Last Updated: August 22, 2023

Best eSim For Croatia (Connect Anywhere, Anytime)

Traveling to Croatia and you want to have Internet access while you’re there? Then you’ve come to the right place because this detailed guide to the best travel eSims for Croatia includes all the top options for tourists!

I’ve also included a few options for local physical sim cards, which offer better value for money than international eSims, so consider those if your phone still supports physical sim cards. Another option is Europe-wide eSims, but they are usually a lot more expensive.

At A Glance: Best eSim Providers in Croatia

Whether you need just a gigabyte to be able to send emails and check Google Maps, or you’re looking for unlimited data so you can work while you’re traveling, you’ll find several great options in this guide to the best eSim for Croatia!

ESIM Product Comparison

Best unlimited data

Maya Mobile

Maya Mobile has some great plans for a prepaid eSim in Croatia, especially if you want data for 30 days. In particular, their unlimited data eSim is the cheapest you can get!

Maya also prides itself on the allowance of tethering/hotspots (which Holafly does not) and they usually work with the best mobile providers in each country two. In the case of Croatia, they work with Tele2 and A1 and offer 4G connections.

Their packages are quite flexible with either specific GB or unlimited for use in 30 days, which is handy if you don’t want to rush to use that 3GB in a week, which many companies like Airalo make you do.

Here are their 30-day plans:

As you can see above, there are lots of options. And, if you are traveling to more than one European country, you should definitely take the last (Europe) package!


  • Hotspot/tethering allowed
  • Great unlimited data options
  • Best local service providers
  • All packages 30 days


  • Not the cheapest per GB for small packages
  • No mobile app yet
See Prices on Maya Mobile

Perfect for 1GB


Airalo is one of the most popular Croatia eSim providers because they offer reasonable plans that are perfect for tourists. If you don’t need unlimited data and you’re fine with having just a couple of GBs you can use to check Google Maps and send emails, an Airalo eSim is a good option for you.

Airalo Croatia

Their eSim plans for Croatia start at just $5 and are great if you don’t need lots of data. Here are the plans Airalo offers in Croatia:

Airalo’s regional Europe eSim plans are also valid in Croatia and many other countries, so consider these plans if Croatia is only one of a few countries you’re planning to visit.


  • Reliable eSim Provider
  • Lots of GB size packages
  • Mobile app to manage eSims


  • No unlimited data
See Prices on Airalo

Cheapest Croatia eSim


Nomad has multiple eSim data plans for Croatia, which start at $6 for 1 GB (valid for a week), and go up to $35 for 20 GB (valid for a month). They’re approximately 20% more expensive than Airalo, so I wouldn’t recommend them for one of the cheaper plans with very little data.

BUT, they are great for 10 GB or above. For those plans, they have the cheapest prices per GB! Check out the plans below to see what I mean.

Nomad Croatia

But they are good value for money if you want one of the bigger plans which the other providers don’t really offer. It’s also worth noting that Nomad has regional data plans for Europe that include Croatia. They include only 4G LTE internet access and no phone number, but that’s standard for all international eSims.

The regional plans are a good option if you’re going to be visiting other countries in addition to Croatia.


  • Mostly 30 days access
  • 20 GB plans available
  • Mobile app to manage things


  • No 5G access yet
  • More expensive
See Prices on Nomad

Best For Unlimited data


Holafly is another very popular international eSim provider known for unlimited data plans. All Holafly eSim data plans offer unlimited data, and the price depends on how long the plan is active. The eSims start at $19 for 5 days and go up to $99 for 90 days.

Holafly Croatia

While Holafly eSims are extremely convenient, it’s important to note that they do not offer data sharing, meaning you can’t set up a hotspot and connect other devices to the WiFi network. If that is something you need, choose a package from Maya Mobile, they allow it!


  • No tethering/hotspot
See Prices on Holafly

Orange Holiday Zen eSim

The Orange Holiday Zen eSim is an excellent option for travelers who have plans to explore other European countries, in addition to Croatia. This is an all-inclusive eSim that provides you with a (French) phone number, 8 GB of mobile data, and free minutes/texts to other numbers in Europe and worldwide.

Orange Holiday Zen eSim

This is the cheaper version of the Orange Holiday Europe prepaid eSim and it retails for some 20 Euros. The eSim is valid for two weeks, and you can easily extend that period by purchasing additional credits.

However, if you want to keep using the eSim for more than a month, you will need to register the eSim on their website, as per French laws. It’s important to note that you can use both the mobile data and the phone number in 30+ countries in Europe without data roaming.


  • Comes with a phone number
  • Great for Europe-wide travel


  • Not the cheapest option
See Prices on Orange Holiday Zen eSim

Orange Holiday Europe eSim

Orange Holiday Europe eSim is another all-inclusive eSim for 30+ European countries. This one retails for 40 Euros, and it includes 20 GB of (4G LTE) mobile data, lots of free minutes/texts to numbers in Europe and the rest of the world, and a French phone number that allows you to make calls and send texts without paying for roaming charges.

