Last Updated: August 22, 2023

Best eSim For Ireland (Affordable for Travelers)

Ready to get an eSim for your upcoming trip to Ireland? There are some great eSim plans available, but it can be confusing with so many options.

At A Glance: Best eSim Providers in Ireland

Esims are the best way to avoid data roaming charges, land with data ready to go and stop worrying about connectivity when you travel to Ireland. 

And we have collected all the best eSims for Ireland below to make your life even easier. All you have to do is decide – how much data you need!

ESIM Product Comparison

Cheapest Ireland eSims

Maya Mobile

Maya Mobile is another great Ireland eSim provider with some of the cheapest eSims per GB and for unlimited data.

All their plans are for 30 days avoiding the confusion some eSim companies create. And they offer their eSims with 5G using Three and Eir, so you get the best of both networks.

Here are their eSim data plans (30 days):

Maya strives to be the best eSim operator and with the

  • cheapest prices
  • best mobile networks
  • 5G coverage
  • hotspot/tethering allowed

It’s hard to argue that you can find a better deal. The only thing missing is a phone number and texting. But given you can use Whatsapp/Signal or Facetime if you have to for both those issues, especially in Europe, it’s usually not an issue.


  • Cheapest per GB
  • Best networks
  • Hotspot/Tethering
  • 5G coverage


  • No calls or texts
  • No longer plans
See Prices on Maya Mobile


Airalo has some of the best eSim plans for Ireland if you want a data-only eSim:

These are some of the cheapest Ireland eSim plans, plus they get you access to two great network operators in the country – Three Ireland and Eir. You’ll be able to stay connected abroad with a strong network signal and fast connection speed.

Airalo also makes it very easy for customers to top-up their plans by purchasing more data. You can do this on the website or through the Airalo app; the app is great because it also lets you monitor your data usage.


  • Cheapest Ireland eSim plans
  • Access to two network providers
  • Easy activation and top-ups


  • No unlimited data option
See Prices on Airalo



Holafly is a great eSim provider if you’re specifically looking for unlimited data plans for Ireland. You can get unlimited data anywhere from 5 to 90 days depending on which of their plans you choose:

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A Holafly eSim can connect to both Vodafone Ireland and Three Ireland, so you get access to two excellent network providers in the country. Three has the fastest 5G Internet in Ireland, so you will get top speeds and a stable connection throughout the country.

Data sharing isn’t possible with Holafly eSims, and that’s the major downside of choosing this provider. You can only access the Internet on one device, so Holafly won’t be a good option for you if you’re looking for an eSim plan that your entire travel party can use.


  • Unlimited data plans
  • Access to two network operators


  • Data sharing is not allowed
See Prices on Holafly


Nomad is another option you can consider for prepaid eSims for Ireland or Dublin. Their eSim includes data only, but you can choose between plans for different network providers:

Nomad’s partners in Ireland are Vodafone, Truphone, and other (non-specified) providers. Their data plans are pretty affordable, they make it easy to top-up your eSim if you want to buy more data, and they partner with some of the best mobile providers in Ireland. Overall, Nomad’s a pretty good choice for a new eSim in Ireland.


  • Multiple validity periods are available
  • Reasonably priced


  • No unlimited data option
See Prices on Nomad

Orange Holiday Europe eSim

The Orange Holiday Europe eSim is a good option for travelers who want an all-inclusive eSim for Ireland. The mobile plan from Orange includes a free eSim, 20 GB of mobile data, 120 minutes of phone calls to worldwide numbers, and 1000 texts to worldwide numbers. The eSim plan is valid for 14 days and it retails for 40 Euros.

It’s a pricey plan, but worth the money if you want a phone number and a generous data allowance. Orange doesn’t support top-ups, so if you want to extend the validity of the plan, you will have to repurchase it for the full price to get an extra two weeks of use. To use your Orange eSim beyond that period, you must register it with a government ID, as is necessary per French laws (it’s a French phone number).

Additionally, it’s worth it to mention that this is a regional eSim plan that can be used in 30+ countries throughout Europe, including the United Kingdom.


  • All-inclusive eSim plan
  • Generous data allowance
  • Regional coverage in Europe


  • Expensive
  • eSim must be registered for long-term use
See Prices on Orange Holiday Europe eSim

BEST esim with phone number

Orange Holiday Zen eSim

Orange Holiday Zen is just a lighter version of their Holiday Europe plan. This Ireland eSim still includes a phone number, but you get a smaller allowance of data and free texts/minutes. With the Zen plan from Orange, you will get 8 GB of mobile data, 30 minutes for phone calls, and 200 texts to numbers worldwide.

This eSim plan is also valid for 14 days, and in my opinion, it’s much better value for money because it’s only 20 Euros. That’s a reasonable price for a 14-day plan with regional coverage in the European Union and a phone number, in addition to a pretty generous data allowance. Registration of the eSim with a valid government-issued ID is necessary for this eSim as well, if you want to keep using it for more than 30 days.


