Last Updated: September 7, 2023

Best eSIM For Indonesia (Affordable Bali eSim)

Want to get an eSim for a trip to Indonesia or Bali specifically, but you’re not sure what your best options are? Then you’ve come to the right place because this detailed guide includes all the most popular eSims for Indonesia & Bali!

At A Glance: Top Esims For Indonesia

You’ll see various eSim options for Indonesia here, from cheap data plans for short trips to packages that offer unlimited data eSims within Asia. Whether you’re staying in the country for a few days or at least a month, there are different eSims that will cover your needs, and you can read all about them below!

ESIM Product Comparison

Our Favorite

Maya Mobile

One of the most competitive options for a Bali eSim is with Maya Mobile. I used to use Airalo and Nomad all the time, but since Maya has come on the market I have been using them quite often instead.

Their eSim data plans for Indonesia are some of the cheapest per GB and they have an unlimited plan for Indonesia and Asia too. So, if you plan on sitting on your phone or laptop a lot while you are there, then those are the plans for you!

What I also love about Maya Mobile is they usually use the top provider in each country. And the great news is they do in Indonesia too. Telkomsel is rated number one in the country, and they give you 5G access too! So, it’s a win-win if you ask me. The only thing better is when you have 2-3 providers so your phone switches when one network is weaker, which can happen in a place as big as Indonesia!

Here are Maya’s Indonesia eSim plans for you:


  • Cheapest per GB
  • Uses best provider in Indonesia
  • 5G network
  • Unlimited available


  • Only one provider (so does not switch)
See Prices on Maya Mobile

Competitive Prices


Airalo is a popular Bali tourist eSim provider, with options for virtually every country in the world. The main reason why they are the top choice among most travelers is their affordably priced data packages. Airalo’s Indonesia eSim card starts at just $5.5, which is as affordable as Indonesia data plans get.

Airalo Indonesia eSim

This is their cheapest data package that includes just 1 GB of data that’s valid for a week. Airalo also has a 15-day plan with 2 GB of data and four monthly plans from 3 to 20 GB.

The monthly plans go up to $40 in the price for the 20 GB one, which isn’t at all a bad deal for people who need a plan that includes a lot of data. Also, if you run out of data, you can always purchase more data either through the Airalo app or their online store.

An Airalo eSim for Indonesia provides you with access to the Telkomsel network, which is the largest operator in the entire country. They have the widest mobile network coverage, so you should have Internet access everywhere in the country, but the speeds will vary depending on your exact location.


  • Affordable prices
  • Lots of packages
  • Good customer service


  • No big packages
  • No unlimited data
See Prices on Airalo

best esim with unlimited data


Holafly is usually the best option for travelers who need unlimited mobile data, and it’s no different from their tourist eSims for Indonesia. This provider is known for offering unlimited data plans in most countries in the world, and their plans for Indonesia start at $19 for 5 days and go up to $99 for 90 days.

Holafly Indonesia eSim

Holafly’s Indonesian eSim with unlimited data provides you with access to both Indosat and Telkomsel, the two largest network operators in the country. In case you don’t have the best connection with one operator you can always switch to the other, and that’s awesome for travelers who plan to explore several regions of the country, as opposed to just chilling in Bali while they’re there.

The main downside of Holafly is that they do not allow data sharing on any prepaid eSim for Indonesia. This means that you won’t be able to create a hotspot to connect other devices to the Internet, and it sucks for people who need unlimited data in order to be able to work on a laptop or tablet.


  • Unlimited Data
  • Lots of packages
  • Good service


  • Expensive if you don't use a lot of data
See Prices on Holafly

cheapest esim for indonesia


Nomad is another popular Indonesia eSim provider, and usually, they’re a close second right after Airalo. But for an Indonesia eSim specifically, Nomad looks like the best option for most travelers because their data packages are about 25% cheaper than Airalo’s. The best part is that you still have Internet access on the Telkomsel network, which is the best operator in Indonesia.

Nomad Indonesia eSim

Nomad’s eSim Indonesia data plans start at just $4 for 1 GB of data, but it’s worth noting that the 1 GB will be valid for just three days. They don’t even have a weekly plan for Indonesia; instead, you choose from plans for 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60 days.

Their 10-day Bali eSim tourist plan is a good option for travelers on a vacation in Indonesia; it’s just $13 for 5 GB of data, which should be plenty for that time period. Nomad’s Indonesia data plans go up to $240, but that’s for a two-month plan that includes a whopping 100 GB of data.


  • Cheapest eSim per GB
  • Large data plan options


  • Time periods a bit weird
  • Options sometimes confusing
See Prices on Nomad

Esim with calls & SMS


If you don’t need a lot of data and you want to be able to call and SMS then the Asia eSims for travelers from SIMtoFly are amazing.

They provide you with:

  • 6 GB for 8 days
  • 5G in Indonesia
  • Calls & SMS (Using a Thai number)
  • Unlimited 2G access when the 6GB is finished
  • Easy top-up with more data

The SIM2Fly eSim is for Asia, so if you are traveling around in the area, this option is even better. They support 34 countries, including Australia, Isreal, China and more.


  • Includes calls & SMS
  • 5G access in Indonesia
  • Covers 24 countries
  • Easy top-up data


  • Only one size plan
See Prices on AIS SIM2Fly


SimOptions is an eSim provider that presents you with the best eSim and physical sim card options for any given country. Sometimes they also include their own data plan in the offer, and that’s the case with their eSim options for Indonesia. SimOptions has the Smart Traveller eSim, which includes 6 GB of data that is valid for 10 days.