Orange Holiday Europe eSim

This eSim is also valid for 14 days, and you have the option of extending the validity by purchasing additional data. Registration of the eSim is necessary for customers who want to use it for more than a month.

See Prices on Orange Holiday Europe eSim


Ubigi is a popular international eSim provider that usually has great offers for countries in Europe. They don’t have an individual-country plan for Croatia, but the country is included in 15 of their regional data plans, which range from $2 to $88. So, if you need an eSim that is valid in multiple European countries (and wider), definitely consider Ubigi as your provider.

Ubigi Croatia

The data plan that I think is the best value for the money is the monthly 5 GB plan for 27 countries of the EU, the UK, and Switzerland. It’s $15, and the eSim stays valid for as long as you keep renewing the plan. They also have a 20 GB recurring monthly plan valid in the same countries, and that one is just $29. If you need the extra data, it’s absolutely worth it!


  • Good for lots of countries
  • Good for longer stays


  • Not the cheapest
See Prices on Ubigi

Benefits of Getting an eSim in Croatia

The main benefit of getting an eSim while you’re traveling in Croatia is that you will always have internet access no matter what. You can simply land or arrive in the country and have data. No need to run to a store and go through all the hassle of getting a sim card.

While the capital city of Zagreb has decent free WiFi coverage for tourists, that’s not the case with most other cities and you will need an eSim if you want to have Internet access at your fingertips throughout your trip.

If you have plans to explore some of the country’s many stunning beaches, especially on the islands, you’ll definitely need an eSim for Internet access since most of the coastal towns don’t have free WiFi coverage.

I can’t live without eSims anymore. I have been to over 8 different countries lately and I only ever use eSims. I organise them before I arrive or just as I arrive. And BANG, within minutes I am online and ready to have an awesome vacation or work trip.

Local Mobile Operators Offering eSims in Croatia

A1 and T-Mobile are local operators that offer eSim cards in Croatia, but only for local customers. In other words, their prepaid tourist packages are available only with the purchase of physical sim cards.

It’s worth noting that Telemach also operates in Croatia, and it’s an even better option if purchasing a physical sim card tourist package is an option. I’ve had a poor experience with A1 because of their poor network coverage more than once, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them.

Also, Telemach offers a tourist sim card package that’s valid for 10 days, for the same price (approximately 10 Euros) as both A1 and T-mobile packages, which are valid for only a week. All providers offer packages with unlimited mobile data during the duration of the data plan, plus you have the option of purchasing more data or additional days when the initial data runs out.

One advantage of purchasing a physical sim card from a local network operator is that you will have no issues creating a hotspot to share your WiFi. And since they all offer unlimited data plans, you can work, watch movies, listen to music, and do pretty much whatever you want on the Internet.

You can also top up the sim card with cash, and use the money to make calls and send texts. Unlike with eSims, physical sim cards provide you with a local phone number that can come in handy sometimes.

Devices Compatible with eSim in Croatia

eSim Phones

Devices that are compatible with eSim cards in Croatia are all devices that have eSim card functionality. These are usually phones that have been released in the past 4-5 years, so Android and iOS flagships released from 2018 onwards.

It’s worth noting that eSims are still a fairly new technology, and they’re not included in every single smartphone out there. While all newer Apple phones have it, if you’re using an Android as a daily driver you will need to check whether it supports eSims. The easiest way to do this is to dial *#06#. If you can see an EID (eSim Identification) number, it means that your phone supports an eSim.

Data Needed When Traveling to Croatia

The amount of data you need when traveling in Croatia really depends on what you want to use the data for. If you just want Internet access to be able to talk to friends, access social media, and check Google Maps, you should be fine with plans that have a limited amount of data.

It really depends on your personal use, but I would guess that you don’t need more than 2 GB per week if you’re not going to stream videos or music.

On the other hand, if you want to be able to stream videos, and music, and even work on your laptop, your best bet is an unlimited data plan. Some Croatia eSim cards include unlimited data for a select period of time, and this is generally the best option for travelers who want to stay connected throughout their trip and not worry about how much mobile data they’ve spent on any given day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is eSim available in Croatia?

Yes, eSim is available in Croatia, but you’ll have better luck if you purchase it from one of the international eSim providers than if you try to find a local provider. While many local mobile operators offer eSim cards for local users, they don’t really offer (prepaid) eSim plans for tourists.

How can I buy an eSim in Croatia?

Since the local operators don’t offer eSims for tourists, you’ll need to buy an eSim online if you’re purchasing it after you’ve arrived in Croatia. Just visit the website of any one of the international eSim providers featured in this guide, and select the plan that seems like the best option for your needs.

If you are also okay with physical sim cards, you can buy those at most kiosks and network operator shops throughout the country.

How do I activate my eSim in Croatia?

Activating an eSim is very easy and you just need to follow the instructions that you received with the purchase of the Croatia eSim data plan. This usually entails either scanning a QR code (if you’ve provided one with the eSim card) or manually adding the eSim through your phone’s settings. The first time you turn on mobile data and connect to the Internet, your eSim is activated.