Last Updated: August 22, 2023

Best eSIM For Poland (Compared For You)

Need an ESIM for your trip to Poland or Warsaw? You’re in the right spot!

This guide will provide you with the top eSIM options available for Poland.

At A Glance: Top Poland ESIMs

Whether you’re looking for internet access for just a day or an entire month, there’s a suitable eSIM package for Poland waiting for you. Some packages even include text and call options, a feature that’s not always common with eSIMs.

This guide compares all the leading eSIM providers for Poland, so you can save time and find the right one. Dive in to discover the best eSIM options for your trip to Poland!

ESIM Product Comparison

Best Poland eSIM

Airalo Lekko

Airalo is renowned for its affordable eSIMs that give you a wide variety of mobile data packages. Their prepaid eSIMs for Poland start at only $5 for 1 GB (valid for a week) and go up to $13 for 10 GB (one month).

Here is the full list of their offers:

Airalo eSIMs you the top-ranking Plus network, which offers the fastest 5G in the country. This means super-fast download speeds, especially around cities like Krakow or Warsaw.

They also allow you to share data via hotspots or tethering, so it is perfect for families and those working in Poland.


  • Affordable prices
  • 5G with Top provider
  • Good customer service


  • No big packages
  • No unlimited data
See Prices on Airalo Lekko

Best Unlimited Data eSIM


Holafly is a well-known unlimited data eSIM provider in Poland and is a great option if you want as much data as you can get. they offer a huge range of data periods from 5 days to 3 months. So, no matter how long you stay in Poland, there is a prepaid eSIM for you!

Holafly’s Poland unlimited data plans include:

And a recent addition to these plans includes a phone number with 60 minutes of calling included.

Holafly Poland eSIMs include access to the three big mobile carriers in Poland

  • T-Mobile
  • Orange
  • P4

This includes all the following mobile speeds: 4G/LTE/5G, so you know you will get good connection speeds across all of Poland, being able to use the strongest networks as you go.

The only downside of Holafly eSIMs is that they don’t allow you to data-share so you can’t tether to your phone and work or share with your family and friends. It is a shame, but at least you know what you are getting!


  • Affordable Unlimited Data
  • Top networks in Poland
  • 5G available


  • No hotspot/Tethering
See Prices on Holafly

Maya Mobile

Maya Mobile is one of my go-to Poland eSIM providers because they always deliver some of the best deals. They always have the same simple options of 1-10 GB.

Here is a quick overview of their offers:

So, they are a little more expensive than Airalo per GB in this case and only use Play and Orange mobile networks with 4G LTE.

They are usually a decent option that is still worth considering.


  • Reasonable prices
  • Good networks
  • Simple to install


  • Slightly more expensive
See Prices on Maya Mobile


Nomad is one of the eSIM providers I go to when I am looking for smaller packages at affordable prices. They usually offer a range of prepaid eSIMs from 1-20 GB, with the prices per GB getting cheaper as you go up the chain.

Here is what they have for Poland eSIMs:

Nomad is a decent choice with their prices per GB coming in as low as $1.35 on their 20 GB package.

My only beef with Nomad is that their packages are a little confusing and not clear like Airalo, Holafly and Maya. They usually have 2 plans per GB size, and only tell you that one is multiple carriers, and the other is Play. So I would not use them unless they were absolutely the cheapest.


  • Lots of plans (1-20 GB)
  • Affordable per GB


  • Not clear what is included
See Prices on Nomad

Esim with Text & Calls

Orange Holiday Europe eSim

The great thing about the Orange eSIMs is that they all include data, calls and texts. The Orange Holiday Europe eSim plan is pricey at $49.90, but it includes

  • 20 GB of data
  • A phone number
  • Unlimited calls and texts in Europe
  • 30+ countries covered in Europe
  • 14 days validity

This is a great option for travelers who plan to visit a lot of countries in Europe and also call and text. Because on all the other eSIMs, except Holafly which has calls, you will be using your home SIM for calls and texts

There is another slightly cheaper option called Zen Holiday from Orange. This includes only 8 GB of data for $29.90.