  • Fairly priced
  • Free phone minutes and texts
  • Regional coverage in 30+ Europe countries


  • Only 30 days of use without registration
See Prices on Orange Holiday Zen eSim



Out of all the Ireland eSim providers, Ubigi is by far the best option for regional plans. They don’t have any data plans just for Ireland; instead, they include the country in a variety of their regional and global plans. Ubigi’s best plan for Ireland is Europe27  UK + Swiss:

The renewable 5 GB plan is cheaper than even Airalo, and it offers coverage on two continents. Ubigi’s eSim can access the former Meteor network (now Vodafone Ireland), which has great coverage throughout the country. It’s worth noting that Ireland is included in several other regional data plans, but they’re all more expensive than the USA + Europe data pack.


  • Best for regional eSim plans
  • Excellent value for money


  • No data plan just for Ireland
See Prices on Ubigi


Flexiroam is another eSim provider worth considering for Internet access in Ireland. They have the most data plans out of all the providers, and they’re generally one of the best options for short stays in the country:

This is the only provider with 3-day and 500 MB plans, and those are good for international travelers who are only passing through Ireland. The country is also included in three of its regional packs: Greater Europe, Europe, and Global.

One of my favorite features of the Flexiroam eSims is that they automatically connect to the network with the strongest signal, and you’re able to switch between providers if you want. The downside of Flexiroam eSims is that they’re valid for a maximum of 24 days, so they’re not a great option for longer trips.


  • Wide variety of data plans
  • Access to the best network providers
  • Affordable eSims


  • Valid for a maximum of 24 days
See Prices on Flexiroam

Ireland ESIM Provider Comparison

The following table shows the various options, features and ratings of the eSIM providers for Ireland.

CompanyData SharingUnlimited DataAppSupportCurrenciesCall/SMSTrustpilot Rating
Maya MobileYesYesYesbot and emailUSDNo4.6
HolaflyNoYesYeswhatsapp and chatUSD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUDYes (No SMS)4.7
NomadYesNoYesapp and emailUSD, EUR, GBP, CADNo4.2
Orange Holiday Europe eSimYesNoYesphone, live chat or emailUSDYes4.3
Orange Holiday Zen eSimYesNoNophone, live chat, emailUSDYes4.3
UbigiYesNoYeslive chat, emailUSD, EUR, GBP, JPYNo4.4
FlexiroamYesNoYeswhatsapp, emailUSDNo4.8

Benefits of Getting an eSim in Ireland

The main advantage of having an eSim in Ireland is that you will be able to access the Internet whenever and wherever you want. You don’t have to rely on free WiFi, and you certainly don’t have to pay exorbitant data roaming charges.

It’s easier and more convenient to get an eSim because you can purchase it and set it up online, without getting up from your chair. But consider purchasing a physical sim card from a local provider if you’re staying in the country for a while, and you’re on the prowl for the cheapest mobile plans in Ireland.

Local Mobile Operators Offering eSims in Ireland

Vodafone has some pay-as-you-go plans that are worth considering if you’re staying in Ireland for a while. You can get unlimited data for four weeks for just 20 Euros, and you can purchase the plan plus an eSim online. It’s necessary to top up your balance with a minimum of 20 Euros every four weeks to keep the eSim valid.

The bad news is that Vodafone is the only provider in Ireland to offer embedded sim cards. Tesco and Eir do not offer eSims to their customers yet, but they do have quite a few prepaid plans worth considering if you’re okay with getting a physical sim card.

Devices Compatible with eSim in Ireland

All smartphones that support eSim technology will be compatible with eSims in Ireland. This includes all newer Samsung Galaxy S phones starting with the S20, Google Pixel 3 phones, and later, and Apple iPhone devices from the iPhone XR and later. There are a few more Android phones from other manufacturers that support eSim, and you can check out the full list here.

If you’re not sure whether your phone supports eSim technology and you want to check, just dial *#06#. Doing this will bring up a list of various serial codes for your device; if one of those codes is an EID number, it means that your smartphone is compatible with embedded sim cards.

Data Needed When Traveling to Ireland

Not sure how much data you need for the trip to Ireland? You can figure it out if you consider the length of your stay and how you plan to use the mobile data. Plans with 3-5 GB can be enough for stays of up to two weeks and even longer if you’re conservative with mobile data usage and you don’t spend too much of it on video streaming.

Consider plans with 5-10 GB of data for longer trips, and also if you want to use the mobile data more liberally to stream music, videos, etc. Unlimited data plans are a good option for people who don’t want to be held back by limitations on data usage, especially for those who need to work while traveling in Ireland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy an Irish SIM card online?

Yes, you can buy an Irish Sim card online. You can order it from Vodafone if you want a local Irish eSim, or you can purchase one from many international providers.

How do I activate my Irish eSim?

Activating your Irish eSim is easy once you set it up – just turn on mobile data and start browsing the Internet. The setup entails going into network settings on your device, finding the option to Add an eSim / Add a Cellular Plan, and scanning the QR code you got from the eSim seller. If you run into problems trying to set up the eSim, it’s best to contact the support team of the provider.