Last Updated: August 22, 2023

Best eSim for Switzerland (A Guide For Travelers)

Traveling to Switzerland and you want to purchase an eSIM for Internet access in the country? You’re definitely in the right place then because this detailed guide will tell you all about the best eSims for Switzerland!

At A Glance: Our Favorite eSims for Switzerland

I’ve listed the best options from international providers, as well as some of the popular local providers. Data plans included in this guide range from 1 GB to unlimited data, so there should be at least a few options suitable for your travel needs. I’ve also included a few eSim plans with regional coverage in Europe, in case your travel plans extend to countries outside Switzerland.

ESIM Product Comparison


Airalo is a very popular eSim provider, especially among travelers on short trips. Airalo usually has the best prices for their 7 and 15-day data packs, and Switzerland is no exception. Their eSim plans for Switzerland start at just $4.5, which is a steal considering it provides you with Internet access for an entire week:

Airalo’s eSims connect to the Sunrise network, which is the second-best network operator in the country, right after Swisscom. It’s worth noting that most other providers offer eSims for the Salt network, which comes in third place right after Sunrise.

Another great thing about Airalo is that they make it very easy to activate your eSim and top it up should you need more data. You can purchase additional data on their website or through the Airalo app, as well as have an overview of your data usage while in Switzerland.


  • Great value for money
  • Internet access through Sunrise network
  • Easy top-ups and activation


  • No unlimited data options
See Prices on Airalo



Holafly is an eSim provider best known for its unlimited data plans for Switzerland. It’s great that Holafly Switzerland is able to offer unlimited data, and the price depends on how long the eSim is valid. This provider has plans that are suitable for short and long stays:

The best thing about the Holafly eSims is that they can access Swisscom, Sunrise, and Salt. These are the top three network operators in Switzerland, so you’re guaranteed a fast and stable Internet connection everywhere in the country.

The main downside of Holafly is that they don’t allow tethering and hotspots. You can access the Internet only on the device on which the eSim is installed, and you can’t share that connection with a different device. Because of that, I personally think that Holafly plans are overpriced, especially when you can get a 30-day unlimited data plan from Maya Mobile for $15 less.


  • Unlimited data plans
  • Access to the three best network operators


  • No data sharing
See Prices on Holafly


Nomad is an international eSim provider known for their variety of short-term and long-term data packs. They usually offer Internet access through multiple providers, and their data plans for countries in Europe are often affordably priced. Nomad’s data plans for Switzerland are:

The only issue I have with Nomad’s eSim plans is that there’s a discrepancy in the pricing. Sometimes the plans for the Salt network are cheaper than the plans for Truphone, and other times it’s the other way around. In any case, the price difference is just a few dollars, so it’s not really such a big deal.

Nomad eSims allow you access to either Salt or Truphone network. Truphone is an international provider that partners with local providers, but I have no idea who they partner with in Switzerland. In any case, I wouldn’t recommend Nomad over Airalo or even Maya Mobile, because they are more expensive and limited to the third-best provider in the country.


  • Variety of data plans
  • Choose from two network operators


  • One of the pricier options
See Prices on Nomad

Orange Holiday Europe eSim

Orange Holiday Europe eSim is an all-inclusive eSim you should consider purchasing if you need a phone number in Switzerland. This is the only eSim out of the bunch that comes with a phone number, as well as free minutes and texts, in addition to 20 GB of data.

The eSim is valid for 14 days and retails for 40 Euros. It is pricey, but it’s a good deal if you expect you’ll be making many phone calls while you are in Switzerland. It’s worth noting that the phone number is French, but you can use it without data roaming charges in Europe.

Another great thing about this eSim is that it’s valid in approximately 50 European countries, so it’s an excellent option for travelers who plan to explore outside Switzerland as well. One thing to keep in mind is that you can use this eSim without registration for up to 30 days. After that, you need to register the eSim with a valid government ID, as is required by French laws.


  • French phone number included
  • Free minutes and texts
  • Regional coverage in Europe


  • Expensive
See Prices on Orange Holiday Europe eSim


Orange Holiday Zen eSim

Orange Holiday Zen is a great all-inclusive eSim plan for travelers who like the idea of a phone number, but don’t want to pay 40 Euros for it. This eSim replicates all the great things about the Holiday Europe plan – valid for 14 days in about 50 countries, free texts and minutes, a French phone number, and data sharing.

The main difference between this eSim and its pricier alternative is that Holiday Zen includes 8 GB of data, as well as fewer free minutes and texts. It’s also just 20 Euros, so it’s much better value for money than the other plan. In my opinion, this is the best eSim you can buy if you’re traveling in Europe for up to two weeks; the data allowance is more than generous, and the phone number is a welcome addition.


  • All-inclusive eSim with phone number
  • Free minutes and texts


  • Registration is necessary for use longer than 30 days
See Prices on Orange Holiday Zen eSim



Ubigi is a great international provider of Swiss eSIM plans, especially for countries in Europe. Their data plans for Switzerland are excellent value for money, especially for travelers who want an eSim plan with a large data allowance. You can get 50 GB for less than $1 per Gigabyte, which is pretty amazing. Ubigi’s data plans for Switzerland are:

In addition to these five plans, it’s important to note that Ubigi also includes Switzerland in quite a few of its regional plans. You can get plans that cover the European Union, EU and the UK, USA and Europe, and a bunch of other combinations, as well as a global plan. The individual country plans for Switzerland are the best value for money, and they all include Internet access through the Salt mobile network.


