where that comes from:

  • 1 GB for $6.17
  • 3 GB for $17.96
  • 5 GB for $28.98

The one big plus of the BNESIM packages is that there is no time limit on them. And, they use only Chungwa eSIMs so the speed will be great.

Note: The links below only send you to their main eSIM page so search for “Taiwan” once you are there.



  • Reasonable prices


  • Not much choice
See Prices on BNESIM


If you want a regional Asia eSIM, Ubigi is one of the best options. They usually provide a lot of 5G connections and they have lots of different plans for Asia that include Taiwan.

Their mix of plans can get a little confusing as you have to dive in to see what countries are included, but they do have one eSIM for Taiwan which is

All in all, I would not bother with Ubigi in this case unless you are traveling extensively in the region. Then they are worth exploring for sure.

We have a huge list of Asian eSIMs though, so be sure to check that out too.


  • Asia-wide plans
  • Tethering is allowed


  • Few Taiwan options
See Prices on Ubigi

What is an eSIM?

In case you have never heard of or used an eSIM before, they are the digital equivalent of a SIM card.

Where a normal SIM card is a small chip you slot into your device or phone, an eSIM is loaded onto a chip that is already in your phone. So, instead of going to a store and buying a SIM, filling out forms and all that hassle, eSIMs are purchased online and downloaded to your phone! Easy Peasy!

Benefits of Getting a Taiwan eSIM

Here are some of the great benefits of getting an eSIM for your trip to Taiwan:

  • Install in minutes via online purchase
  • Use your current phone number, and eSIM only for data
  • Compare prices and change plans easily
  • No more wasted SIM cards and garbage

ESIM Compatible Phones

Here is our list of phones compatible with eSIMs in case you are not sure if yours will work. Be sure to read the fine-print for each supplier too, as a country like Taiwan has eSIM restrictions for phone bought in Hong Kong or mainland China.

You can also check if your device will work with eSIMs. Just call this number – *#06# and if an eSIM identification number (EID) comes up then your device will work with an eSim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is eSIM available in Taiwan?

Yes, you can definitely use eSIMs in Taiwan and there are a lot of options from reputable eSIM providers and local mobile carriers to choose from.