SimOption Indonesia eSimThis data plan is priced at around $18, which is not a bad deal. It is more expensive than the Nomad eSim for Indonesia, but this one can be used in multiple countries in Asia, as well as the United States. If you are planning on traveling to other countries in addition to Indonesia, definitely consider the SimOptions eSim.

For Indonesia specifically, this eSim grants you access to the XL Axiata network. It’s not the largest network operator in the country, but it has good coverage in most places throughout the region.


  • Asia multi-country package available
  • Includes calls & texts with some


  • Not the cheapest per GB
See Prices on SimOptions


Ubigi is a great eSim provider with great deals for some countries and horrible deals for others. Unfortunately, Indonesia eSim plans belong to the other category because they are the most expensive out of all the different data plans.

This provider only has one data plan that’s just for Indonesia, and it’s $29 for 3 GB of data valid for a month. The country is included in several of its regional plans, which range from $12 for 500 MB to $78 for an annual plan with 2 GB per month.

Ubigi Indonesia eSim

Considering that most other providers are significantly more affordable while offering larger data allowances, I wouldn’t recommend Ubigi for an Indonesia eSim specifically. They’re still a good choice for most countries in Europe though.


  • Text & Calls included
  • 8 GB of data
  • Great combo package for travel


  • More expensive than others
See Prices on Ubigi

Benefits of Getting an eSim in Indonesia

The main benefit of getting an Indonesia eSim is that you can always have Internet access when you need it. This is especially true for travelers who plan to explore multiple regions of the country and want to visit the more remote places, which rarely have any free WiFi coverage.

The upside of getting an eSim specifically is that you don’t have to take out your existing sim or deal with physical sim cards. You also don’t have to pay anything for data roaming, which tends to be quite expensive. eSim data plans are much more affordable than international roaming charges, and you can easily find plans that are perfectly suitable for your travel needs and Internet browsing habits.

Local Mobile Operators Offering eSims in Indonesia

Indosat Oredoo is a local mobile operator that offers local sim cards for tourists. You can get a physical Indonesia sim card or an eSim from this provider, and it might just be the best option out of the bunch because it’s dirt cheap.

Walk into any IM3 store or check out their online store to see the different prepaid eSim options they offer for tourists. There are quite a few of these and they start at 30,000 IDR for 3 GB of the Internet or 75,000 IDR for 20 GB of mobile data, plus a phone number, with free texts and calls on the local network.

If you’re wondering how much that is in US dollars, that’s $1.95 for the 3 GB sim card, and less than $5 for the 20 GB package. I triple-checked the conversion rate, and yes, it really is that cheap. Oh, and they’re all valid for a month.

Devices Compatible with eSim in Indonesia

iphone sim card

All phones that support embedded-sim technology will compatible with eSims in Indonesia. This includes all iPhone devices released in 2018 and later (iPhone XR onward), Google Pixel devices from the second generation onward, Samsung Galaxy phones from the S20 series onward, and devices from a few other manufacturers.

However, not all phones released in the last 4-5 years are compatible with eSims. All iPhones are (even the SE models), but Android manufacturers don’t always include this feature in their mid-range and budget smartphones. So, if you’re not using a flagship Android as a daily driver, you should double-check whether your phone supports eSim technology.

Dial *#06# and press call to pull up a list of unique identifying numbers for your device. Look for an EID number – this is the indicator that your phone supports an eSim, and the lack of this number means you likely cannot use an eSim on your smartphone.

Data Needed When Traveling to Indonesia

How much data you need for traveling in Indonesia depends on how long you’re staying there and how you normally use mobile data. If you’re a light user and you just want to have enough data to check directions on maps, maybe look at your emails, or use social media, you should be fine with 1-5 GB for trips up to two weeks.

On the other hand, if you’re a heavy user who usually watches a lot of videos, look into the mobile data packages with larger allowances. Especially if you’re going to stay in the country for more than two weeks, and even more so if you plan to work while you’re there.

I would recommend that you look for data usage statistics in your smartphone settings, to see how much data you usually use. Keep in mind that you will likely have WiFi access as well, at least in your accommodation and restaurants/coffee shops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an eSim in Indonesia?

Yes, you can get an eSim in Indonesia in IM3 outlets. The shops can be found in all major tourist destinations in Indonesia, including Bali, Jakarta, Semarang, and others.

How can I buy an eSim in Indonesia?

You can buy an eSim in Indonesia in all IM3 outlets in the country. Just walk into a shop and ask for a prepaid eSim for Bali or Indonesia. You can get one for as low as $2 for a 3GB data-only eSim, or if you want to spend even more money, ask for the Freedom Internet Prime Card 20 GB for some $5.

How much is eSIM in Indonesia?

A local eSim in Indonesia can be bought for as little as $1.95. The most expensive prepaid eSim from a local operator in Indonesia is $25, and that one includes 200 GB of data!

How do I activate my eSim in Indonesia?

To activate your eSim in Indonesia, just turn on mobile data and connect to the Internet. This entails you previously adding the eSim either by scanning a QR code or manually through the phone’s settings. If you have any issues activating the eSim, you can just contact the support team and get help.