  • Text & Calls included
  • 20 GB of data
  • Great combo package for travel


  • Not the cheapest per GB
See Prices on Orange Holiday Europe eSim


Ubigi is the best eSIM provider for regional plans. Which means it’s great for travelers roaming around Europe.

But they also have a few single-country plans for Poland:

These are very affordable and competitive, coming in at only $1.2 per GB for the 10 GB plan.

Another of their strengths is their range of regional European eSIMs including:

  • Eastern Europe
  • Europe & USA
  • Europe & UK, Switzerland

So, if you travel more broadly, check them out for sure.


  • Good for lots of countries
  • Good for longer stays


  • Not many Poland-only plans
See Prices on Ubigi

Simple call plan

O2 Go Card eSim

The O2 Go Card is a European eSIM for tourists that want to roam all over the EU.

For only $25 you can

  • 30 days validity
  • 10 GB of data
  • free calls on the o2 network in Europe

So, this is essentially $2.5 per GB with calls included. Not a bad deal if you are traveling all over the EU and need to call, but don’t need too much data per day. The O2 Go Cards give you the same deal but only 60 minutes of calling and their eSIMs are priced per day for unlimited data.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Includes calls


  • Not many options
See Prices on O2 Go Card eSim

Benefits of Getting an Poland eSIM

Getting an eSIM in Poland has more benefits than you could imagine. I have stopped using SIM cards when I travel unless I am in a country that has really bad mobile networks and few eSIM options. And those countries are few and far between these days.

So, what are the benefits of a Poland eSIM:

Getting an eSIM (embedded SIM) for Poland, or any other country, offers a range of benefits, especially for travelers and those who frequently switch between mobile plans. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Convenience: eSIMs can be bought and activated inside your phone without having to get or mess round with a SIM card.
  • Dual SIM Capability: You can keep your home number and SIM in most cases, or switch between them on the fly. You can just get a data eSIM and call and text like normally. The options are endless and super flexible.
  • No Physical Swapping: No more lining up and waiting for a SIM at the airport or in the city when you arrive.
  • Instant Activation: Have data ready to go the moment you land. Buy and get your eSIM ready before you leave and activate when you land. It takes minutes and can be done while you wait to clear customs!
  • Cost-Effective: With eSIMs you can shop around for the best deal and even swap networks if you get a bad deal.
  • Environmental Benefits: eSIMs reduce the need for plastic SIM card production and the associated waste, making them a more environmentally friendly option.

Devices Compatible with eSIMs in Poland

The adoption of eSIM has been growing, so it’s likely that your phone or device is eSIM compatible today. Here are a few just to give you an idea:


  • iPhone XS, XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max
  • all later models


  • Galaxy Fold
  • Galaxy Z Flip
  • Galaxy S20 series
  • Galaxy Note 20 series
  • All later models

On top of that, second generation Google Pixel phones onward.

To check your phone for eSIM compatibility:

This is an identifier that shows that your phone has an eSIM in it.

Data Needed When Traveling In Poland

Figuring out exactly how much data you need in Poland is tricky, but here are a few tips.

Consider the length of your trip as well as what you need the mobile data for during your time in the European country.

Short Stay with Little Use

If you’re staying for a little while and you want mobile data just to be able to check directions on maps and access social media and emails, you should be fine with 1-3 GB of data, especially if you have WiFi in your accommodation.

Longer Stay or Heavier Use

On the other hand, if you consider yourself a heavy user and you plan to watch a lot of movies and videos during a longer stay, it’s best to go for plans with a larger data allowance. Unlimited data is also a good option, as long as you’re fine with the fact that you can’t create a hotspot and share that data with the Holafly eSim, which is the only provider with an unlimited data package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is eSim Available in Poland?

Yes, you can get an eSIM in Poland. You can purchase it before you go via any of the renowned eSIM providers like Holafly, Airalo, Maya and Nomad.