  • Best value for money
  • Renewable monthly plan
  • Switzerland included in multiple regional plans


  • Access to just one network operator
  • No plans with less than 3 GB
See Prices on Ubigi


Maya Mobile

Maya Mobile is another popular eSim provider worth considering, especially if you’re looking for an unlimited data plan. This provider offers affordable 30-day plans with a limited data allowance, as well as unlimited data plans for Switzerland and the Europe region, both for just $49. Here’s an overview of the different Maya Mobile eSim plans for Switzerland:

Another reason to consider Maya Mobile over any other provider is that their eSims can access both Salt and Sunrise networks. This is especially useful for travelers who want to explore outside of the bigger Swiss cities and want to be certain they will have a stable Internet connection even in the more remote regions.


  • Cheapest unlimited data for a month
  • Access to two network operators
  • Affordable 30-day plans


  • No short-term data packs
See Prices on Maya Mobile

Benefits of Getting an eSim in Switzerland

Not sure if it’s worth getting an eSim in Switzerland? If you want to have Internet access all the time it absolutely is. An eSim is significantly cheaper than data roaming charges, plus it will ensure that you have Internet access everywhere in the country, which can be especially useful if you plan to explore outside of the bigger cities.

Embedded sim cards are more convenient than physical sim cards because you can easily buy them online, set them up on your phone, and then just activate them when you arrive in Switzerland. On the other hand, physical sim cards usually include a phone number and they tend to be cheaper, so don’t give up on prepaid local sim cards entirely, if your smartphone still supports the technology.

Local Mobile Operators Offering eSims in Switzerland

Switzerland has three major network operators that offer eSims to their customers – Salt, Sunrise, and Swisscom. If you have a dual sim phone, you can use any one of these eSims along with your traditional sim card/eSim.

With Salt, both prepaid and postpaid customers are eligible for embedded sim cards. But you will need to purchase the eSim in a physical store because the online shop allows delivery only to addresses in Switzerland and Lichtenstein. Also, it’s worth noting that Salt’s prepaid plans include a fee of 15 CHF per 1 GB of data, plus there’s a 59 CHF fee for swapping an existing sim card to an eSim.

Switzerland has two other prepaid eSim options worth considering. Sunrise offers better deals than Salt, and you can purchase an eSim online with your prepaid pack. They’re not the best deal if you want cheap texts and minutes, but they have some surprisingly affordable-short term mobile data packs. You can get unlimited data for as little as 2.5 CHF per day, which is an excellent value if you’re in the country for a short time.

Swisscom also lets you buy eSims online with their prepaid packs, at no additional cost. The plans from this provider range from 2 CHF per day for unlimited surfing to 150 CHF for unlimited data, SMS, and calls for three months in Switzerland. Swisscom also has 5 CHF and 10 CHF monthly packs with unlimited low-speed data at 128 kbit/s.

Devices Compatible with eSim in Switzerland

All devices that support eSim technology will be compatible with an eSim in Switzerland. This includes all iPhones from the Apple iPhone XS onward, third-generation Google Pixel phones and later, and Samsung Galaxy S phones from the S20 and later.

Some other Android phones are also compatible with eSims, as well as tablets, smartwatches, and even some laptops. You can google your device to find out whether it supports eSim technology, or you can check by dialing *#06# if it’s your smartphone you’re not sure about.

Dialing this number will bring up a list of several serial codes for your mobile device. An EID number will indicate that your device is compatible with eSims; the lack of an EID number suggests your phone isn’t compatible with virtual sim card technology and you might have to rely on a physical sim card instead.

Data Needed When Traveling to Switzerland

How much data you need for your trip to Switzerland depends on two main things. The first one is the length of your trip – 3 GB should be enough for trips of up to two weeks, but consider 5-10 GB for stays of up to a month.

The second thing to consider is your mobile data usage habit and whether you want to share your connection with others. If it’s just you and you need Internet access only to check map directions, emails, and social media, you will be fine with one of the cheaper packs.

On the other hand, if you want to work while you’re staying in Switzerland or you want to set up a hotspot so that you can share the Internet with others, consider a data pack with a larger, or even unlimited data allowance. That way you don’t have to police other people’s usage, and everyone can watch as many TikToks as they like.

Cost of eSim in Switzerland

The cost of an eSim for Switzerland is surprisingly very low. Embedded sim cards for this country are not more expensive than eSims for other European countries, and you can get quite a few regional plans that will cover the entire Europe.

Some of the cheapest eSim plans for Switzerland retail for less than $1 per Gigabyte, and they go up to $7. It depends on the provider, but it’s worth noting that there are also some very affordable unlimited data packs for Switzerland worth considering.

If you’re staying in the country for a week or less but you need a lot of data, consider one of the local eSim plans. They’re 2-3 CHF per day for unlimited data, so great value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does eSim work in Switzerland?

Yes, eSim works in Switzerland. Both international and local providers offer eSims in Switzerland with prepaid plans.

How do I activate my eSim in Switzerland?

You can activate your eSim in Switzerland by turning on mobile data and browsing the Internet. This entails that you’re previously added the eSim plan to your device – go to network settings, select Add a Cellular Plan / Add an eSim and scan the QR code. If you have any issues trying to add the eSim to your device, it’s best to contact the support team of the eSim seller.

Does Airalo eSIM work in Switzerland?

Yes, Airalo eSim works seamlessly in Switzerland. All Airalo eSims let you access the Internet through Sunrise, which is the second-best network provider in Switzerland.